Summertime Fun With Networking Field Day 35

Tom Hollingsworth looks forward to Networking Field Day 35, next week’s must-watch event. Tune in Wednesday as Hedgehog debuts their exciting cloud networking solution, promising scalability and robust security features. Following them, Intel’s IPU team will showcase the transformative power of accelerators with compelling use cases. Thursday features cPacket unveiling their analytics solution, aiming for real-time feedback from our live audience. Arrcus then updates us on their latest developments in data center networking. Closing the event, Selector AI returns to showcase their latest AI features. Join us for two days of cutting-edge insights and innovation at Networking Field Day!

AIOps: Using AI for Smarter More Efficient Operations

In this post, Peter Welcher delves into the growing significance of Artificial Intelligence in Operations (AIOps) and its transformative impact on Security Operations Centers. He explores how AIOps can streamline massive data streams by filtering out noise, predicting system failures, and offering automated, intelligent security solutions that adapt to the technological complexities of modern networks. The article also highlights several AIOps solutions, underscoring the importance of choosing tools with tangible benefits amidst a market proliferated with AI-enhanced products.

What Does Selector.AI Do?

In this blog posted on NetCraftsmen, Peter Welcher discusses Selector.AI, a startup in the AIOps field that focuses on the network domain. Welcher discusses the capabilities of the product, such as its ability to convert large amounts of data across multiple domains into actionable information, and the way it uses artificial intelligence as part of its core functionality. Welcher sums up that Selector.AI could offer significant benefits, such as being a single source of truth and the ability to democratize data access.

Selector Is Evolving the Way We Operate Networks

David Varnum says, “Purpose-built vendor-neutral solutions like Selector are setting the stage for what’s to come with network observability.” Read his optimistic thoughts on the Overlaid website.

Ep 112 – NFD30 Special!

Networking Field Day Delegates A.J. Murray, Tim Bertino, and Girard Kavelines share their thoughts on this event in this episode of the Art of Network Engineering Podcast. Listen to their thoughts here!

Selector – Like Spotify, but for Your Network

AJ Murray reflects on Selector AI’s presentation from the most recent Networking Field Day saying it was “an absolute privilege to be a delegate for this one!” Selector AI was a new company for us at Field Day events and discussed event correlation and observability solutions. Take a look here as AJ deep dives into what Selector AI has to offer.

Networking Field Day 30- Event Preview

Girard Kavelines gave us a quick preview of what to have expected on the presentation schedule for this past Networking Field Day. Girard gives some quick thoughts about each company and what he was most excited to hear about. For all full presentations, head over to the Tech Field Day website, and be sure to check out Girard’s blog for more Networking Field Day content!

Gaining Intelligent Observability W/ Selector AI

In his post, Tim Bertino discusses Selector AI’s presentation from January’s Networking Field Day where Tim was introduced to Selector AI’s solution. Selector AI has come up with a solution to the scale and complexity of modern networks and how they are making it increasingly hard for the remediation workflow. Check out Tim’s thoughts on how Selector AI is solving this problem, how they address the challenges, and how their partners can benefit from the Selector AI solution.

Networking Into the Future With Networking Field Day 30

We kicked off 2023 with Networking Field Day where we had presentations from Anuta Networks, Juniper Networks, Aryaka, Cisco, Arista, Fortinet, and Selector AI! All videos from Networking Field Day have been published on the Tech Field Day website, head on over to check them out!

ML-Driven Monitoring With Selector AI

Sulagna Saha talks about Selector AI, an AI platform that performs full-stack network monitoring through automation. Selector AI provides operational intelligence and self-serve analytics making decision-making swift and easy for operators. Read her thoughts on the Gestalt IT website or check out the Tech Field Day website to watch Selector’s deep-dive presentations from the recent Networking Field Day event.