Latency? What Latency: Intel Optane Lightning-Fast Storage and Memory

Last August at Storage Field Day, Intel presented its latest Optane developments. Optane is persistent and a super low latency media. Intel introduced two new device types: Intel Optane Persistent Memory and Intel Optane SSDs. To learn more about Intel Optane Technology, watch Intel’s presentations from Storage Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

A VAST-ly Different Unicorn

We saw VAST at Storage Field Day last year where they presented updates on their Disaggregated Shared Everything (DASE) architecture. As they highlighted in their presentations, VAST has been called the fastest growing storage company in history. But what’s next for VAST Data? Writing for, Georgina Ford calls VAST a bit of a “unicorn” company and she looks at where they have been as well as where they are going. Take a look at the article on and be sure to watch Vast Data’s presentations from Storage Field Day!

Pure Storage Delivers High-Capacity Storage With FlashArray//C With QLC

As applications have grown in size and sophistication, so has the struggle of storing them effectively. The data sprawl from using multi-vendor storage environments can be a time and energy waster. At Storage Field Day last year, Pure Storage presented a solution to this problem: The FlashArray//C with QLC. The team at Gestalt IT write that the larger capacity, storage optimization, and cloud storage management make this an excellent offering from Pure Storage. Check out the full breakdown on!

Intel Bridges the Gap Between Memory and Storage

Over the past several years, flash storage has been rapidly taking over the storage world. After seeing Intel present at Storage Field Day last year, the team at writes that they “presented a unified vision of the future of flash storage and how they set world record performance with the DAOS software ecosystem combined with the Optane line of storage devices.” Be sure to check out all of Intel’s presentations from Storage Field Day and other events on the Tech Field Day website!

Cisco’s HyperFlex Gets a Boost

Cisco highlighted its updated HyperFlex at Storage Field Day in August. Cisco’s HyperFlex 4.5 comes with new capabilities and validated workloads. This new HyperFlex also allows customers to turn different ‘knobs’, including HyperFlex Boost Mode. Find out more in Cisco’s presentation on its updated HyperFlex on the Tech Field Day website!

Data Access Everywhere, All the Time?

We all want data, and we want it whenever and wherever we are. Writing for, Georgina Ford writes about how Qumulo is looking to solve the age-old problem of data availability. She writes about Qumulo’s presentation at Storage Field Day 20 last year on their data management solutions as well as how they are taking on the challenges presented by the Hybrid Cloud. Be sure to check out Georgina’s post on how Qumulo is trying to simplify the way you work with data including the video of their Storage Field Day presentation.

Nebulon Takes on SAN Arrays and HCI – Differently

When Nebulon presented on its cloud-defined storage options at Storage Field Day this year, it was clear it had some great potential. Georgina Ford, writing for, writes about that presentation and thinks that Nebulon is successfully simplifying deployment and maintenance while simultaneously adopting a new deployment strategy for cloud. Check out her thoughts on Nebulon’s latest developments on!

Cisco Introduces HyperFlex 4.5

As a delegate at Storage Field Day earlier this year, Dan Frith had the chance to see Cisco introduce Hyperflex 4.5. He writes that “HyperFlex has taken a solid foundation and turned it into something even more versatile and fully featured.” Dan looks forward to seeing more from Cisco on Hyperflex in the next year, and we look forward to seeing more Dan Frith! Be sure to check out his blog for more analysis on Cisco and all the Storage Field Day presenters.

Tomversations: Episode 11 – Data Processing Units (DPUs)

In the latest episode of Tomversations, Tom Hollingsworth takes us through the various types of chips that you might find in modern computing, from the workhorse x86 CISC chips favored by Intel to the specific ASICs and FPGAs that help in purpose-built devices. Along the way, Tom helps frame the discussion around DPUS and why they’re not just for networking traffic any more.

Pensando’s Role in the NetApp Portfolio

There are lots of effective partnerships in the tech world, but one of our favorites to watch grow is Pensando and NetApp. Presenting at Storage Field Day earlier this year, they delved into how Pensando’s chip in NetApp’s all-flash array combine to powerful results. Writing for, Georgina Ford says she likes the flexibility that the Pensando card offers based largely on the fact that it’s essentially a whole computer compressed into a single chip! Check out Georgina’s thoughts and the NetApp and Pensando partner presentation on the Gestalt IT website!

