AI is Smarter Than Your Average Network Engineer

Recent advances in AI for IT have shown the huge potential for changing the way that we do work. However, AI can’t replace everyone in the workforce. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Rita Younger, Josh Warcop, and Rob Coote as they look at how the hype surrounding AI must inevitably be reconciled with the reality of real people doing work.

IP Fabric Solving Network Documentation Simply

As a delegate at our last Networking Field Day, Rita Younger had the chance to see IP Fabric present on how they’re simplifying network documentation. She writes that by automating the network documentation process and providing simple and organized information, IP Fabric is meeting a need that has long been around. Our thanks to Rita for being a part of a very full Networking Field Day! To learn more about IP Fabric’s network documentation initiatives, check out their videos from Networking Field Day on our website.

Data-As-A-Service by Hammerspace

Hammerspace returned to Cloud Field Day to show more details about their Data-as-a-Service offering to the delegates. Rita Younger was definitely impressed by their solution, which offers a true software-defined data management approach that lets organizations abstract data from the infrastructure that serves it up. It has some interesting implications which Rita details in her piece.

Netscout, Smart Network Analytics

Rita Younger hadn’t used Netscout’s solutions much since the 90s, but got reacquainted with the company after hearing a presentation from them at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018. What she saw was a company that has evolved with the network analytics movement, providing a single tool to provide visibility into complex hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

Big Switch is Changing the Cloud Game

Rita Younger looks at how Big Switch enable customers to build a self-service data center private cloud. They do this by approaching it from a cloud-first strategy to make an automated environment via their virtual private clouds. This was presented during Big Switch’s presentation at Networking Field Day last month.

Tech Field Day’s are Much More than Technical

Rita Younger talks about how Tech Field Day goes beyond just the technical after her experience at Cloud Field Day this week. She says she was skeptical about the idea of the Tech Field Day family prior to attending, but now feels very much to be a part of it. She also talks about introverts and extroverts in tech and starting her own Webcast series.

Ansible is NOT Programming

Rita Younger was pleasantly surprised by how much she learned from Ansible’s Networking Field Day 18 presentation. She says that Ansible is not a programming language, but rather a tool for automation, augmentation, consumption and simplification, and Ansible is, in fact, a networking company, although their model is not traditional.

Rita Younger

Rita has been a network engineer and architect for over 28 years and encourages women and minorities to join her using her personal platform