NetApp – Cloud Insights

Michael Cade reviews NetApp’s Cloud Insights as presented at Storage Field Day 16. With three main goals in mind, reducing MTTR, reducing cloud infrastructure costs, and preventing further issues, Cloud Insights as a SaaS offering greatly interests Michael and he looks forward to seeing where the product goes in the future.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services Platform

Renè van den Bedem praises Nasuni for starting with public cloud after their Storage Field Day 16 presentation. This cloud-first architecture gives them the unique ability to provide enterprise file services that scale globally, and Renè recommends Nasuni as an alternative to the mesh of legacy NAS often needed to provide that service.

NetApp OCI and Cloud Insight

Renè van den Bedem recalls NetApp’s Storage Field Day 16 presentation on their OnCommand Insight and Cloud Insight SaaS offerings. He goes over the use cases for both products and recommends OCI for cases where you might need to quickly implement a chargeback solution.

Zerto – Not Just Short Term DR Retention Anymore

Keiran Shelden recaps Zerto’s Storage Field Day 16 presentation, discussing their ZVR disaster recovery product that uses block based replication allowing it to be hardware agnostic. Keiran sees the advances discussed by Zerto as a great way to extend their product set to be able to meet the compliance demands that many companies face and knows the new features will be great for Zerto customers.

NetApp Addresses key Analytics to the #SFD16 audience

Matt Leib recalls NetApp’s presentation about OnCommand Insight from Storage Field Day 16. Matt sees OCI as a very interesting approach toward the monitoring and troubleshooting of NetApp environments. He also praises OCI’s full integration with ServiceNow, on the CMDB, as well as chargeback, orchestration, and ticketing made possible by a fully programmable Restful API.

Lose Some Complexity with Zerto at #SFD16

Becky Elliot got to see Zerto present at Storage Field Day last week. They offered something that would be immediately relevant to a project she’s working on, offering a combination of replication, DR, and backup in a single platform. While her project is too far along at this point to use Zerto, what she learned at Storage Field Day will definitely be top of mind for future endeavors.

Nasuni presents at #SFD16

Nasuni presented at Storage Field Day last week. Matt Leib thinks the company hasn’t strayed too far from their roots as a “Big File Server,” and that’s a good thing. Offering a largely scalable, file-based services for the enterprise, with scalability based on namespace is more relevant than ever. Matt looks at their Universal File System, and how it enables many of the features he saw during the presentation.

SNIA and Dr. J. Metz talk NVMeOF at #SFD16

Matt Leib reflects on SNIA’s Storage Field Day 16 presentation, highlighting J Metz’s presentation and explanation of NVMeOF. He focuses in on how NVMeOF is made to optimize the stack and remove some of the barriers inherent to the SCSI protocol.

Infinidat announces new storage, replication & backup appliances + cloud storage

Ray Lucchesi outlines Infinidat’s new storage replication and backup appliances discussed at Storage Field Day 16. This includes InfiniSync, designed to be a “black box” to survive any disaster that could befall a data center, InfiniGuard, a solution to poor RTO results, as well as Infinidat’s new public cloud storage option. Ray discusses the purpose of each product as well as their positives and negatives looking forward.

#SFD16 – Dell-EMC PowerMax and CloudIQ

A Storage Field Day, René van den Bedem got an update from Dell EMC. They specifically focused on PowerMax, their evolution of VMAX All Flash now with NVMe. René looks at why PowerMax still represents the best option for legacy 3-tier hardware and mission-critical legacy applications.

INFINIDAT to Showcase Expanded Product Portfolio at Storage Field Day 16

INFINIDAT presented at Storage Field Day last week, providing a look into their newly expanded product portfolio. This included a deep dive into Neutrix Cloud, as well as an architectural look at their storage scaling methodology. Be sure to check out their full presentation video for more information.

I’m shipping up to Boston for Storage Field Day 16

It’s almost Storage Field Day time for Jon Klaus. He’s shipping out to Boston and will be hearing from seven storage companies over two days this week. Make sure to follow along with Jon on the live stream during the event.

Storage Field Day 16 – I’m going on an Adventure!

Keiran Shelden is going to be flying from Australia to join us at Storage Field Day in Boston next week. He’s looking forward to meeting the other delegate and digging deep into the company presentations. We’re looking forward to hear what Keiran takes away from the event!

Storage Field Day 16

Life is slowing down a little for Brandon Graves, which means more time for writing and Storage Field Day! He’ll be joining us next week in Boston, and looking forward to seeing a mix of familiar and new companies. We’re looking forward to hearing his thoughts on the presentations.

#SFD16 – Storage Field Day 16

Storage Field Day is coming up at the end of June, and we’re happy to have Andrea Mauro returning as a delegate. The event should be a packed few days, looking forward to see what Andrea thinks of the presentations.