Cloud Field Day 2 – A lesson learned

Last summer, Lino Telera attended his first Cloud Field Day. While the presenting companies showed off a vast array of products, platforms and solutions, for Lino the overall theme came down to being more dynamic with data across the cloud. He gives his impressions of all the presenters, from HPE’s Nimble Cloud Volumes to Nirmata’s SaaS solution to close the gap between developers and sysadmin.

Cloud Field Day2: Integrating with ServiceNow

Lino Telera gives an in-depth overview of what ServiceNow presented at Cloud Field Day last month. The company offers dedicated PaaS for enterprise customers, focused on providing integration of disparate legacy systems. He really appreciates that the company gives organizations the ability to sandbox POCs without pushing sales in their Developer Program. Lino even played around with it using a basic Jakarta instance.

ServiceNow Streamlines Operations

After presenting at Cloud Field Day, Eric Shanks has changed the way he views ServiceNow. At the event, the company showed how they can serve as an central management plane for business operations, unifying management and allowing automation between disparate services. In the end, Eric finds their true value as a platform themselves. “ServiceNow is more than just an ITSM tool these days. It’s a business tool.”

Cloud Field Day and ServiceNow

ServiceNow presented their orchestration and automation platform, which works across a variety of legacy and emerging business systems at Cloud Field Day last month. Adrian Bridgwater share his thoughts on their presentation. While he admits that selling a platform can be a difficult proposition, Adrian sees it as giving the tools to customers to “eradicate the bad business processes that existed in the pre-cloud era”.

ServiceNow and the challenge of going broad

After Cloud Field Day, Ben Kepes reviews ServiceNow, a company that has come along way from its San Diego Roots. Traditionally, ServiceNow has been seen as an IT helpdesk system vendor, but now, ServiceNow has begun pursuing its aims to become a vendor that offers tools to enable organizations to digitize their more general enterprise workflows. Ben believes that ServiceNow is in a position where they are large enough to invest resources in this project, but small enough to remain agile, a combination that sets them up for a bright future.

Cloud Field Day 2: Event Summary

Bryan Krausen recaps Cloud Field Day, giving a quick review of each company’s presentation and relaying his thoughts on the event as a whole. He enjoyed most of the presentations, but found that each of the three days of the event had a different theme, from startups to industry giants. Bryan is thankful to have had the opportunity to attend Cloud Field Day and looks forward to more Field Day events in the future.

ServiceNow at Cloud Field Day – Not just for IT Anymore

After Cloud Field Day, Theresa Miller sees ServiceNow moving beyond just the helpdesk and into platforms that “simplify and automate business processes in a way that empowers the business user.” She sees this as a good step for ServiceNow in opening themselves up to be more business centric and not just limiting themselves to a helpdesk focused platform. Theresa believes that ServiceNow’s toolset could be a great addition to any organization that would see value from business automation of their many tasks.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: ServiceNow

Julian Wood says ServiceNow is “trying to take traditional enterprise IT Service Management to the next level” in this preview article for their Cloud Field Day presentation. Julian is very interested in ServiceNow providing multi-cloud service management and hopes to hear more at Cloud Field Day.

Cloud Field Day 2: Preparing to rock!

Preparing for Cloud Field Day, Lino Telera outlines what he’s looking forward to at the event. He focuses on HPE Nimble Storage’s multicloud storage, ServiceNow’s approach to providing tools for compliance during task execution without impacts, and Gigamon’s network monitoring tactics.