An Intriguing Approach to Modern Data Center Infrastructure

Enrico Signoretti attended Storage Field Day in August and had the chance to see Nebulon present on their Cloud-Defined Storage solution. Enrico writes about composable storage and shares that the concepts Nebulon is adapting are powerful and have the chance to make a significant impact. Enrico is intrigued at their potential and looking forward to seeing where Nebulon and their innovative technologies go in the future. Be sure to check out Enrico’s post and Nebulon’s presentations at Storage Field Day on our website!

Pure Storage Announces Second Generation FlashArray//C With QLC

Pure Storage recently announced an all-QLC version of the FlashArray//C and presented at Storage Field Day last month to explain the unique technical capabilities of their new offering. Dan Frith was (virtually) at that presentation and writes in his latest post that the new FlashArray//C could be a compelling option for workload consolidation as it moves to all-QLC. Dan has been impressed with the growing Pure Storage portfolio and will be watching them with interest moving forward. Take a look at Dan’s post and the Pure Storage presentations on their second generation FlashArray//C with QLC on our website!

Intel Regains IO500 HPC Bragging Rights From WekaIO

Chris Mellor saw Intel’s presentations at Storage Field Day and was intrigued by their use of their open source file system DAOS. In Blocks and Files, Chris writes about Intel taking the first and third place slots in the IO500 benchmarks, in part because of their DAOS system. Be sure to check out Chris’s post and Intel’s presentations at Storage Field Day on our website!

Storage That Provides 100% Performance at 99% Full

When Ray Lucchesi heard Qumulo at Storage Field Day claim they could provide 100% performance even at 99% storage capacity, he was doubtful. After all, most storage systems drop significantly in performance while being at much lower storage usage. However, as he details in his latest post, Qumolo pulls it off! Ray writes that by stopping the “garbage collection” Qumulo is able to reach incredible performance even while at high storage capacity.

Cisco MDS, NVMe, and Flexibility

Dan Frith was a delegate at our most recent Storage Field Day. While he was there, he saw Cisco present on their NVMe storage transport solutions. Dan writes about his take NVMe and their presentations in his blog. Check out all of Cisco’s presentations on NVMe Transport from Storage Field Day on our website!

Intel Is Still a Formidable Force

Chin-Fah Heoh saw the videos of Intel presenting at Storage Field Day and was impressed with their progression in terms of storage technologies. Chin-Fah writes that their Intel’s Optane technology has been a true game changer. If you haven’t yet, be sure to take a look at Intel’s presentations on their Optane technologies the Tech Field Day website!

Storage Field Day 20 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

Dan Frith didn’t get the “normal” in-person Storage Field Day Delegate treatment this time, but he still wanted to share a little about his experience and SWAG boxes he received from the presenters. As always, we’re very grateful to Dan for his time spent as a delegate and are glad he enjoys the Tech Field Day keyboard cloth as much as we do!

At Storage Field Day, Industry Analysts Applaud Innovation Set in Motion by Intel® Optane™ Technology

It was great to have Intel as one of our presenters for Storage Field Day in early August! Kristie Mann was a presenter and writes that Intel utilized their time to share a vision of the evolving memory and storage landscape. She writes a recap of their appearance at Storage Field Day and shows how Intel is opening the door to innovation through their new services. Their presentations on the many uses of Intel Optane Technology are also available in Kristie’s post. Check them out!

“High Optane” Fuel for Performance

While attending Storage Field Day as a delegate in early August, David Chapa found himself very impressed with Intel. David writes that the Intel Optane Persistent Memory Solution was a highlight of Storage Field Day for him and that it represents a potential “game-changer in high performance computing.” Be sure to check out David’s post and the videos of Intel’s presentations from our last Storage Field Day!

Making Our Inaugural Appearance at Storage Field Day 20!

We were very excited for Nebulon to present for the first time at Storage Field Day earlier this month! They brought an exciting perspective to the event and highlighted themselves through several live product demos. Be sure to check out their videos on our website and we hope to have them back soon!

Guess Who’s Attending Storage Field Day 20?

Becky Elliott wrote about her excitement and thoughts headed into Storage Field Day earlier this month. As a veteran delegate, Becky knows both the perks and challenges of being a delegate at our Tech Field Day events. She wrote about those as well as her pre-event thoughts on each of the seven presenters: Pensando, Cisco, Qumolo, Nebulon, Intel, Pure Storage, and VAST DATA. We’re excited to see what Becky thinks of the presenters post-event!

Let’s Zoom to SFD20

Keiran Shelden was really excited to head (virtually) to Storage Field Day. This event brings together prominent companies from across storage, from innovative startups to the titans of the space. At the event, Keiran got to hear from seven different companies, you can catch all their presentations on our YouTube channel. We can’t wait to hear what Keiran thought of each of them.

Storage Field Day 20 – I’ll Be at Storage Field Day 20

Dan Frith is excited for Storage Field Day. He’ll be watching along on the live stream as presenters like Cisco, Intel, Nebulon, Pensando, Pure Storage, Qumulo, and VAST Data. We can’t wait to hear what Dan and our event delegates think of the presenters. If you miss the live stream, we’ll have videos of all the presentations on our YouTube channel to watch on demand.

Storage Field Day 20.. Oh Yeah!!

Vuong Pham returns for his second Storage Field Day event, and we can’t wait! He’ll be among our virtual delegates, getting to hear from the biggest names and prominent innovators in the fast moving world of enterprise storage. He’s set to have a busy few days of presentations with Cisco, Intel, Nebulon, Pensando, Pure Storage, Qumulo, and VAST Data all scheduled to present. Of course, you can watch along on our live stream during the event, or catch it on demand at your leisure on our YouTube channel. If you’re not familiar with some of the presenters, be sure to check out our huge library of videos on our YouTube channel. Odds are we have the material to get you up to speed in time for the event.