NFD21 | NetworkToCode

Jeremy Schulman has a long history with network automation, so he was excited to hear from NetworkToCode at Networking Field Day. He was really intrigued by their distinction of network automation strategy, from those building a platform to those investing in power tools. This is an important decision for any organization and one that the company astutely identified.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jeremy Schulman

Our super sized Networking Field Day had a lot of new faces at it, including Jeremy Schulman. While a first time delegate, Jeremy has had some experience on the other side of the table, so we can’t wait to see what he thought of the event. Be sure to check out this interview with Gestalt IT to get more background on what Jeremy is up to and where he sees IT going.

Jeremy Schulman

Jeremy Schulman is a pioneer in modern network infrastructure automation.  He has focused exclusively in this field for nearly a decade.  Jeremy is a principal software engineer at a major sports media company responsible for network management strategy, execution, and integration with other infrastructure systems.  Jeremy’s career spans over 25 years, starting in software engineering, […]