Arriba Aruba! — Intelligent Secure Network Infrastructure

Addressing her time as a delegate at May’s Networking Field Day, this piece by Kerstin Stief, publisher and editor-in-chief of data://disrupted, gives a breakdown of the presentations by Aruba Networks. Specifically, the Medium-hosted post covers how Aruba is addressing network security in modern infrastructure, regardless of the size of enterprise. Read on for her takeaways, and be sure to watch Aruba’s presentation to hear what all was discussed.

Networking Field Day 25, Part 2

Bryton Herdes gives his breakdown of the presentations he watched as a delegate during May’s Networking Field Day event in this post on his personal blog, This post in particular covers the appearances of Nokia, Aruba Networks, IP Infusion, and Juniper Networks. Check out the piece to hear Herdes’ opinions, and watch each companies presentation for more information.

NFD25 – Juniper + Apstra – IBN

This article from the Portuguese Rodrigo Rovere, blogger at Cisco Redes and Tech Field Day delegate, describes his experiences acting as a delegate at May’s Networking Field Day event. The piece focuses on the presentations by Juniper Networks and Apstra, specifically their demos and what their announcements mean for the networking industry. Read on for Rovere’s full opinions, and watch the presentations by Juniper and Apstra to see for yourself.

Networking Field Day 25, Part 1

Bryton Herdes was invited be a delegate at May’s Networking Field Day event, and after attending was not disappointed. In his blog on the topic, he covers his first impressions of the event and the presentations by Kemp, VMware, Arrcus, Intel, and PathSolutions. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch the presentations Bryton attended to get the full picture.

Impact of 6 GHz on the Future of Wi-Fi

Rowell Dionicio of the Packet6 blog shares his takeaways from his time as a delegate watching Aruba’s recent Networking Field Day presentation. In particular, Dionicio hones in on Aruba’s announcement of WiFi 6E and the effects of the 6 GHz on the networking space. Read on to learn the impact of 6 GHz on the future of WiFi, and be sure to watch Aruba’s Networking Field Day appearances to learn more.

Intel Silicon Photonics – The Way Forward

Ed Horley, curator of the Howfunky blog and self-titled “crazy IPv6 dude,” details his experiences at May’s Networking Field Day event. Specifically, Horley emphatically covers Intel’s presentation on Silicon Photonics, which he believes is the future of networking going forward. Dive into that potentially controversial statement by reading his piece and watching Intel’s presentation to learn more.

Data://express 0006 – YANG Ohne YIN, Lambda Vor Kappa Und Wenig IPv6 Auf Dem Network Field Day 25 – Pt. I

This episode of the German podcast, data://disrupted, contains the story of editor-in-chief and show host, Kerstin Stief, and her time as a delegate at May’s Networking Field Day. The show dives into what all she learned, including the two main themes that the presenting companies seemed to hone in on. Listen to the full show to hear what all was covered, and be sure to watch the presentations from the Networking Field Day event to hear for yourself!

Networking Isn’t Just a Tool

Writing for his blog, the “Networking Nerd” Tom Hollingsworth writes some of his thoughts as he sees all of the great companies and presentations come through Networking Field Day earlier this month. He writes that we need to treat the Network as more than just a tool that we can purchase and ignore in terms of investing further time, effort, and resources into. Head over to the Networking Nerd blog to read his take on the topic!

Anticipating NFD25

Chris Cummings joined us for Networking Field Day earlier this month! In his post, Chris expresses how excited he is to attend and identifies the topics he was hoping to tackle at the event, from IPv6 to Automation and API Support. Head over to Twitter and follow Chris at @CrankyNetMan to see all his tweets from the event!

JNCIE-DC and Networking Field Day 25

In a post on his blog, first-time delegate Bryton Herdes talks about his work towards getting JNCIE-SP and JNCIE-DC certifications and previews his participation in Networking Field Day. We’re excited to welcome Bryton, and his many certifications, to the Tech Field Day community! Head over to his blog to learn more about him conquering the JNCIE-DC including his list of best resources.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Chris Cummings

Making his debut at this month’s Networking Field Day is the fabulous Chris Cummings! Chris took the time to answer some question as well as tell us about how he got into technology and about his passion for automation. Check out the piece on where we get an insight into the world of Chris Cummings, and see him in action at Networking Field Day! Network Field Day 25 May 12-14, 2021 – A Changing Networking Landscape

The lineup of presenters at Networking Field Day this month shows how the networking landscape is changing. That’s what delegate Ed Horley thinks! In a post on his “Howfunky” blog, Ed writes specifically about some of the presenters including Aruba, Juniper, and Nokia. Head over to Ed’s blog to get his thoughts on those specific presenters as well as the direction of networking as a whole.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Bryton Herdes

Our delegate community is always growing and adding new folks that help us stay current with the ever changing world of technology. One of the newest delegates that we’re excited to welcome in is Bryton Herdes! We got to know Bryton a little more recently including some scandalous details about how he bypassed the IT Admin’s security policies at his elementary school. Head on over to and get to know Bryton as he debuts at Networking Field Day!

Even More Networking Field Day Headed Your Way May 12-14, 2021!

Ready or not, here comes Networking Field Day! We’re so excited to share so many updates with you! Writing for, event lead Tom Hollingsworth has this to say about the event. “This Networking Field Day event is packed with companies that are building the next generation of hardware and software to keep your networks operating at peak performance. They’re helping you solve the hard problems to keep your users happy and productive. Whether it’s a router, a switch, or a software platform, you’re going to find something here that you need to know about.” Check out all Tom’s thought and tune in live for Networking Field Day!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Kerstin Stief

We hope everyone will give a big Tech Field Day welcome to our newest delegate, Kerstin Stief! Kerstin is attending her first event as a delegate at Networking Field Day. She took some time to share with us her unusual journey into technology as well as some of her favorite things. Head over to to learn more about Kerstin and, most importantly, to see a picture of her cat Casimir!

Networking Field Day 25 – Estaremos Lá!!!

We always love to see wide-ranging and diverse the Tech Field Day community can be and are happy to report that Networking Field Day delegate panel is no exception to this! Hailing from Brazil, we’re pleased to welcome back Rodrigo Rovere! Rodrigo previously attended Networking Field Day in 2019 and this will be his first virtual event with us. He wrote a post previewing his involvement in the event on his blog “Cisco Redes.” Be sure to check out what he has to say and, if necessary, use the translate feature on your favorite web browser.

Join Us for Networking Field Day 25

We’re excited to have Aruba back at Networking Field Day! In a post on their website, Aruba Networks tells us about their plans to kick off the event that include talking about how they plan to accelerate the edge-to-cloud innovation, conducting a deep dive into Wi-Fi 6E, and showing how they ensure the secure deployment of network services. Check out their blog post on their appearance to learn all about their plans at Networking Field Day (and to see some cool superhero graphics!)