Tech Field Day 18 Here we come!

It’s always great to have Keiran Shelden along as a delegate. He just came down to Austin for Tech Field Day last week, and got to drink from the IT firehose with the other delegates. Aside from the educational benefit, Keiran enjoys getting to have conversations about the tech with the other delegates and people at the companies themselves. For him, it’s important to provide a positive dialog, to help build better relationships and better solutions.

TFD18 Prep: Solarwinds

Justin Warren must have been a good student, because he’s always sure to do his homework for Tech Field Day. Before heading down to Austin last week, Justin wrote up a preview of what he expected to see from Solarwinds. The last time he heard a presentation from them was in early 2016, so a lot has changed since then. The company has grown dramatically, positioning themselves to be an all-in-one IT management company. We’re looking forward to seeing if their presentation convinced Justin in his posts going forward.

Tech Field Day Delegate – Part Deux

Nathaniel Avery returned for his second Field Day event as a delegate at Tech Field Day in Austin last week. After attending Cloud Field Day last year, it was an interesting change to hear presentations from more broadly across the data center. As a returning delegate, he definitely brushed up on the presenters before the event, and was better prepared for the off-camera networking that’s an important part of the Tech Field Day experience.

Join us at Tech Field Day 18

At Tech Field Day events, we like to get a wide swath of companies to present. Some are unknown startups, who can offer an interesting and insurgent perspective. But it’s also just as important to hear from industry stalwarts, like VMware. They presented at Tech Field Day last week, doing a deep dive on vSAN and vSphere Health specifically. You’ll need to check out the full video of their presentation to hear all the details.

Tech Field Day 18 is Feb 6-8 2019 – Look out Austin!

Ed Horely has been attending Tech Field Day events for over half a decade, originally joining the delegate fold back in 2013. He most recently returned at Tech Field Day in Austin last week, getting to drink for the IT firehose for two days. We’re looking forward to what Ed though of the event in future posts. Be sure to watch all the Tech Field Day video on our YouTube channel.