The Truth Behind SaaS Data Recovery With W Curtis Preston

In this Gestalt IT Tech Talk, W. Curtis Preston and Stephen Foskett discuss the challenges of data backup in SaaS applications and the misconceptions about built-in data protection. Preston underlines that a provider’s backup capabilities often aren’t sufficient to meet necessary security standards, cautioning against confusing in-application rollback and other features with actual backup. The talk advocates for substantial investment in backup tools for important data, transforming this part of IT into a less cumbersome process and urging data control to be in user’s hands.

Mind the Gap Between Hyperscale and Enterprise IT

Stephen Foskett and Cloud Field Day delegates Allyson Klein, Eric Wright, and Nathan Bennett examine the gap between hypserscale and enterprise IT in this episode of the On-Premise IT podcast. The episode’s guests scrutinize the disparities across numerous areas, including AI and sustainability. They propose that these differences stem from the influence hyperscalers have on technological developments and discuss the importance of bridging the hypserscale-enterprise IT gap.

NodeWeaver: Pioneering Edge Computing Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges

In this LinkedIn article, Stephen Foskett explores the innovative software-defined edge operating platform developed by NodeWeaver. With compelling features such as adaptability across various hardware and edge locations, and a focus on long-term management and maintenance of edge clusters, NodeWeaver is raising the bar for edge computing solutions. Known for successful deployments under budget and on time, the platform’s versatility, scalability, operational excellence, and security make it a strong contender in the evolving edge computing landscape.

Automation, Analytics, and More at Cloud Field Day 18

Announcing Cloud Field Day, streaming live next week! This event is broadcast live on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website, and includes presentations from Juniper Networks, Mezmo, Prosimo, and AMD on Wednesday and VMware, WEKA, and Fortinet on Thursday, focusing on automation, data center analytics, and telemetry. Join the conversation about cloud-native networking, application migration, and monitoring strategies during the sessions on October 18th and 19th!

The Present and Future of Edge at Edge Field Day 2

The second Edge Field Day, scheduled for October 4th and 5th, will feature presentations from StorMagic and HPE, NodeWeaver, and Solidigm. The event, which will stream live on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website, kicks off with a delegate roundtable discussion on the latest developments in Edge Computing, followed by various presentations touching on high-density storage, AI inferencing, and zero-touch provisioning. To engage with the event, view it live or watch recorded sessions on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel, and follow the conversation on LinkedIn or X/Twitter using #EFD2.

Storage Field Day 26 Is Headed to SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference

Stephen Foskett announces the upcoming Storage Field Day 26, set to take place on September 20th and 21st, in collaboration with SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference. In this highly-anticipated tech event, industry leaders and delegates will dive deep into the future of storage technology, exploring areas such as cybersecurity, data management, application performance, and artificial intelligence. With exciting presentations, roundtable discussions, live broadcasts and podcasts, Storage Field Day 26 promises a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic evolution and disruptive potential of storage technologies.

Things Are Heating Up for Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore

We are thrilled to be returning to VMware Explore for 2023 and will be hosting Tech Field Day sessions featuring insights from VMware and AMD. We look forward to a deep dive into VMware NSX in the cloud on Tuesday and a special session from AMD on Wednesday examining their latest data center products, virtualization, and edge portfolio. Don’t miss our exciting lineup of interviews, videos, and Tech Field Day content that will delve into enterprise technology trends and solutions.

Announcements From Cisco Live

In this episode of the Gestalt IT Rundown, Stephen Foskett and Jeff Ton discuss significant developments in the IT sector, including the recent Cisco Live event, which unveiled several new solutions for network management, Secure Service Edge, observability, and Panoptica, which offers end-to-end lifecycle protection for cloud native applications.

Elevate Your Cloud Knowledge at Cloud Field Day 17

Cloud Field Day 17 takes place May 31 and June 1, 2023, providing an in-depth look at the future of cloud technology. With a focus on the modern enterprise cloud, the event will explore the latest developments in cyber security, platform operations, data protection, and true integration. Join HYCU, Morpheus Data, RackN, Zerto, JetStream, and Couchbase as they delve into their cutting-edge approaches, with all sessions broadcast live on LinkedIn and recordings available on YouTube, promoting engagement and ongoing educational opportunities for all.

