Looking Back at NGINX Sprint 2.0

This post from Nick Janetakis wraps up the takeaways from NGINX Sprint 2.0, which he attended as a delegate. Specifically, it covers some of the final parts of the event, and the technologies presented. Read the piece for more info.

Microservices Are Something You Grow Into, Not Begin With

Nick Janetakis wrote up a piece looking at how developers should approach microservices. For Nick, this is something that should be organically grown into over time, not something you seek to create from the first line of code. He uses the example of LightStep to illustrate how this grows naturally in development, and when it’s worth it to pursue. Look for Nick to speak on a similar topic on an upcoming On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast, recorded at Cloud Field Day this month.

Coming Back to Cloud Field Day for the Second Time

Nick Janetakis gives a very detailed recount of his second Cloud Field Day experience. He was pleasantly surprised by how different it was from his last Cloud Field Day in April, but still notes he had an amazing time, both with the presentations and all the other things that are a part of every Tech Field Day event.

Running Native Applications in a Browser with Droplet Computing

Nick Janetakis saw the launch of Droplet Computing last month at Cloud Field Day. He found the company’s mission to run native applications online or offline in a browser on any device to be genuinely cool technology. Using their Universal Container Runtime, they can run applications without worrying about the underlying OS or architecture. Most importantly, this isn’t just a concept. While still early days, Droplet disclosed that their tech is being used by companies in production. Nick was definitely intrigued by what he saw.

The Cloud Field Day Experience as a First Time Delegate

Being a first time delegate at a Field Day event is a rather unique experience. The full firehose of information received for our presenting companies can be overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. With a little time for reflection, Nick Janetakis put together a post sharing his experience at Cloud Field Day last week. The event definitely took him out of his comfort zone, but in the best way possible. It’s a really thoughtful reflection on the event. If you’ve ever wondered what the Tech Field Day delegate experience is like, Nick does a great job of capturing it.

Cloud Field Day Interview: Nick Janetakis

In this CTO Dose, Keith Townsend interviews first time delegate Nick Janetakis about his experience at Cloud Field Day. The company that really stood out to Nick was Droplet Computing, which came out of stealth at the event. As a developer and educator, he found their methodology of running containerized apps in a browser intriguing.

Nick Janetakis

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