Data Access Everywhere, All the Time?

We all want data, and we want it whenever and wherever we are. Writing for, Georgina Ford writes about how Qumulo is looking to solve the age-old problem of data availability. She writes about Qumulo’s presentation at Storage Field Day 20 last year on their data management solutions as well as how they are taking on the challenges presented by the Hybrid Cloud. Be sure to check out Georgina’s post on how Qumulo is trying to simplify the way you work with data including the video of their Storage Field Day presentation.

Making Your Data Work Hard

Cloud Field Day presenter Qumulo has developed a system that can consolidate a company’s data into a single application. It’s scalable, and works across both on-premise and cloud.

Storage Field Day and the Direction of Travel

The presenters at Storage Field Day in August had a concrete understanding of what practitioners actually want and need. Or so says Paul Stringfellow, one of our twelve delegates who attended the virtual event. He writes summaries of the great work being done and information presented by Nebulon, Qumulo, Cisco, and Intel, and notes how each sponsor is listening to the needs of IT professionals everywhere. Check out the presentations from each of these companies on the Tech Field Day website!

Qumulo – Storage Your Way

As a delegate, Dan Frith got to see Qumulo present at Storage Field Day. Dan writes that Qumulo provides their customers the power to handle high workloads, the ability to scale, and the opportunity to see into the platform and know exactly what is going on. Qumulo has caught his attention, and he’ll be following them closely from now on. For Dan’s full analyses on Qumulo’s presentations at Storage Field Day, check out his post!

Storage That Provides 100% Performance at 99% Full

When Ray Lucchesi heard Qumulo at Storage Field Day claim they could provide 100% performance even at 99% storage capacity, he was doubtful. After all, most storage systems drop significantly in performance while being at much lower storage usage. However, as he details in his latest post, Qumolo pulls it off! Ray writes that by stopping the “garbage collection” Qumulo is able to reach incredible performance even while at high storage capacity.

What Is the Future for Storage Admins?

Storage has changed rapidly over the past decade, and the role of the storage admin has changed along with it. Gina Rosenthal considers what the future of the storage admin looks like in this piece, based on what she saw at Storage Field Day. It says a lot about the state of storage that many companies traditionally thought of as storage providers are now presenting at the event. She looks at NetApp’s approach with the Cloud Volumes Service, on-premises scale-out systems from Dell Technologies’ PowerScale solution, Igneous’ data management platform built on a scale-out file system, and Qumulo’s file data platform. Even as storage changes and goes to the cloud, Gina thinks the skills that storage admins have built up are more needed than ever.

Preparing for Cloud Field Day 8

Lino Telera attended his fourth Field Day event during the virtual Cloud Field Day. In this post, he gives a preview of what he expected to see from each of the presenters. He was particularly interested to learn about Terraform Cloud from HashiCorp, and the application abstraction layer Spektra from Diamanti. Be sure to check out all his thoughts on the presenters before diving into the videos for yourself. We have an extensive archive of Field Day videos, stretching back years across all our events. It’s an invaluable resource for keeping up to date with the latest in IT.

Data Mobility – Global/Scale-out Data Platforms

Chris Evans published another post in his ongoing series about data mobility in hybrid cloud. In this post, he looks at Global NAS and other distributed storage solutions, and includes a consideration of how to deal with data consistency. Solutions from NooBaa, Qumulo, Weka, Elastifile, Hedvig and Datera are included in this overview.

Qumulo: data-aware scale-out NAS

Qumulo: data-aware scale-out NAS

Where and why is my data growing?…

Where and why is my data growing?… 25: Qumulo, data-aware scale-out NAS 25: Qumulo, data-aware scale-out NAS

Qumulo – Storage for people who care about their data

Qumulo – Storage for people who care about their data

Data Awareness Is Increasingly Popular in the Storage Biz

Data Awareness Is Increasingly Popular in the Storage Biz