D://xprs0017: Processors in Italy, a British Comeback and the Email Celebrates Its Birthday

Kerstin Steif and Wolfgang Steif, Field Day delegates, lay out some interesting information that was leaked by AMD about the next generation EPYC processors. They discuss facts leaked about Intel, Versa Networks, Juniper Networks, and Apstra and what Field Day events a few of these companies presented at. Check out what Kerstin and Wolfgang are up to!

Arrcus and the Vision for Application Acceleration

You may have heard recently on the Gestalt IT Rundown that Tech Field Day presenter Arrcus has a new CEO. Shekar Ayyar came over from VMware to lead the networking company into the next phase of their development. Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth explains the impressive growth of Arrcus! Read Tom’s post for more!

Cloud or Die!

What was Kerstin Stief’s takeaways from her time as a delegate during Intel’s Networking Field Day presentations? This piece from the German data://disrupted outlet details her opinions gathered during the event. Read the piece for the full picture.

Sharpening the Edge With Aruba

Read as Tom Hollingsworth describes new innovations from Aruba in this post. In it, he touches on their ability to improve experience at the edge through smart networking capabilities. Check out the post for all of his takeaways.

Networking Field Day 25 (#NFD25): IP Infusion

Terry Slattery writes about the IP Infusion presentations from the recent Networking Field Day event in this LinkedIn post. The piece expresses his opinions on the company as developed while watching their presentation as a Field Day delegate. Read the post for the full picture.

Network Analysis Tools: Intelligent Data Collectors

Kerstin Stief of the data://disrupted podcast details networking updates from the Nuvas Summer Party in Munich. This piece from Medium contains all of the breakdowns of the intriguing technologies displayed at the event. Check it out for more info!

Aruba – Edge Connect E WIFI 6E

The Portuguese Rodrigo Rovere of the Cisco Redes blog details his time as a delegate during Aruba Network’s appearance at Networking Field Day in this piece. He steps through each of their presentations, including technical breakdowns of Aruba’s products. Read on for more, and watch Aruba’s appearance for even more deep dives into their offering.

Juniper Apstra Brings Tags and Connectivity Templates to AOS

This piece hones in on the appearance by Juniper Networks at May’s Networking Field Day event. There, they displayed their Apstra Operating System, or AOS, which recently saw the introduction of the “Tags” feature to provide context in their intent-based approach to networking. Read on to learn more, and get even more technical deep dive information by watching Juniper’s Networking Field Day presentations.

vRNI ( VMware vRealize Network Insight )

This piece from the Portuguese Rodrigo Rovere covers VMware’s Networking Field Day appearance and his experience of it first hand as a Field Day delegate. The company’s presentation mainly covered their vRNI (vRealize Network Insights) product and how it can be used to increase network visibility, and this piece addresses those uses and Rovere’s take on them thereafter. Visit Rovere’s site, ciscoredes.com, for all of his opinions on the matter, and be sure to watch VMware’s presentation for full context.

Nokia Introduces SR-Linux as Its Modular, Open, and Extensible Network Operating System

This coverage post addresses Nokia’s appearance at May’s Networking Field Day event. Specifically, it hones in on their announced release of SR-Linux networking operating system, and how it affects the enterprise networking industry as a whole. Read on for more, and be sure to check out Nokia’s presentations for even more detailed information.

Automating Network Troubleshooting With PathSolutions’ TotalView

Troubleshooting network issues can take tons of time out of an IT professional’s day. That’s why PathSolutions — who appeared at May’s Networking Field Day event — built their TotalView product with a native heuristics engine to automate the collection and interpretation of network data points, saving networking engineers time and headache. Read this piece that covers their Networking Field Day presentation to learn more, and watch the presentation itself for even more technical information regarding TotalView by PathSolutions.

How Kemp Maximizes Network Flow Visibility With Flowmon

Without the right information, a security event can be more like an unsolvable mystery rather than a puzzle that can be simply answered. In their presentation during March’s Security Field Day, Kemp showed how their Flowmon product collects information across nearly all facets of network traffic and then intelligently presents it in a way that helps IT admins and security engineers to parse through it with ease. See the Flowmon product in action by watching Kemp’s presentation and read the entirety of the post for key takeaways.

Intel Is Bringing Silicon Photonics to the Data Center

At May’s Networking Field Day event, Intel displayed the newest generation of their silicon photonics networking connectors. These connectors, detailed in this post, are feature built to take the fast pace and high performance at incredibly long distances that semiconductor lasers provide into the data center. Learn more by reading this piece, or by watching Intel’s Networking Field Day presentation.

How Arrcus Level Sets the Network Across 5G and Edge Use Cases

As 5G and edge use cases continue to expand in the enterprise IT space, IT practitioners need a way to control their network across all aspects of the network — regardless of where. This piece dives directly into that issue, and specifically how the Arccus ArcOS product displayed at May’s Networking Field Day event is purpose built to address those needs. Read on to learn what ArcOS does, and be sure to watch Arccus’ presentation to get a full understanding of the product.

VMware vRNI: Monitoring Networks Across Multiple Clouds

With software abstraction becoming all the rage in enterprise IT, VMware offers their vRNI solution as a way to gain top-down network visibility — even across multiple clouds. This post covers their presentation of vRNI, or vRealize Network Insight, at May’s Networking Field Day event. Learn about the three pillars the tool is designed to support by reading this post, or checking out their video presentation on the topic.

Bringing Network Automation Home With Anuta Networks ATOM

This piece covers the recent appearance by Anuta Networks at February’s Networking Field Day. There, they displayed the networking automation power of their ATOM solution, which includes the ATOM Cloud product to help cover nearly all aspects of a network — even if most of it is distributed through the cloud. Read on to learn the takeaways from their presentation, and check out the presentation itself for a technical deep dive of the solution.

The Future of Network Management

Terry Slattery pays close attention to network management products, and had the chance to see three companies present on them at Networking Field Day earlier this year. As a delegate, Terry got to see VMware, PathSolutions, and Kemp present their products and writes about them on his blog: No Jitter. Head over to his blog to see his thoughts which include some throwbacks to Networking Field Day 16 and Networking Field Day 20!

NFD25 – Kemp – Visibilidade Com NPM

The Portuguese Rodrigo Rovere describes his time as a Networking Field Day delegate in May, specifically honing in on the presentation by Kemp in this post. Follow his observations and how they relate to each specific portion of Kemp’s appearance by reading the blog. Be sure to watch each associated video from Kemp’s Networking Field Day presentation for more context.

Podcast: Netzmanagement on Steroids Und Andere Einsichten

As a delegate at Networking Field Day last month, Kerstin Stief had the chance to see VMware, Nokia, PathSolutions, Kemp, and Juniper up close and personal! In a post and podcast on her website data-disrupted.de, Kerstin talks through her thoughts on the event and conclusion that the monitoring market is on the move. Head over to her website to read and hear more about her thoughts on Networking Field Day.

Presenters React to Networking Field Day

A lot of great content was presented during Networking Field Day last month! The delegates were very happy to hear about the state of the networking industry from leaders in the technology that is driving the way we will do work in the future. From network analytics and provisioning to new solutions like 5G, every presenter brought something unique to the table. Check out this video to find out what the presenters thought of the experience!