Dell Technologies PowerStore: The Storage Solution With VMware at Its Heart (Literally)

This is the first of Pietro Piutti’s posts covering his experiences as a delegate for Dell’s exclusive Tech Field Day event. The post hones in on Dell’s PowerStore solution. Read the piece and watch the presentation to learn all about it.

Dell Technologies VxRail in 2021: Beyond VSAN and Ready for the VMware Tanzu Era

After watching Dell’s exclusive Tech Field Day event as a delegate, Pietro Piutti covers his experiences there in this piece. The post itself follows up a previous post, this time covering the VxRail product. Read the entire post for all of Piutti’s insights.

Dell Technologies PowerStore: The Storage Solution With VMware at Its Heart (Literally)

Pietro Putti of the vGeek blog covers his experience as a delegate during Dell’s exclusive Tech Field Day event. In this post, he dives into Dell’s PowerStore, their now-entry-level storage platform. Read on for all of Putti’s takes on the tech, and watch the event to learn more.

Running Modern Apps With vSphere With Kubernetes

Delegate Pietro Piutti was able to see VMware present extensively on their vSphere offering at Tech Field Day this past March. In a recent post on his blog, Pietro does a deep dive on how to deploy and consume some modern apps on vSphere with Kubernetes. Be sure to check out Pietro’s post as well as the VMware presentations from Tech Field Day on our website!

Democratizing Kubernetes on VMware With vSphere With Tanzu

Tanzu, VMware’s portfolio of products to build, run, and manage Kubernetes controlled container-based applications is becoming more cohesive and organized, according to Pietro Piutti of The vGeek Blog

Cloud Automation Services: Is VMware Going All-In With Multi-Cloud?

One of the highlights of Tech Field Day for Pietro Piutti was visiting VMware’s campus in Silicon Valley. There he got to hear from their Cloud Management Business Unit. The presentation was demo heavy, focusing on vRealize Operations Manager and Cloud Automation Services. Pietro does a great job of digging into the details of each in this post.

Digitalizing Workplaces With Automation Anywhere RPA

Pietro Piutti attended Tech Field Day last month, and got to hear Automation Anywhere present for the first time at the event. While new to Field Day, the company is not new to Robotic Process Automation. They showed off their solutions for the fast-growing RPA market during their presentation. Before the presentation, Pietro was skeptical and even a little worried about the implications of RPA solutions. After though, he had his eyes opened to whole new possibilities.

Cohesity Technology Update – Helios

Pietro Piutti follows up on some of his previous Cohesity posts, with a deep dive into the company’s cloud-specific features that he saw at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. He specifically highlights Helios, Cohesity’s SaaS-based unified Global Management system for all their Secondary Data and Applications. This is designed to be a Simple, Smart and, most importantly, Proactive solution.

Cohesity at #CFD4 – Secondary Storage is now Cloud Enabled

Pietro Piutti has been familari with Cohesity for a while, but their Cloud Field Day presentation this month struck him with their completeness of vision. In that presentation, the company did a deep dive into their cloud use cases. Just as the company has done for secondary storage on-premises, their cloud use cases seek to unify secondary storage, and prevent the cloud from becoming an expensive data silo with no visibility. With support for native cloud backup, access to the major public clouds, and an architecture that ensures data mobility, Pietro found their presentation compelling.

Aviatrix, the Cloud Networking solution designed around real-life use cases

Pietro Piutti was introduced to Aviatrix before Cloud Field Day this month, but he really got a deep dive into the company at an event. In this post, he looks at how the company makes Cloud Networking fast, easy and manageable. He then reviews some use cases for their solutions, and even looks at their possible solution for IPSec encryption bandwidth limitations.