What Is a Cloud Database and How Does It Work?

In preparation for National Cloud Database Day and Couchbase’s presentation at Cloud Field Day next week, Stephen Foskett provides an overview of cloud databases, discussing the definition, benefits, and considerations businesses should take when implementing this technology. Cloud databases offer a flexible and scalable data management solution that can be accessed from anywhere, making it an ideal option in today’s remote work environment. While there are several factors to consider, such as database technology, security, and maintenance, understanding these considerations can help organizations choose the right approach to meet their specific needs.

Takeaways From the Recent Storage Field Day

In a recent article on Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha shares the key takeaways from our recent Storage Field Day event. The discussion highlights the latest trends in storage technology, including the increasing importance of data management and the growing use of AI in storage solutions, with a special focus on CyberSense from Index Engines. With insights into the latest industry developments, this article is a valuable resource for IT professionals looking to stay up-to-date on emerging storage technologies.

Enterprise Storage Enters a New Age

In this article on Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha describes a recent roundtable discussion from Storage Field Day that explored the latest trends in enterprise storage solutions and how the industry is evolving. The delegates discussed several key trends, such as hyperconvergence, the cloud, and artificial intelligence, that are driving innovation in the industry. Read this article to stay up-to-date on the evolving landscape of enterprise storage.

What’s New in Storage at Storage Field Day 25

Our next Storage Field Day event is here, coming to you live on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website March 22 and 23, 2023. Watch this video of what to look forward to on the Tech Field Day Youtube Channel.

Unraveling the Key Themes of Edge Computing – a Roundtable Discussion

In this article Sulagna Saha summarizes the thoughts and impressions of delegates on the key themes that dominated the presentations at the recent Edge Field Day event. Check out her article at Gestalt IT, or watch the roundtable discussion here at

The IT Industry Is Doing Better Than It Seems

Is the IT industry in trouble? This episode of On-Premise IT features Andy Banta, Nico Stein, and Geoff Burke, who will be attending Tech Field Day this week, discussing the state of the industry with Stephen Foskett. Check out the full podcast on Gestalt IT’s Youtube channel or your favorite podcast platform.

IP Address Management in a Modern Dynamic Network

In this episode of On-Premise IT Podcast, recorded at Tech Field Day event in California, delegates Aaron Conaway, Jeffrey Powers and Michael Davis take the lid off the pain points of managing DNS and DHCP in large networks. Check out the full podcast on Gestalt IT’s Youtube channel or your favorite podcast platform.

Edge Is Not Just Cloud or Datacenter

Even though most of the technologies and infrastructure elements are the same, the nature of edge comping is entirely different. This episode of On-Premise IT features Edge Field Day delegates Enrico Signoretti, Allyson Klein, and Alastair Cooke discussing these differences with Stephen Foskett. Check out the full podcast on Gestalt IT’s Youtube channel.

Deploying Applications Across Edge Locations With Mako Networks and Avassa

In this Roundtable discussion with Mako Networks and Avassa, we hear from co-founders from both companies about deploying applications at scale at the edge. Watch how the conversation unfolded between Stephen Foskett, Simon Gamble, Carl Moberg, Ben Young, and Alastair Cooke on Gestalt IT’s Youtube channel.

Security Automation With ZEDEDA and Opengear

In this Roundtable discussion, that takeaway is that “Companies can no longer afford to have security as an afterthought.” See what Edge Field Day delegates Josh Warcop and Carl Fugate have to say while discussing Security through Automation with Raghu Vatte (VP of Product Management at ZEDEDA) and Ramtim Rampour (Technical Marketing Engineer at Opengear) on

Looking Forward to Tech Field Day 27

Get a sneak peek on what’s happening at the latest Tech Field Day, March 8-9! We will have presentations from Kentik, MemVerge, and Men&Mice, as well as a special presentation on the CXL Consortium. Check out Stephen Foskett’s video on what to expect on Gestalt IT’s website.