F5 NGINX Sprint 2.0 Day 1 Part 2, Announcements and Exec Q&A

Looking for some great insight on NGINX and how enterprise companies are using this technology platform more? Check out a Field Day delegate, Barry Coombs, Tech Doodles blog post for the most up to date information. Barry recaps on the Q&A section of the exclusive NGINX Sprint 2.0 Field Day. Take a look at his blog!

F5 NGINX Sprint 2.0 Day 2, Demo Day!

Barry Coombs, a Field Day delegate, intrigues us once again with his Tech Doodles from the most recent NGINX Sprint 2.0 Demo Day! Many delegates enjoyed this exclusive event and NGINX’s portfolio. Check out how Barry expands on why more enterprise organizations are adapting NGINX.

NGINX Sprint 2.0 Key Takeaways

This post shares the opinions of NGINX Sprint 2.0 delegate, Kati Lehmuskoski. In summary, it contains all of her final takes on the information shared there. Read the piece for more information.

Looking Back at NGINX Sprint 2.0

This post from Nick Janetakis wraps up the takeaways from NGINX Sprint 2.0, which he attended as a delegate. Specifically, it covers some of the final parts of the event, and the technologies presented. Read the piece for more info.

Racing to the Future With NGINX Sprint

The NGINX Sprint 2.0 event is upon us. This post from Tom Hollingsworth details an interview with a representative from NGINX, discussing the proceedings. Read the whole piece and watch its associated video for more info.

F5 NGINX Sprint 2.0 Day 1, Use Cases, Products and Updates

This post is another of Barry Coombs’ renowned Tech Doodles, covering the events of the F5 NGINX Sprint 2.0. Specifically, this doodle shares Coombs’ observations from the first day of the event. Be sure to see everything he included in the doodle by checking it out here.

Returning to NGINX Sprint 2.0 With Tech Field Day

Don’t miss NGINX Sprint 2.0 next week! This is a free, multi-day event designed to inspire and engage platform operations teams and application infrastructure professionals who are looking to develop and deliver modern applications at scale. Tune in on Monday-Wednesday of next week for the event, including interviews and roundtable discussions with our Field Day delegates! To register, head to NGINX.com!

Cloud Field Day 11 – Day 2-3 Highlights

Lino Telera details his takeaways from his time as a delegate at June’s Cloud Field Day event in this post. Specifically, he covers the presentations by NGINX, Zerto, Pliops, Kasten by Veeam, and Intel. Check out the full post for Telera’s entire breakdown.

Optimizing App Architecture, or Why NGINX Supports Over Half the Internet

As of their recent Cloud Field Day appearance, NGINX web domain servers account for over half of the world’s Internet. During their presentation, they detailed how their solutions allow IT organizations to optimize their applications in the cloud. Learn more by reading the rest of this article.

The Many Facets of NGINX

Beyond being the most popular web server on the market today, NGINX has a wide range of products in their portfolio. In this piece, Justin Warren details that portfolio, which he learned more about from his time as a delegate during NGINX’s Cloud Field Day presentations. Read on to gauge the entirety of their product line, and watch their presentations for even more information.

CFD 11 – Day 2 – It’s All About the Ingress

This piece by Adam Post covers his time as a delegate during June’s Cloud Field Day event. Specifically, he hones in on NGINX and their cloud-based ingress controller. Read on for Post’s “Semi Technical” breakdown of the product, and watch NGINX’s Cloud Field Day presentations for more info.

NGINX’s Roadmap to the Future Is Paved With Innovations

Tech Field Day Alumni, Nginx was acquired by F5 in 2019, it has experienced a surge in human and monetary capital. This injection of resources has boosted the company into innovating cutting-edge tech developments, and revolutionizing operations in commercial and open source communities. See what they are doing now.

The State of DevOps

Kati Lehmuskoski was one of the delegates at Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020 in September. NGINX packed the three day event with dynamic keynotes, intriguing demos, and a Hackathon that captured our imaginations. One of the keynote presentations that caught Kati’s attention was one focused on DevOps and given by Gene Kim. Kati writes about his take on DevOps and the the struggle between quantity, quality, and speed in development. Check out Gene Kim’s keynote as well as all of the other great content from Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020 on our website!

News From Cloud Side #5

Lino Telera, a past delegate from Tech Field Day events, writes in his latest post about our September events. Lino takes a look at Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020 and Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020. We’re always grateful to hear from Lino and look forward to seeing him back as a delegate at Tech Field Day in the future! Be sure to check out Lino’s post and mark your calendars for all of our events happening as we head into the Fall.

Join Us at NGINX Sprint 2020

Writing for GestaltIt.com, our very own Ashley Broucker shares our announcement of Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020 from September 15-17! We’re very excited to be partnering with NGINX on this, and hope that you’ll tune in. From keynotes, to surprise presentations, to product demos, to Hackathon, NGINX clearly has a ton in store for us. To learn more about the event, check out the post on our website. See you at Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020!

Register Now for NGINX Sprint 2020 on September 15-17! + HACKATHON

Join us for Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020 from September 15-17! Christopher Kusek is one of the delegates for this event and in his latest post Christopher outlines the exciting offerings at NGINX Sprint 2020. At this event, the delegate panel will be involved in all three days including Hackathon! We’re excited to see Christopher and NGINX in action, and hope you can join us!

Join Us at NGINX Sprint 2020

We are very excited to be partnering with NGINX and Six Feet Up to produce NGINX Sprint! This new kind of virtual event will span three days and will include presentations on open source and commercial innovations, live demos, and the final presentations for Hackathon competition. NGINX writes about all the details of each aspect of this exciting event. We hope you join us there!

NGINX Meshes Well With Others

What is a service mesh and how does it help containers? That’s exactly what NGINX went into during their recent Networking Field Day presentation. Tom Hollingsworth wades into the issue in this blog post. As a networking guy, Tom has had to adapt as the data center has changed over the years. The idea of a service mesh was one of the more recent concepts that Tom had to grapple with, and NGINX did a really great job during their presentation laying out what it is, and why it’s so important for the future of networking.

NGINX – Making Sense of Service Mesh

Ed Horely is no stranger to Networking Field Day for good reason. His keen insight and experience always help give context to whatever the presenters have planned. In this post, he casts his gaze at NGINX, who he saw at Networking Field Day late last year. In the increasingly crowded service mesh market, they made a convincing case that their already wide distribution as a web server makes using service mesh a natural integration and lends itself to further use on a given platform. It shows that NGINX knows how they are being used by customers currently and how to expand functionality naturally across their offerings.

NGINX: Deliver All the Things…

Adam Fisher is working on a blog series focused on modern application delivery, with NGINX offering a lot of solutions in that area. As a delegate at Cloud Field Day, he got to hear from the company directly, providing vital background for the series. Be sure to check out their video coverage to get up to speed for the rest of Adam’s blog posts on it.