Cisco Sets Sights on Converged Infrastructure

Cisco is investing in its presence in the converged infastructure space and highlighted their efforts at Storage Field Day earlier this year. On, Georgina Ford writes that “Cisco is working on streamlining and improving ease-of-use in the converged infrastructure space, and one of those innovations is building a marketplace approach to stacker technology.” Check out Georgina’s thoughts on Cisco’s latest focus on the Gestalt IT website!

Pensando Changing the Game One Card at a Time

Earlier this year at Storage Field Day, Pensando teamed up with NetApp to put on an excellent presentation that caught the attention of many. One of the people watching was Steven Cortez who wrote on his website, MSC Productions, that Pensando and their Capri cards are impressive and offer great potential for HyperScalers. Check out Steve’s post as well as the Pensando presentations on his website!

Storage Field Day and the Direction of Travel

The presenters at Storage Field Day in August had a concrete understanding of what practitioners actually want and need. Or so says Paul Stringfellow, one of our twelve delegates who attended the virtual event. He writes summaries of the great work being done and information presented by Nebulon, Qumulo, Cisco, and Intel, and notes how each sponsor is listening to the needs of IT professionals everywhere. Check out the presentations from each of these companies on the Tech Field Day website!

Your Occasional Storage Digest With Toshiba Drives, Excelero and More

How does Pensando fit into the NetApp portfolio? Apart from collaboration on modern datacenter innovations, NetApp’s A400 all-flash array is now shipped with two Pensando storage processing cards – as revealed at Storage Field Day 20. Storage expert Chris Mellor, founder of Blocks & Files looks at what’s going on in storage.

NetApp and Pensando Present at Storage Field Day 20

We were excited to see both Naresh Patel, Chief Architect & VP for Platforms and Storage Engineering at NetApp, and Francis Matus, VP Engineering, Pensando Systems hit Storage Field Day 20 to share how their collaborative systems work together to deliver high-performance storage options.

Will the DPU Kill the Storage Array?

“Will the DPU kill the Storage Array?” This is what Storage Field Day delegate Keith Townsend is wondering today. Keith had the chance to see Nebulon present at their first Storage Field Day, and as a result says we shouldn’t be abandoning the storage array just yet. Keith thinks that Nebulon has a really unique offering and can help give us another look at distributed storage services. Check out Keith’s blog to hear some of his thoughts on Nebulon and the future of the storage array.

Nebulon Shadow Storage

In his blog, The Data Centre Brit, Storage Field Day delegate Jason Benedicic says his initial impression of Nebulon was way off. After listening to their presentations at Storage Field Day and having some follow up conversations with them, Jason writes that Nebulon has changed his initial impression and that they have a great chance of making a splash in the market. Because of their unique placement in the storage industry, Jason thinks of Nebulon as a “Shadow Storage Vendor.” Read more about Jason’s take on Nebulon on his blog and check out videos from their first ever Storage Field Day presentations on our website!

Is Scale-Out File Storage the New Black?

Enrico Signoretti, a delegate at Storage Field Day earlier this year, writes that VAST Data is a startup that is utilizing unique storage architecture to create an improved and impressively effective product. By implementing Intel Optane and QLC-NAND into their system, they are able to reach impressive levels in terms of both performance and value. Because of this, VAST is able to offer their customers a solution that is effective and doesn’t break the bank. Enrico had the chance to see VAST Data present on their storage architecture at Storage Field Day. Be sure to check out the videos of their presentations on our website!

Storage Field Day 20 – Wrap-Up and Link-O-Rama

Dan Frith is a frequent delegate at our Storage Field Day events and never fails to come out of those events with a plethora of thoughts on the presentations he saw. We always appreciate Dan’s hard work in recapping and digging down into so many of the presentations offered at our events. Dan’s latest post highlights the several blog posts he wrote for the latest Storage Field Day, as well as posts from some of his fellow delegates. Many thanks to Dan for giving us his perspective!

Intel Optane and the DAOS Storage Engine

There’s no doubt that Intel’s Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage (DAOS) engine is fast, but other than speed what does it have going for it? Storage Field Day delegate Dan Frith digs into Intel’s latest offering and highlights some of the exciting pieces of it including simple scalability and its open source nature. Check out Dan’s analysis of the Intel DAOS offering on his blog and check out the Intel team presenting at Storage Field Day.