Datrium Technology Update

Pietro Piutti was impressed by the fresh and unique approach of Datrium at Tech Field Day in May. Now he is looking at their two major technology updates. The first of these announcements is that Datrium will be extending its support beyond VMware. By doing so, Datrium positions themselves as the one single converged platform that can serve vSphere, RHV/oVirt, and Docker workloads. The second and arguably bigger announcement is Split Provisioning, the possibility independently to scale Compute Nodes (up to 128) and Data Nodes (up to 10). These two milestones represent a huge advancement allowing customers to deploy multi-hypervisor infrastructures with different size options, from a small “one-rack” deployment up to a large one for Service Providers use cases.

#TFD14 Recap – Datrium: not the HCI solution you’d expect

According to Pietro Piutti, HCI has certainly eased some of the traditional pain points of virtualization, ease of deployment and scalability, but with some tradeoffs. The interdependency of HCI nodes effectively makes takes away their stateless nature, as is the can in a more traditional SAN based model. Datrium’s DVX solution solves this by differentiating data and compute nodes, which reduce east-west chatter and returns servers to statelessness. Make sure to check out Pietro’s post for a technical deep dive.

#TFD14 Recap – ClearSky wants to move your SAN to the Cloud

Pietro Piutti took a look at what ClearSky Data presented about at Tech Field Day this month. They propose to use an edge flash cache appliance attached to their Global Storage Network to allow organizations to shift primary storage to the cloud and simplifying DR and backup. Pietro digs into the technical details, and the current geographical scope of the company where their solution can be deployed.

#TFD14 Recap – NetApp Open Ecosystem

Pietro Piutti looks at what NetApp presented at Tech Field Day. The presentation focused squarely on the company’s open source initiatives. These open source projects are organized around what NetApp is calling The Pub. Pietro sees this move to open source as beneficial to everyone. Code that NetApp is contributing toward Kubernetes or Docker is accessible to anyone, and NetApp benefits by making storage more easily consumed and customized for specific uses by developers.

#TFD14 Recap – Turbonomic: New UI, Clouds and Containers

Pietro Piutti came away impressed from Turbonomic’s Tech Field Day presentation. They showed their application assurance platform. Pietro was intrigued how this not only monitored infrastructure, but had a constant focus on looking at all components that effect application performance. This includes looking at how infrastructure and workload changes would effect the system before deploying, as well as a built in tool to show the costs of keeping apps on-premises versus moving them to the cloud.

#TFD14 Preview – Datrium

Pietro Piutti will cross the Atlantic to join us at Tech Field Day in Boston this week. In his last preview post, he takes a look at Datrium. He describes what he found research DVX, their take on the converged data center problem. They use discrete data and compute nodes, combined with a Hyperdriver software component, to cluster total IOPS capacity within the system, rather than have competition for system resources on the fly. Pietro sees this as an interesting take on HCI, saying “even if the ingredients are familiar, the recipe is different and the serving looks yummy!” He’s get the full entree at Tech Field Day. Make sure to get your own serving by watching along on our live stream!

#TFD14 Preview – Turbonomic

Pietro Piutti is anxious to learn more about Turbonomic. He doesn’t have experience with their solution, but is intrigued with their “desired state” concept for VM infrastructure. Best of all, this isn’t locked in to a single hypervisor, it works cross platform. Pietro sees this as a major advantage and can’t wait to learn more at Tech Field Day next week!

#TFD14 Preview – ClearSky Data

Before Pietro Piutti comes to his first Tech Field Day event, he’s writing up some presenting company previews. His first centers around ClearSky Data. The company provides cloud storage, but uses distributed points of presence as another caching layer between on-site storage and the cloud. Their 2U all-flash appliance works for hot data, which is then gradually moved further up the “cloud cache” as it needs to be accessed less and less. It’s an interesting approach and Pietro is definitely interested in learning more.

Nimble Storage at Tech Field Day Extra (VMworld 2016)

Nimble Storage at Tech Field Day Extra (VMworld 2016)

Paessler PRTG Overview at Tech Field Day Extra (VMworld Europe 2016)

Paessler PRTG Overview at Tech Field Day Extra (VMworld Europe 2016)