Journey to Fully Cloud Based Data Protection With Druva

Yusuf Emre Ozensoy got to hear from Druva at Tech Field Day in 2019, and was excited to learn more after initially hearing from the company at VMworld. He was impressed by their cloud-native approach to data protection, that simplifies management and eliminates traditional hardware silos.

VMware Is Delivering Pipelines to the Cloud With CAS

Anyone who thinks that VMware is still all about vSphere hasn’t been paying attention over the last few years. From what Ken Nalbone saw at Tech Field Day, VMware understands that developers are driving much of the innovation in enterprise IT and is invested in helping operations and infrastructure teams deliver the experience that will drive innovation.

Ixia Brings Consistency to Visibility

In the every changing world of enterprise IT, there is something to be said for consistency. For customers who are seeking a reliable partner that will enable them to enjoy the same level of visibility of their network and applications regardless of the operating model, it is nice to know that IXIA has them covered. Ken Nalbone breaks down what the company presented at a recent Tech Field Day event in this post.

Druva Protects Corporate Data Outside the Firewall

Enterprises are increasingly using applications outside the firewall, with SaaS solutions like Slack and Microsoft Teams becoming increasingly important. At the same time, these applications attract just the type of corporate data (chat, files, and workflows) that can place organizations at legal or operational risk. They’re also using cloud-based automation tools like ServiceNow and Okta, and even running applications in Amazon AWS. That’s why it’s a good thing that data protection providers like Druva are adding support for this “outside the firewall” data. Stephen Foskett digs into their presentation from Tech Field Day in this piece.

Automation Anywhere: Bringing Bots to Your Business

Automation has been mainstream for a long time when you think about it, however, the types of automation typically seen were machines and robots designed to perform manual tasks. Many of the repeatable tasks performed by humans today are done in software, so why not automate all the repetitive business processes being performed by task workers? As part of a digital transformation project, RPA from companies like Automation Anywhere can help companies realize greater efficiencies and better user experiences. Ken Nalbone digs into what they presented at Tech Field Day earlier this year.

NetApp Cloud Insights: Visibility of Everything for Everyone

To provide a complete picture of infrastructure usage and offer optimization recommendations regardless of location be it private, public, or hybrid cloud, NetApp has recently released Cloud Insights. During his presentation at Tech Field Day 19, James Holden, director of NetApp’s cloud analytics team, provided both an overview of and deep dive into the features and functionality of Cloud Insights.

Get Ready for Tech Field Day 19!

It was great having Emre Ozensoy as a delegate at Tech Field Day this summer. It was a packed event with a lot of great presentations and, more importantly, great conversations. Be sure to check out the full video from all the presentations at the event to see what left such a good impression with the delegates.

Cloud vs Fog at #TFD19

Jim Palmer was a delegate at Tech Field Day over the summer. It’s often said that going to a Field Day event is like drinking from the IT firehose. It’s taken Jim a while to process everything that he heard at the event, which means the presenters did a good job showing off their latest and greatest. In this post, he looks at some of the things VMware reviewed at the event. For a wireless guy, VMware was a little intimidating. But as this post shows, Jim clearly got a lot out of their presentation.

Why Druva Is All About SaaS

If infrastructure can be moved partially or entirely to a cloud provider and free up IT resources, then Druva believes the same can be done for backup. This is a logical next step for backup practices and with an early seat at the backup as a service (BaaS) table, Druva is well positioned to become a leader. Ken Nalbone digs into some of the detail Druva presented at Tech Field Day earlier this year.

All-In Public Cloud for Backup

Cloud-first and all cloud for backup and archive storage might sounds nice from the comfort of the US, but Alastair Cooke takes a look at Druva’s approach to this with a New Zealand-based perspective. With slower overall internet speeds and higher cloud latency, it changes some of the equation when looking at their solutions. While this might not be the best option in that country for server backups, Alastair loves what they offer for protecting data on highly mobile laptops. Overall he thinks Druva has feature rich solution. It’s this kind of regional perspective we love to see at Tech Field Day events.

Tech Field Day 19: Druva vs. The Competition

In this posts, Druva’s W. Curtis Preston (and one time Field Day delegate) writes up how he felt Druva compared to some of the competition at Tech Field Day. Their all-SaaS all-cloud data protection solution is certainly unique, we’ll let you read for yourself to make up your mind. Be sure to check out the full video of their presentation to get all the details.

Top 4 Takeaways From RPA’s 1st Tech Field Day

We always love having new companies present at Tech Field Day. Sometimes these are companies coming out of stealth, showing off new solutions for the first time. But just as important is bringing new categories of solutions to light, those that might have been around but outside the immediate experience of the delegates but definitely of interest. That was the case with Automation Anywhere. They are a leader in Robotic Process Automation and did a great job introducing the concepts and specific solutions to the delegates.

Automation Anywhere: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Everyone

At tech Field Day earlier this summer, Automation Anywhere presented for the first time at the event. While the company has been around for almost two decades, not many of the delegates were familiar with their Robotic Process Automation. Ather Beg breaks down how the company uses bots to emulate human actions without huge investment or disrupting infrastructure in this piece.

Cloud Automation Services: Is VMware Going All-In With Multi-Cloud?

One of the highlights of Tech Field Day for Pietro Piutti was visiting VMware’s campus in Silicon Valley. There he got to hear from their Cloud Management Business Unit. The presentation was demo heavy, focusing on vRealize Operations Manager and Cloud Automation Services. Pietro does a great job of digging into the details of each in this post.

Data, Data Everywhere, Nary a Byte to Eat

Jim Palmer attended Tech Field Day earlier this summer and got to hear from a wide variety of companies. One that stood out was Druva. Not coming from a storage background, it took a minute to get his footing during the presentation. Druva really illustrated to Jim that not all data protection is created equal, and made the case for their solutions apparent event to a relative outsider.

Computer, Prepare My Report

Automation Anywhere definitely made a splash with their first presentation at Tech Field Day. They’re a long time player in the fast growing Robotic Process Automation market. Alastair Cooke digs into their presentation and solution in this post.

Data Protection as a Service With Druva

Adam Fisher got to hear a lot from Druva during their presentation at Tech Field Day last month. He was already familiar using Druva for endpoint data protection, but at Tech Field Day, the company did a deep dive on their holistic data protection approach as a service offering.

The GUI and the Ugly Baby

Ixia’s Jason Lackey wrote up a blog post about the company’s recent presentation at Tech Field Day last month. He points out that while the Ixia UI might not be the slickest, it was built for something else. Jason touts the speed, ease of use, and accuracy as the primary design decisions behind the UI, something that is more useful than a new coat of paint. Be sure to check out their entire presentation video to get the full deep dive.

Digitalizing Workplaces With Automation Anywhere RPA

Pietro Piutti attended Tech Field Day last month, and got to hear Automation Anywhere present for the first time at the event. While new to Field Day, the company is not new to Robotic Process Automation. They showed off their solutions for the fast-growing RPA market during their presentation. Before the presentation, Pietro was skeptical and even a little worried about the implications of RPA solutions. After though, he had his eyes opened to whole new possibilities.

Druva – Uber for Data Protection

Druva returned as a presenter with their most recent appearance at Tech Field Day last month. Liselotte Foverskov was a delegate at the event and got a full deep dive of their latest and greatest. This post looks at some of the benefits of the company SaaS data protection solution and how it can be useful to organizations today.