Opengear – Out of Band Management on the First Day

This LinkedIn article by Eric Stewart discusses Opengear’s presentation on its Lighthouse software during Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live 2023, detailing how the software can automate the deployment process from day one. Stewart highlights the software’s ability to accommodate zero-touch provisioning for both in-band and out-of-band gear, creating ease for remote site set up. Opengear’s solution demonstrates its utility by effortlessly managing network infrastructure and optimising deployment speed, all of which is updated with the latest firmware enhancements.

Cisco Live 2023 Highlights- Opengear & LightHouse Enterprise!

Girard Kavelines recently attended Cisco Live 2023 and had the opportunity to learn about Opengear’s networking solutions. Opengear is a leader in Out of Band Management (OOB) solutions, providing hardware and software for visibility into networks without downtime. Their new product, LightHouse Enterprise, offers simplicity, security, and immediate access to network devices across multiple data centers and the edge. I highly recommend checking out Opengear’s booth and experiencing their commitment to resiliency firsthand.

It’s an Edge-Y NUC World

Mark Houtz had the opportunity to attend the first Edge Field Day where he heard from Scale Computing, Avassa Systems, Mako Networks, Opengear, and more. One topic that stood out was the use of Intel NUCs in edge deployments. While Intel has decided to exit the PC business, other vendors like Simply NUC are stepping in to continue the NUC legacy. Read more about Mark’s experiences at Edge Field Day and thoughts about the demise of the NUC.

Out-Of-Band Management – Useful Beyond Catastrophe

Aaron Conaway reflects on his participation in Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live, where he learned about Opengear’s out-of-band (OOB) management solutions. While traditionally used for catastrophic events, Opengear discussed how OOB gear can also be utilized for provisioning, device configuration, and monitoring purposes. This expanded functionality enhances day-to-day operations and remote troubleshooting capabilities, making an investment in OOB networks worth considering. Read more at Aaron’s blog!

Out-Of-Band Management for Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 Operations With Opengear Smart OOB

Opengear’s Smart Out-of-Band (OOB) solution is expanding and capable of serving customers for everyday use cases instead of just emergency scenarios. Opengear initially focused on console server access and sideline OOB management, providing features like Lighthouse software that offers centralized management for all Opengear appliances and deployed resources. The company’s Smart OOB provides reliable connectivity and a management plane for deployment, automation, and troubleshooting, and their enhancement, Routed Management Fabric, creates an overlay that enables routed IP access based on industry standards for people outside the serial space. Learn more by reading this article on Gestalt IT.

Edge Computing Architecture Fundamentals

At Edge Field Day 1, companies such as Scale Computing, Mako Networks, Avassa, Zededa, and Opengear presented their solutions for deploying applications to the edge. There has been no universal agreement on what the term “edge” means, but delegates concluded that organizations should consider deploying applications in a location where they can achieve peak optimization. The presenters focused on networking, out-of-band access, compute/storage, provisioning, observability, and orchestration, aspects, but stressed that there is no uniform approach given that the edge varies by context. Read on for Gina Rosenthal’s thoughts on EFD1 and edge computing!

Excitement in the Air With Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2023

Tech Field Day Extra returns to Cisco Live US 2023, featuring presentations from Cisco as well as Opengear and BackBox, streaming live on June 6 and 7. Tuesday begins with Opengear, followed by Cisco Enterprise, ThousandEyes, and Security. Wednesday features a presentation from BackBox and more presentations Cisco focused on IoT, Cloud and Compute, and Secure Policy. Check out the live stream on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website!

Time to Recalibrate Your Views on Edge Computing

After attending Edge Field Day 1, Ben Young shares his reflections on edge computing and how his views may have changed after speaking with a range of vendors at the event. While his views going into the event were largely confirmed, he also gained new insights, including the concept that edges can be smaller than previously thought, with companies such as Scale Computing providing hyperconverged infrastructure on an Intel NUC. Furthermore, centralised orchestration is critical for scaling, efficiency, and agility, as is enhanced security and compliance in a challenging, often unstable edge environment.

Cisco Live 2023- Tech Field Day Extra- Event Preview

Girard Kavelines is getting excited for an in-person Cisco Live event, not to mention that Tech Field Day will be there. The event will include two-action-packed days, with presentations and demos from a host of well-known vendors. These will include Opengear and BackBox, both of whom will present their latest products and services to delegates. And of course there will be hours of deep dives into the latest from Cisco!

Security Automation With ZEDEDA and Opengear

In this Roundtable discussion, that takeaway is that “Companies can no longer afford to have security as an afterthought.” See what Edge Field Day delegates Josh Warcop and Carl Fugate have to say while discussing Security through Automation with Raghu Vatte (VP of Product Management at ZEDEDA) and Ramtim Rampour (Technical Marketing Engineer at Opengear) on

Operating Edge Environments With Opengear Smart Out-Of-Band

In this article, Sulagna Saha talks about Opengear Smart Out-of-Band, a solution that reduces operational overheads in edge environments, and provides value throughout the network lifecycle. Read her article at Gestalt IT. For a deep-dive, check out Opengear’s presentations from the latest Edge Field Day event here at Tech Field Day.

Learn More About Edge Computing at the First Edge Field Day Event

Curious about what’s happening at the first Edge Field Day? Stephen Foskett gives us the rundown of who will be presenting at the inaugural event. We have a great lineup with Avassa, Scale Computing, Mako Networks, ZEDEDA, and Opengear. Check out the video on Gestalt IT’s website.

NFD29: What Would We Do Without Opengear?

Pete Welcher was struck by Opengear’s presentation at September’s Networking Field Day! He wrote all about Opengear’s remote Out of Band (OOB) network access capabilities on LinkedIn and refers to them as a “product refresh.” Pete urges all Networking folks to check out what Opengear has to offer!

Opengear – Making Out of Band Access More Useful

Check out what Eric Stewart has to say after watching Opengear present their alternative to network management at the most recent Networking Field Day. You can check out his thoughts and all the latest videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Redundancy Is Not Resiliency

Things break, tires go flat, out-of-band devices go offline. When these things happen, resiliency outranks redundancy. Tom Hollingsworth writes about Opengear, their latest presentation at Networking Field Day, and how they’re offering a solution to network connectivity issues via an Opengear device. Check out Tom’s thoughts on his blog, Networking Nerd, and make sure to check out all of the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Resilient Out-Of-Band Network Management for Everyday With Opengear

In this post, Sulagna Saha talks about Opengear’s Out-of-Band management solution that they showcased at the most recent Networking Field Day. Their solution gives engineers the ability to administer network appliances even through network disruption. Sulagna Saha wraps up by going over this essential solution that will ensure business continuity, check out her thoughts here.

Network Field Day 29 – Day 1: Opengear

Check out Jordan Villarreal’s recap of Opengear’s presentation at the latest Networking Field Day event! You can check out his thoughts on his YouTube page, System MTU One, and be sure to check out all of the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Network Field Day 29 – Day 0

Check out Jordan Villarreal’s pre-event rundown of what he was looking forward to hearing about at the latest Networking Field Day event! You can check out his thoughts on his YouTube page, System MTU One, and be sure to check out all of the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Even More to Explore With Networking Field Day 29!

Check out Tom Hollingsworth details of the most recent Networking Field Day presentation line-up! You can find all the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website.

Tech Field Day Extra – Cisco Live 2022 – Open Gear

In Jordan Villarreal’s latest YouTube video, he talks about being pleasantly surprised with Opengear’s position on DevOps, NetOps, and the NetDevOps landscape. Check out his thoughts here from Opengear’s presentation at the most recent Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2022!