Run Fly Visualize

The latest “Fudge Sunday” from Jay Cuthrell is focused on “Run Fly Visualize,” an exploration of the iterative process that drives technology initiatives from conception to deployment. He explains the cycle of running with an idea, soaring through its execution, and visualizing the outcomes to refine and innovate further. Cuthrell’s piece offers a metaphorical take on the dynamic nature of tech development, emphasizing the continuous improvement and creative persistence critical to success. This was inspired by the Tech Field Day presentations at Qlik Connect last month.

Qlik Rolls Out Trust Score for AI Aimed at Elevating Low Model Trust

Sulagna Saha sheds light on Qlik’s proactive solution to the pervasive issue of low model trust in AI with their newly unveiled Trust Score. This feature is designed to increase transparency and foster confidence in AI-driven analytics by scoring the trustworthiness of data models. The article heralds Qlik’s Trust Score as a pivotal tool for organizations to ensure that their AI and machine learning initiatives are backed by reliable and credible insights. Read more Qlik Connect coverage at Gestalt IT!

Sprawl Walk Run

Jay Cuthrell presents “Sprawl Walk Run,” a thought-provoking piece that dissects the evolutionary phases of technology adoption within organizations. He weaves a narrative through the lenses of sprawl—uncontrolled growth, walk—deliberate strategy, and run—optimized performance, charted against the backdrop of enterprise and infrastructure planning. The article serves as a strategic roadmap for businesses navigating the complexities of integrating, scaling, and refining their tech ecosystems in the pursuit of progress and efficiency. Check out Fudge Sunday, Jay’s long-running newsletter, which focused on Qlik following their Tech Field Day presentations at Qlik Connect last month!

Qlik Answers and the Future of Enterprise Search

Ben Young explores the advancement of enterprise search with Qlik Answers, illuminating its potential to revolutionize data interaction within organizations. His analysis focuses on Qlik’s innovative approach to delivering precise, conversational responses, leveraging the context of natural language inquiries. Young’s piece anticipates a transformation in how enterprises will access and analyze their data, fostering informed decision-making with this refined search capability. Ben joined the Tech Field Day delegates at Qlik Connect in Orlando this year.

Qlik Answers: Swapping Out Generic Results With Smart, Curated Responses

Sulagna Saha from Gestalt IT introduces Qlik Answers, a feature designed to transform the way users receive data insights by providing smart, curated responses instead of generic results. She explains how Qlik Answers enhances the decision-making process by leveraging contextual understanding and delivering precision-driven information tailored to specific queries. Through this intuitive interface, Qlik is revolutionizing data analytics, offering users a more meaningful and actionable understanding of their data. Read more in this article, inspired by the Qlik presentation to the Tech Field Day delegates attending Qlik Connect 2024!

Techstrong Gang June 11, 2024

On the June 11 Techstrong TV episode, Stephen Foskett joined Tracy Bannon and the whole Techstrong Gang for a discussion of Agile development, the role of the CIO, and the impact of RAG on AI. During the discussion, Stephen brought up Qlik’s recent Answers product, as seen at Qlik Connect, and brought insights from the Qlik AI Council, who he met last week.

Announcements From Qlik Connect | Gestalt IT Rundown: June 5, 2024

This episode of the Gestalt IT Rundown includes a closer look at the announcements from Qlik Connect, offering a snapshot of Qlik’s evolving position in the data analytics and BI space. The summary highlights how Qlik’s new initiatives and product updates are set to empower organizations with enhanced data integration, active intelligence, and insights. This discussion features Stephen Foskett and Gina Rosenthal and was recorded on-site at the event.

Key Acquisitions Drive Qlik Community Growth

Gina Rosenthal discusses how strategic acquisitions have been pivotal in expanding the Qlik community and enhancing its comprehensive data analytics platform as seen at Qlik Connect 2024. The article discusses how Qlik’s deliberate integration of acquired technologies has bolstered its offerings, catering to a growing user base looking for advanced data integration and actionable insights. These moves not only show Qlik’s commitment to continuous improvement but also position the company to meet the evolving needs of the data-driven landscape.

Qlik Connect 2024: A Chocolate Alligator and a Bunch of AI Announcements

Gina Rosenthal provides an intriguing account of Qlik Connect 2024, focusing on the range of AI announcements that promise to enhance the analytics platform. The article highlights how Qlik is embedding AI capabilities into its products to enable deeper insights and more intuitive data interaction for its users. Rosenthal’s lively coverage also captures the event’s unique ambiance, complete with an unexpected chocolate alligator, underscoring the creative and innovative spirit that drives Qlik’s community gatherings.

Is AI Science or Engineering?

Following Qlik Connect, Frederic Van Haren considers the classification of Artificial Intelligence, pondering whether it should be viewed as a science or a branch of engineering. His article explores the methodologies, applications, and theoretical underpinnings of AI to scrutinize its dual nature. Van Haren invites readers to consider the intricate balance between the experimental, research-driven aspects of AI, and its practical, solution-oriented applications in the engineering field. Read more in this LinkedIn Pulse article inspired by Qlik’s presentations.

