20/10 Vision: Aruba’s 20th Presentation at Tech Field Day’s 10th Anniversary

We were thrilled to have Aruba Networks return for our tenth anniversary Tech Field Day event, which marked their twentieth overall presentation with the event series. Having presented at the event since 2012, in this post, Aruba details their presentation highlights from years past.

Congrats to Tech Field Day for Hitting 10 Years!

For Matt Crape, 2016 was a big year, in no small part thanks to being invited to his first Tech Field Day event. For our 10th anniversary, Matt is looking back at what the event has meant to him and how it has impacted his career and life in a big way.

#TFD Turns 10

Tech Field Day is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and we appreciate all the people letting us know what the event series has meant to them. In this piece Matt Leib talks about the value of bringing diverse delegates and companies together for meaningful technical conversations. We can’t wait to have Matt back at an event soon.

Congratulations Tech Field Day

There’s no official poet laureate of Tech Field Day, but if we were to choose one, it would probably be Al Rasheed. Though a relatively recent delegate, Al understands and appreciates the unique community and atmosphere Tech Field Day events, and relates it quite elegantly in this post.

Tech Field Day 20 Is Right Around the Corner!

It’s hard to believe that Max Mortillaro has attended just one Tech Field Day event. A frequent face at Storage Field Day and Tech Field Day Extra events, Max got to attend the tenth anniversary Tech Field Day event. It’s been great to have Max in the Field Day family, in this piece, he talks about what he was looking forward to seeing at the event.

Meet the First #TFD Delegates: Tom Hollingsworth

Aruba Networks loves to interview the Field Day delegates before an event. In this post, they’re talking to Tom Hollingsworth, a former delegate and now Networking Field Day’s iconic organizer. They talk about the early days of Tech Field Day and how the event has changed over time.

Where Did Tech Field Day Come From? Tech Field Day at 10

One of the most common questions people ask Stephen Foskett is where the idea for Tech Field Day originally came from. In this post for Gestalt IT, he discusses the world of influencer/blogger relations back at the start of the event, including a key “blogger day” with HP (now HPE) storage. After that event, Stephen worked with others in the community, both on the blogger and vendor side, to create the first-ever Tech Field Day event, 10 years ago this month!

Celebrating 10 Years of Pure Storage and Tech Field Day

Pure Storage has grown from a scrappy upstart to an established player in enterprise storage, and Gestalt IT and Tech Field Day were there the whole time. From their first Field Day appearance in 2011 to today’s Tech Talks and Exclusive Field Day events, we have grown together over 10 years.

Tech Field Day 20 – The Ten Year Anniversary Edition

We’re coming up on the 10th anniversary of Tech Field Day. As one of the first delegates at the first event, Greg Ferro shares his excitement at the anniversary, and shares a video of the closing speech from the event. While a lot in IT has changed in the last 10 years, it’s great to still have a lot of those first faces involved with the event.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Tech Field Day is an event built around technical content from leading IT companies. But it wouldn’t be successful without the wonderful community built around it of writers, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and more. Kori Younger shares her experience of becoming part of that community in this piece. We can’t wait to see her at future events!

I’m Going to Cloud Field Day 6!

Chris Williams is at Cloud Field Day this week, and he’s looking forward to drinking from the IT fire hose. He’ll be hearing from eight prominent cloud companies over the next three days, be sure to follow along on our live stream to get all the latest.

Can You Avoid Moving to the Cloud? No, and Why Would You?

On this episode of Deloitte’s On Cloud podcast, Tech Field Day founder Stephen Foskett discusses the origins of the Tech Field Day event series and how the event has evolved and adapted over time. We’re approaching our tenth anniversary, it’s a wonderful perspective on the history of the event.

vSoccer at VMworld 2019

VMworld US without vSoccer? It almost happened! Luckily Jorge Torres heard the calls of the community and is organizing the iconic sporting event for VMworld US 2019. They’ll be playing at the Beach Chalet soccer fields in San Francisco. The Tech Field Day staff is proud to support this great community building event!

The Contention Window: S1E12 : TechFieldDay – Mobility Field Day 4 Preview

This episode of the Contention Window sees hosts Scott Lester and Tauni Odia talking with Mobility Field Day organizer Tom Hollingsworth and Tech Field Day founder Stephen Foskett. They’re talking about the upcoming Mobility Field Day event and the overall background of the event series.

The Security Field Day 2 Experience

Stephanie Ihezukwu attended her first Field Day event with Security Field Day earlier this year. The experience of the event is sometimes hard to understand until you attend, and it’s always great to hear people share their perspective. She really enjoyed the packed technical presentations of the event, and the chance to see these presentations at presenter’s offices. Over the course of three intense days, she got to bond with the other delegates and immerse herself in the latest enterprise security goodness. We can’t wait to hear more from Stephanie!

One Year in @ VMware – A Q&A With Myself

Matt Crape has been working at VMware for about a year. In this post, he reflects on how the opportunity came at him very quickly, and what he misses from working on the customer side. One of the things he misses are events like Tech Field Day. But as Matt says, without those events, he couldn’t be where he is today. We’re glad we could be part of Matt’s career journey!

Taking the Pulse of the WLAN Industry: Mobility Field Day 4 Approaches

Mobility Field Day is coming up soon and we’re excited to have Lee Badman coming back as a delegate for the event. This will be his eleventh Field Day event, and as such, Lee has a lot of experience with it. In this post, he talk a little about what makes him come back to Field Day, what makes it unique, and what goes on after the cameras stop rolling.

My Tech Field Day Experience

Evan Mintzer attended his first Field Day event as a delegate for Security Field Day. He really appreciated the unique “un-conference” quality of the event, which allowed for real communication and community building between the delegates and the presenting companies. He was really impressed not just with the technical content, but with the organization and thought that went into organizing it. It was great to have Evan there and we can’t wait to have him back.

I Met Stephen Foskett

In this post, Jim Palmer details his experience meeting Tech Field Day founder Stephen Foskett. Jim had previously attended Wireless Field Day last year, but got invited to Tech Field Day this year. Getting exposed to new technology and new people was a really unique opportunity and it was great to have Jim at the event. He even got Stephen to explain RAID storage to him!

How Cisco Live! Changed My Career…

With Cisco Live US happening this week, Justin Cohen is thinking back to how the event changed his career. He’s been attending since 2012, and got to know the community after meeting Tom Hollingsworth there. Things changed after 2016, when he got invited to Networking Field Day. Today, Justin is working as an Innovation Architect at Cisco, his dream job. It’s been a long journey centered around the event.