VAST Data Soars With Industry Heavyweights

As Allyson Klein writes, VAST Data is revealing a major shift in AI strategy, joining forces with NVIDIA and Supermicro to bolster its role as a forward-thinking AI data platform. By embracing a novel architecture that eschews traditional x86 design for a powerful GPU-centric platform with NVIDIA DPUs, VAST Data is poised to redefine data storage, promising significant energy efficiency and enhanced performance for AI workloads. The company’s move shifts the AI training landscape towards GPU-native frameworks and sets VAST Data as a key innovator in an infrastructure industry ripe for disruption.

Transforming Enterprise AI: A Deep Dive Into VMware’s Private AI by Broadcom

At AI Field Day 4, VMware demonstrated a significant shift towards Private AI, emphasizing the need for balance between AI innovation and stringent data privacy in enterprise environments. As Ken Collins writes, the introduction of VMware’s Private AI Foundation showcases an ecosystem developed for flexibility, enabling companies to bring AI closer to their data across different environments. As the enterprise AI landscape evolves, VMware’s strategic partnership with NVIDIA and emphasis on internal AI applications position the company as a key player in an era where data privacy, choice, and performance are paramount.

Accelerating AI Data Management With NetApp DataOps Toolkit

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha talks about the presentation from NetApp, at this past AI Field Day, on their NetApp DataOps Toolkit. Sulagna goes into detail on how this is built to solve the most persuasive and fundamental challenges around data operation for faster AI deployment and better data innovation and how provisioning can be done in seconds with their partners, NVIDIA. Check out her thoughts here.

Dell, VMware, Intel, NVIDIA: Weniger Latenz Bei Workloads

The German editor-in-chief of data://disrupted, Kerstin Stief, shares her experiences from Dell’s recent exclusive Tech Field Day event in this piece. Specifically, she covers the issue of latency in enterprise IT, and how Dell, Intel, and VMware are poised to help address it. Read on for her full opinions.

Where Does Latency Come From in Enterprise-Storage-Systems and What Can Enterprises Do to Minimise It

German tech enthusiast and perennial Field Day delegate, Kerstin Stief, uses this piece to express her thoughts after experiencing the recent Dell exclusive Tech Field Day event as a delegate. In it, she talks through the storage solution presented there, PowerStore, and how it fits into enterprise IT as a whole. Read on to hear all of what she has to say, and watch Dell’s presentations for more information.

Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies HCI & Storage: Cutting Edge Infrastructure to Drive Your Business

Join Dell for their exclusive Tech Field Day event! Showcasing their VxRail HCI and storage technologies, the event took place in early August. You can watch all of the presentations here.