Security Audits Cause More Harm Than Good

Security audits are painful and often required for compliance but they aren’t adversarial unless you have a bad auditor or bad policy compliance. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth sits down with Teren Bryson, Skye Fugate, and Ben Story to discuss the nuances of audits.

AI RRM It’s What’s on the Air

Ben Story, a Field Day delegate, attended this past Tech Field Day exclusive with Cisco! In his latest post he talks about the AI Enhanced RRM, check out his thoughts here!

Security Field Day 5

Ben Story has joined us as a delegate for Security Field Day this month! You can follow the conversation on Twitter with #XFD5, including tweets from Ben himself. Be sure to also watch the videos from the event on the Tech Field Day website!

IP Fabric

IP Fabric was one of the presenters at Networking Field Day last month, and they very quickly caught the attention of delegate Ben Story. After hearing from the team at IP Fabric, Ben decided it was time to put rubber to the road and test it out on his network. Ben writes that the setup process was fast, insights came quickly, and he was able to accomplish his goal of network diagraming successfully. Although network visualization products aren’t new, Ben was impressed with IP Fabric is uniqueness and ease of use. Check out Ben’s experience with IP Fabric on his blog!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Ben Story

We’re deeply excited about our upcoming Networking Field Day and equally excited to announce we will be having a first-time delegate there! Ben Story is a network engineer, 3D printing enthusiast, and music lover. Most importantly, he is excited about the chance to see our presenters at Networking Field Day, and we are too! Be sure to give Ben a follow on Twitter and learn a little more about him on the Gestalt IT website!

Time for a Virtual Field Trip

Ben Story, a new Tech Field Day delegate, wrote about his upcoming participation in Networking Field Day in September! He will be among our virtual delegates, listening to presentations from Apstra, Cisco, IP Fabric, and more. We can’t wait to hear what Ben thinks of the event. Be sure to look out for him during all the Networking Field Day live streams!

Ben Story

Ben a seasoned tech professional committed to problem-solving and giving back to the community through his blog and mentoring.