Make Managing DNS, DHCP and IPAM Easy With Men&Mice

In addition to his famous Tech Doodle, Barry Coombs wrote an article on how to simplify the management of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM with Men&Mice. Barry explains the key features of Micetro and how it can help IT professionals better manage their network infrastructure. Whether you are an experienced IT professional or new to the field, this article offers valuable insights into how Men&Mice can help simplify network management.

Enterprise Network Observability With Kentik

Barry Coombs created a Tech Doodle focused on enterprise network observability with Kentik and also shares his thoughts in this article. He discusses the benefits of observability and how it can improve network and application performance. With insights into how Kentik is solving challenges from the era of big data, this article is a must-read for IT professionals looking to leverage the latest technologies in network performance management.

Unleashing the Power of CXL: A New Era of Server Architecture

The latest Tech Doodle by Barry Coombs is a deep dive into the world of server architecture and how the CXL technology is unleashing its power. Barry discusses the benefits of the CXL technology and how it can lead to significantly improved performance in data processing. This article provides a wealth of information for IT professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve on the latest technological innovations.

Tech Field Day Doodle: MemVerge, Astera Labs, Xconn, and CXL

Astera Labs, MemVerge, and Xconn are making CXL happen! Check out the highlights from Tech Field Day in Barry Coombs’ Tech Doodle, or watch the presentations on the Tech Field Day YouTube Channel.

Tech Field Day Doodle: Kentik

“Kentik is a SaaS based platform and will supply the answers to your network questions.” Check out Barry Coombs’ latest Tech Doodle covering Kentik’s presentation at Tech Field Day, an impressive toolset for enterprise network engineers and beyond.

Tech Field Day Doodle: Micetro by Men&mice

Hit it, Micetro! Check out Barry Coombs’ latest tech doodle on Micetro by Men&Mice. Micetro by Men&Mice is a comprehensive DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management solution that simplifies network infrastructure management. Check out Barry’s doodle on his Twitter, and watch the full presentation by Men&Mice on the Tech Field Day YouTube Channel.

Tech Field Day Doodle: MemVerge and CXL

The Doodle Guy is back with his doodle on Day one of Tech Field Day in March. Barry Coombs doodles about MemVerge’s latest Tech Field Day presentation and Siamek Tavallaei’s presentation on CXL. Check it out on his Twitter!

F5 NGINX Sprint 2.0 Day 1 Part 2, Announcements and Exec Q&A

Looking for some great insight on NGINX and how enterprise companies are using this technology platform more? Check out a Field Day delegate, Barry Coombs, Tech Doodles blog post for the most up to date information. Barry recaps on the Q&A section of the exclusive NGINX Sprint 2.0 Field Day. Take a look at his blog!

F5 NGINX Sprint 2.0 Day 2, Demo Day!

Barry Coombs, a Field Day delegate, intrigues us once again with his Tech Doodles from the most recent NGINX Sprint 2.0 Demo Day! Many delegates enjoyed this exclusive event and NGINX’s portfolio. Check out how Barry expands on why more enterprise organizations are adapting NGINX.

F5 NGINX Sprint 2.0 Day 1, Use Cases, Products and Updates

This post is another of Barry Coombs’ renowned Tech Doodles, covering the events of the F5 NGINX Sprint 2.0. Specifically, this doodle shares Coombs’ observations from the first day of the event. Be sure to see everything he included in the doodle by checking it out here.

Tech Field Day Delegates Thoughts Regarding Scality ARTESCA

Barry Coombs, the masterful creator of Tech Doodles, shares another one of his colorful graphics regarding his time on the delegate panel at Scality’s exclusive Tech Field Day event with HPE. This doodle in particular covers the reactions of each member of the panel in regards to ARTESCA, Scality’s newest product which the launched at the event. Check out the doodle for summaries of each delegate’s thoughts, and be sure to watch the Scality launch event to learn more about ARTESCA.

Scality ARTESCA Architecture

Barry Coombs follows the recent launch of Scality ARTESCA with Tech Field Day with a doodle of the ARTESCA architecture and his notes surrounding it. Barry mentions, “ARTESCA is a really interesting solution for object storage requirements, it is software-based, leverages Kubernetes, has multiple configuration options to meet edge and core use cases and unites developers and operations.” For more of his thoughts, be sure to check out this doodle on!

Pure Storage PortWorx – Kubernetes Storage Platform

Pure Storage’s acquisition of PortWorx and the resulting partnership, was presented at Cloud Field Day 9. Barry Coombs of Tech Doodles looks deeper at the companies’ solutions

Azure NetApp Files and NetApp Virtual Desktop Service

NetApp presented its Microsoft Azure NetApp Files services and its Virtual Desktop Services offering during Cloud Field Day 9. Barry Coombs, Author behind Tech Doodles, Chief Technologist at Computerworld Group, and Tech Field Day Delegate said he was pleasantly surprised by the fresh storage content NetApp is developing.

StorPool Software Defined, High Performance, Scale Out, Block-Storage

StorPool, the developer of high performance, scale-out block storage software for primary demanding workloads showed delegates its software defined, high performance, block-storage
during Cloud Field Day 9. Cloud Field Day Delegate Barry Coombs, Author behind Tech Doodle and Chief Technologist at Computerworld Group took a brief look at the solution and its high points.

Scality Scale-Out File and Object Storage

Scality revealed its hybrid and multi-cloud storage system, Zenko at Cloud Field day 9, and they gained at least one fan. Barry Coombs of Tech Doodles noted that the Zenko solution stood out because it allows the freedom to use object and file storage solutions both on-premises and in the cloud. The solution also has ‘unified management, single namespace, metadata search, flexible replication between clouds, all whilst still storing data in the native cloud formats’ – a plus in Barry’s books.

VMware vRealize Operations, Automation and VMware Network Insight

VMware kicked off Cloud Field Day last month by discussing their vRealize portfolio! Delegate Barry Coombs took a closer look at this in his Tech Doodles series. Barry notes that he was particularly impressed with how far VMware has come with delivering aaS options for the portfolio that have feature parity with the on-premises versions. Check out VMware’s full presentation on our website!