Storage is not just a bunch of disks, said SoftNAS

Raff Poltronieri wrote up a look at what SoftNAS presented at Cloud Field Day last month. He breaks down the company’s take that storage is “not just a bunch of disks”, and how SoftNAS Cloud provides a data control and management platform to manage large amounts of data in the cloud.

SoftNAS Cloud: Cloud Unlocker Storage?

Ather Beg wrote up his thoughts on SoftNAS after seeing the company at Cloud Field Day this month. He found their SoftNAS Cloud solution to be interesting for organizations that need to get to the cloud, but don’t have the resources or the will to rearchitect their applications. For those customers, SoftNAS Cloud looks to be the “perfect solution.”

Move Your Data into the Cloud NOW with SoftNAS

Ken Nalbone got to hear from SoftNAS at Cloud Field Day this month. He thinks the question of whether the company offers a “cloud native” solution is less interesting than what their solution actually does: Enable customers to move large amounts of data without refactoring their applications for the public cloud. This has the potential to remove one of the biggest barrier of entry to the cloud.

How SoftNAS Is Like the U.S. Marines

If you were designing a business from scratch, adopting a cloud native strategy might be obvious. But what about everyone else left on the cloud adoption spectrum? Keith Ward covers SoftNAS’s presentation from Cloud Field Day as an ideal solution for those companies. In his mind, they approach a “leave no man behind” approach to going to the cloud.

Addressing Public Cloud Storage Hurdles w/ SoftNAS

Nate Avery gives an overview of what he saw from SoftNAS at Cloud Field Day this month. He found the layout and concept of their cloud storage solution should make any admin familiar with on-prem NAS devices comfortable. He particularly highlights the advantages of SoftNAS’s data tiering and migration versus what is natively provided by the public cloud.

Troubleshooting – Can’t Login to SoftNAS Appliance (Azure) – “Incorrect Username/Password”

Nathaniel Avery troubleshoots a problem he had logging in when trying out the SoftNAS, a company he saw present at Cloud Field Day this month, virtual appliance in his Azure account. He gives a quick overview of the problem before going step by step on how to fix it, but he recommends anyone else follow the manual in the future.

SoftNAS helps solve legacy app and data inertia

Joep Piscaer defends SoftNAS after their recent Cloud Field Day presentation. He commends their work using older technology and understanding how the cloud benefits the average consumer using that older technology. SoftNAS doesn’t see the cloud as a collection of highly-integrated platform services, but simply as a datacenter as a service.

Cloud Field Day 4 (#CFD4) : A Heads-Up

Ather Beg gives an excellent rundown of each presenting sponsor for this week’s Cloud Field Day, explaining what each company does and why you should be interested. As a first-time delegate, he is excited to join the Tech Field Day community and looks forward to a great event.