MFD3 – Link-Live Updates

For Jonathan Davis, one of the highlights of NETSCOUT’s presentation at Mobility Field Day was seeing updates on Live-Link in their latest device firmware. These updates to the LinkRunner G2 and AirCheck G2 now allow the devices to be updated without the need of a Windows POC. For Jonathan, this is a welcome shift, and part of these devices becoming much more useful after the latest firmware.

MFD3 – AirCheck G2 V3.0 Announcement

At Mobility Field Day, Jonathan Davis got a first look at the updated 3.0 firmware for the AirCheck G2. This update adds a lot of important features to the wireless testing device, including better VLAN support, iPerf testing improvements, a better Location tool, and the ability to assign statuc IP addresses to the devices ethernet port. Overall Jonathan found the device to add some exciting capabilities to the wireless engineer’s toolkit.

LinkRunner G2 v2.0 Update

Jonathan Davis digs into some of the updates in the latest firmware for the LinkRunner G2, which he saw at Mobiltiy Field Day last week. Highlights include 802.3bt and injector support, improved VLAN information, and packet capture. One feature that wasn’t new but new to Jonathan, the LinkRunner G2 can charge from PoE!

MFD3 – Huge updates for AirCheck G2 and LinkRunner G2; then Netscout announces their sale

Jonathan Davis heard a bevy of updates from RUNECAST across most of their network diagnostic tool line. This included a deep dive into new features of the LinkRunner G2 v2.0 and AirCheck G2 v3.0 firmware. The features added were impressive, and Jonathan hopes to see updates for these solutions in a future Field Day presentation.

VIAVI Observer Apex- Finding the needle faster

Jonathan Davis compliments VIAVI’s Observer Apex as presented at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live. He sees it as a monitoring tool that is simple and intuitive, while still providing valuable information about your environment. Jonathan looks forward to learning more about VIAVI in the future.

Arista announces acquisition of Mojo Networks

Jonathan Davis announces Arista Networks’ acquisition of Mojo Networks, a company he saw present at Mobility Field Day in 2017. He sees this acquisition as a very interesting development and looks forward to seeing what Arista does with Mojo’s technology.

Geek Tools – Cape Networks for more than just wireless

Jonathan Davis continues his dive into Cape Networks in this post. He remains impressed by their capability not to simply diagnose WiFi, but also to provide client-side monitoring for external websites. This include more than simply being available, but includes latency and HTTP status codes. This can be used as another data point in your wireless toolkit.

Geek Tools – Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day 2

Jonathan Davis heard from Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day last month. He found their client-side monitoring hardware to be compelling, so much so that he used a test unit to solve a persistent outage problem he had previously be unable to consistently locate. By providing an always-on client-side sensor, Cape Networks is able to find problems proactively, the same way regular wireless users do.

Looking ahead to Mobility Field Day 2

Jonathan Davis has been to many Tech Field Day events before, but is especially interested in this Mobility Field Day. He sees the event as another step in his career development and feels like the theme really resonates with his passions. Looking forward at the presenters and delegates, he is excited for great discussions with innovative ideas and hopes to see constructive participation from everyone.

Off The Cuff – Conferences And Social Media For Engineers

The Network Collective Podcast panel at Cisco Live US discusses the career changing value of conferences and social media for network engineers.

GeekTools: SolarWinds Wireless Heat Maps

GeekTools: SolarWinds Wireless Heat Maps

Cisco Live US 2014 – Return to Camp

Cisco Live US 2014 – Return to Camp

Geek Tools – OpenGear ACM5004 Console Servers

Geek Tools – OpenGear ACM5004 Console Servers

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