Power to the Max

Arjan Timmerman reviews what he saw from Dell EMC at Storage Field Day this summer. They focused on their highly available tier zero PowerMax storage array. Arjan outlines that even though this product comes from a long lineage, it’s able to offer cutting edge performance.

Zerto facilitates IT resiliency with a single VM replication platform

Jon Klaus heard from Zerto at Storage Field Day in Boston earlier this year. In this post, he digs deep into their block level, continuous hypervisor-based VM replication. Their approach allows you to rewind your VM to a specific point in time and recover the exact state. For Jon, this removes many of the problems of VM replication he’s come across in other solutions. It doesn’t use snapshots, and uses a single IO Filter that’s easily configured. Overall he’s interesting in testing it out and learning more.

Nasuni – scaling unstructured data

Erik Ableson got to hear from Nasuni at Storage Field Day in June. He found the update well worth it, with the company showing maturing and real world use cases. Overall, their unstructured data solution is an interesting hydrid, offering a SaaS-like experience, but also includes remote edge servers. But this approach is worth it, as it allows for a true end-to-end solution, from access, to backup and DR.

NVMe and NVMe-oF 101 with SNIA: queues everywhere!

Jon Klaus gives the rundown on NVMe and NVME-oF as presented by Dr. J Metz of SNIA at Storage Field Day in June. He details the differences between NVMe and NVMe-oF and also explains why you should even care about NVMe at all. Jon also compliments SNIA’s unbiased and informative presentation.

Nasuni at SFD 16

Brandon Graves was introduced to Nasuni at Storage Field Day 16 and was impressed by their presentation. Nasuni provides a solution that simplifies the distributed NAS and makes the move to the cloud easier for its customers. Brandon appreciates the integration with the big cloud providers as well as the cacheing capabilities that ensure that data can be always accessible even if there are issues preventing access to the cloud, and looks forward to hearing more from Nasuni.

3D XPoint Is At A Crossroads – Can Intel and Micron Deliver?

With the announcement that Intel and Micron are dissolving their partnership, Stephen Foskett says that their joint 3D XPoint technology is at a crossroads. So far 3D XPoint has been over-promised and underperforming, but Stephen says the product shows some promise in the enterprise, citing NetApp’s Storage Field Day 16 presentation and discussions at Dell Technologies World.

Nasuni – Global Object File Storage on Steroids

Keiran Shelden covers one of his favorite presentations at Storage Field Day 16 from Nasuni, who provide a cloud and on-premises Global Object File Storage system running on their patented UniFS file system. Keiran highly recommends checking out Nasuni for organizations with multiple offices looking into a way to centralize files.

NetApp OnCommand Insight

Brandon Graves talks NetApp’s OnCommand Insight, the only analytics and monitoring tool presented at Storage Field Day 16. OCI is always watching your environment and can be set up to notify the correct team when a problem arises. He also mentions NetApp’s Cloud Insights, a product that adds many features on top of OCI for use in the modern hybrid data center, meaning it can monitor what is happening on-premises, as well as in the cloud.

CloudIQ is looking out for your storage system’s health

Jon Klaus writes about Dell EMC’s CloudIQ presented at Storage Field Day 16. CloudIQ’s purpose is to keep track of your storage system performance, health, capacity and notify you in case of any anomalies. Jon was impressed by CloudIQ’s functionality, but also by it being free to use for those with a Dell EMC Unity storage system and having a responsive and active development team.

Cloud Proximate Data Storage

Matt Leib talks about what he calls Cloud Proximate Data Storage, where major storage vendors leverage locationally close datacenters to mitigate the cost of moving data. Matt goes on to discuss the solutions presented at Storage Field Day 16 as well as PureAccelerate such as Infinidat’s Neutrix, products from PureStorage, and HPE’s Cloud Volumes/CloudBank.

Infinidat’s ~90% (average read hit) solution

Ray Lucchesi reviews Infinidat’s presentation from Storage Field Day 16, impressed by their incredible 90% read hit solution. Ray says that the real challenge Infinidat faces is figuring out how to perform as well as an all flash array with hybrid flash disk storage, and it seems like they’ve accomplished that goal.

Nasuni Hosts Storage Field Day 16 at Our Boston HQ

Nasuni recalls their experience presenting at Storage Field Day 16, covering everything from the details of the presentation itself, to the delegates love of Nasuni’s velociraptor.

An Introduction to SNIA

Keiran Shelden introduces SNIA after their Storage Field Day 16 presentation, explaining what exactly they do. Keiran was impressed by SNIA’s work to promote and educate about storage and recommends their educational resources.

Infinidat, and #SFD16 – Data Is the New Currency

Matt Leib covers the technology behind Infinidat discussed at their Storage Field Day 16 presentation. He also covers another proximate data architecture from Infinidat called Neutrix, which he hopes could mitigate a lot of the problems inherent in storing data on major cloud providers.

From Viewer to Speaker: My Storage Field Day Experience

Dr. J Metz remembers his Storage Field Day 16 presentation for SNIA, relaying how he prepared and how he thought the presentation went. He also discusses what he sees as the benefit of the Tech Field Day model and gives advice to any future presenters.

NetApp – OnCommand Insight

Michael Cade talks NetApp’s OnCommand Insight in his recent coverage of Storage Field Day 16. Although OCI’s ability to have no agents but still provide massive scale regardless of where the endpoint is placed as well as provide visibility into your whole environment excite Michael he is still not convinced OCI is a product for the masses due to its price.

NetApp – Cloud Insights

Michael Cade reviews NetApp’s Cloud Insights as presented at Storage Field Day 16. With three main goals in mind, reducing MTTR, reducing cloud infrastructure costs, and preventing further issues, Cloud Insights as a SaaS offering greatly interests Michael and he looks forward to seeing where the product goes in the future.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services Platform

Renè van den Bedem praises Nasuni for starting with public cloud after their Storage Field Day 16 presentation. This cloud-first architecture gives them the unique ability to provide enterprise file services that scale globally, and Renè recommends Nasuni as an alternative to the mesh of legacy NAS often needed to provide that service.

NetApp OCI and Cloud Insight

Renè van den Bedem recalls NetApp’s Storage Field Day 16 presentation on their OnCommand Insight and Cloud Insight SaaS offerings. He goes over the use cases for both products and recommends OCI for cases where you might need to quickly implement a chargeback solution.

Zerto – Not Just Short Term DR Retention Anymore

Keiran Shelden recaps Zerto’s Storage Field Day 16 presentation, discussing their ZVR disaster recovery product that uses block based replication allowing it to be hardware agnostic. Keiran sees the advances discussed by Zerto as a great way to extend their product set to be able to meet the compliance demands that many companies face and knows the new features will be great for Zerto customers.