Reflecting on Qlik Connect 2024

Jay Cuthrell shares his insights on the recent Qlik Connect 2024 event, reflecting on the innovative approaches to data integration and active intelligence discussed there. He underscores the importance of Qlik’s vision for helping organizations become more agile through data-driven insights. Cuthrell’s summary of the event paints a picture of a future where data and decision-making are increasingly intertwined, thanks to advancements in analytics technologies.

Qlik Connect – It’s Not All About AI… But It Is for Me!

Ben Young provides a personal take on the Qlik Connect 2024 event, emphasizing the pivotal role of AI in the future of data analytics and business intelligence. While acknowledging the broad range of topics covered, Young focuses on AI’s transformative potential, as presented at the conference. His post highlights how AI integration within Qlik’s offerings is set to redefine the analytics space, making it an exciting focus for industry professionals like himself.

Qlik Connect 2024

In this LinkedIn Pulse article, Ben Young shares his enthusiastic perspective on the Qlik Connect 2024 event, focusing on the innovative strides Qlik is making in the realm of active intelligence. The event underlined Qlik’s commitment to expanding its platform’s capabilities to enable organizations to be more data-driven in their decision-making processes. Young’s summary encapsulates the anticipation for the new functionalities that Qlik is set to introduce, aiming to transform how businesses leverage data across their operations.

Qlik Connect Keynote

Joey D’Antoni provides a recap of the key takeaways from the Qlik Connect Keynote, highlighting the company’s latest strategic initiatives and product developments. The keynote shone light on Qlixk’s commitment to enhancing data literacy and analytics, emphasizing the role of accessible data in driving informed business decisions. D’Antoni’s summary captures the essence of Qlik’s vision for a data-driven future and their ongoing effort to simplify complex data analysis for users across various industries.

Qlik Cloud Integration With Talend

Stephen Foskett analyzes the strategic integration of Qlik Cloud with Talend, marking a significant advancement in data integration and analytics. This collaboration streamlines the process of transforming raw data into actionable insights, leveraging the strengths of Talend’s robust data processing with Qlik’s advanced analytics capabilities. Foskett’s article underscores the potential of this integration to empower businesses with better decision-making tools and a more comprehensive grasp of their data landscape. Read more in this LinkedIn Pulse article written during the QlikConnect keynote!

Data Quality is More Important Than Ever in an AI World with Qlik

In our AI-dominated world, data quality is the key to building useful tools. This episode of the Tech Field Day podcast features Drew Clarke from Qlik discussing best practiced for integrating data sources with AI models with Joey D’Antoni, Gina Rosenthal, and Stephen Foskett before Qlik Connect in Orlando.

No-Code Machine Learning With Qlik AutoML

At AI Field Day, Qlik launched AutoML, a revolutionary no-code machine learning capability within Qlik Cloud, empowering enterprises to harness predictive analytics without the barriers of cost or lack of expertise. This innovative feature allows organizations to effortlessly integrate algorithmic prediction into their workflows, enabling data-driven decision-making across various departments from sales to finance. AutoML stands out as a tool that simplifies machine learning, offering a straightforward approach where users can develop models and analyze future trends with just a few clicks, transforming complex data science into actionable insights. Read more in this article by Sulagna Saha from Gestalt IT.

At AI Field Day, Qlik Shows AI-Based Analysis Added to Its Platform

At AI Field Day, Qlik unveiled a wizard-based AI feature that simplifies the process of leveraging on-premises data for insightful analytics, integrating smoothly with Qlik’s cloud services. This enhancement to their analytics platform aims to democratize AI’s benefits, making advanced data analysis accessible to a broader range of users with varying expertise. Qlik’s initiative reflects a commitment to user-friendly, AI-powered analytics, facilitating deeper insights while streamlining the experience for its customers. Read more in this analyst note for The Futurum Group by Alastair Cooke.

Insights From the AI Field Day: A Futurum Group Overview

In this LinkedIn Pulse article, Paul Nashawaty of The Futurum Group summarizes all of the AI Field Day presentations, highlighting VMware’s deep dive into Private AI in collaboration with industry giants like NVIDIA and IBM, and Intel’s focus on deploying AI inference models with Xeon CPUs across diverse environments. Next-generation AI-infused storage solutions from Solidigm and SuperMicro underscored the critical role of optimized storage in AI, while Vast Data focused on addressing the growing data demands of AI and HPC workloads. Google Cloud’s session on AI platforms and infrastructures showcased innovative approaches with Kubernetes at the core, paving the way for accessible and powerful AI development and deployment.

Qlik Presents About AI on AIFD4

At AI Field Day, Qlik unveiled their comprehensive AI strategy, focusing on enabling customers to tackle the complexity and scale of AI integration into their operations with solutions like predictive analytics, AutoML, and their 170K-strong model portfolio. With initiatives like Qlik Staige, the company facilitates the use of AI for those new to the field, using established algorithms and bringing structured and unstructured data together for added value. Read more about the Qlik presentation in this LinkedIn Pulse article by Gina Rosenthal!