Moving the Control Plane to Multi-Cloud With New vRealize Operations

Multi-cloud automation and orchestration is a daunting task, but Raff Poltronieri thinks VMware has an intriguing solution with vRealize Operations. While Raff wasn’t a delegate at the event, he followed along on the live stream remotely, and was able to get a lot out of the presentation. During the presentation, VMware reviewed their four tenants of self-driving operations, something they hope to implement in vRealize Operations. Raff digs into the specifics in this piece.

Using Pipelines for Administrators in Code Stream

One of the great thingsabout Tech Field Day events is that they are live streamed with full video available soon after the presentation. This allows anyone to check out the technical content at their own convenience. That’s what Raff Poltronieri did with VMware’s Tech Field Day presentation last month. In this post, he digs into Code Stream, one of the components of VMware’s multi-cloud automation platform. Coding isn’t directly in Raff’s comfort zone, but he got a lot out of what this new solution is capable of from the presentation.

Tech Field Day 19 – Wrap-Up and Link-O-Rama

It’s always a pleasure when Dan Frith comes to a Field Day event. Not only does he provide great articles going into detail about the presentations, but he also highlight and signal boosts writings by the other delegates. In this post, he shares posts from his fellow delegates from his most recent Tech Field Day event. Be sure to check it out for a lot of great writing.

Automation Anywhere – the Bots Are Here to Help

Robotic Process Automation isn’t a topic we’ve seen a lot of at Tech Field Day in the past, which is why the presentation from Automation Anywhere really grabbed a lot of attention. Dan Frith digs into their presentation in this piece. While the topic might have been new to the delegates, Automation Anywhere has been at the game since 2003 and is well established in the space. For Dan, the exciting advantage of RPA is not that it can change how we work, but rather change what we can work on.

Cloudy With a Chance of APIs – Reflections From Tech Field Day 19

Tech Field Day is all about bringing together the different disciplines of the data center into a single event, bringing a diversity of views from both the presenting companies and invited delegates. Adam Fisher definitely go that experience at Tech Field Day last month. The event featured presentations from diverse topics as Robotic Process Automation to cloud visibility solutions. The unifying aspect of every company was the presence of some kind of public cloud integration into their solutions, and the availability of well documented APIs. It’s no surprise that these are dominant trends in IT, but surprising to see them on display from such a wide array of presenters.

VMware Cloud Automation Services: The Next Evolution in Multi-Cloud Automation

Wes Milliron attended his first Field Day event last month. It was great to see his write up of what VMware presented, which was featured on the last day of the event. They focused on their Cloud Automation Services Suite, which is a SaaS offering for multi-cloud management and automation. The tech definitely impressed the delegates. Wes liked that it allows VMware customers to embrace DevOps without locking them into specific tools. The videos from the presentation are definitely worth a watch.

Druva – in the Cloud, of the Cloud, Protecting the Cloud

Druva is no stranger to Field Day events, and Dan Frith got to hear an update about the company at Tech Field Day last month. The presentation began with an overview of data protection history and some of the historical challenges. It was interesting to see what all has been solved in that time. In this piece, Dan Frith was impressed with Druva’s focus. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, they focus on meeting customer requirements for data protection.

VMware vRealize – Operations Without Operators

At Tech Field Day, VMware presented on their four tenants for self-driving operations: Continuous Performance Optimization, Efficient Capacity Management, Intelligent Remediation, and Integrated Compliance. Dan Frith looks at how these elements are integrated into vRealize Operations. For him, it was eye opening to see the capabilities, and reinforced the point that the solution is so much more than a glorified dashboard.

NetApp Wants You to See the Whole Picture

Dan Frith is no stranger to Storage Field Day, but last month was the first time he attended a Tech Field Day event. Luckily there was a familiar face presenting at the event with NetApp. They presented on their Cloud Insights solution, which presenting into what turned into an overall theme of the event of management and monitoring. Dan was really intrigued by the ability of Cloud Insights to give a full picture of application services, with operating systems and underlying hardware.

Automation Anywhere: What Did the Bot Eat for Lunch?

Liselotte Foverskov heard from Automation Anywhere while a delegate at Tech Field Day last month. They are a competitor in the fast growing Robotic Process Automation market. They think that their platform will enable anyone to create helpful bots to automate routine tasks, allowing for employees to focus on more creative efforts. In light of a recent visit to the computer history museum, it was a thoughtful presentation.

Introduction to Automation Anywhere

Marina Ferreira heard from Automation Anywhere at Tech Field Day last month. They showed off their Robotic Process Automation solutions at the event. It struck Marina that we often look at network automation in IT as a way to eliminate repetitive tasks, but not as a business process or workflow solution. By framing Automation Anywhere’s RPA in that light, she sees it as allowing employees to focus their time on value-add tasks, rather than simply avoiding repetition.

Automate All the Things With Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere made a big splash with their presentation at Tech Field Day last month. The company showed off their solutions around Robotic Process Automation. For Adam Fisher, it was the first time he had heard from a company with that focus. Their bots allow for automation of a wide variety of tasks, and Adam was impressed that this wasn’t limited to specific verticals. He really appreciated that their goals wasn’t to replace humans, but rather to allow us to focus our efforts on more creative work that the bots can’t do.

My Post #TFD19 Roundup

Tech Field Day is an event all about bringing together the disparate silos of enterprise IT in the same room and create meaningful conversations around technical presentations. So it was great at our event last month to have Jim Palmer, a wireless guy, as a delegate. What stood out to Jim was that the event allowed him to learn as much from his fellow delegates, who each have their own areas of expertise, as the presenters. We’re glad he got a lot of value out of the event, and we can’t wait to hear more of his thoughts on it.

My Take: Ixia’s Visibility Portfolio

Ixia made a return to Field Day with their presentation at Tech Field Day earlier this year. We were lucky to have Wes Milliron around the delegate table for the event. In this piece, he looks at their overall visibility platform, and came away impressed at the scope and capabilities. While he admits their UI is due for a refresh, the underlying functionality provides the visibility you need to best take advantage of your security tools.

Ixia Helps You See All the Stuff You Need to See

Dan Frith heard from Ixia at Tech Field Day last month. While the company was acquired by KeySight a few years ago, they still bring a long legacy of network insight and visibility to the market. At the event, they talked a lot about Vision X, their modular network packet broker. This is designed to offer a flexible feature set today, that can be built out by developers over time. It aims to offer high performance, high density visibility. For Dan, getting that visibility across the stack is incredibly valuable for modern IT.

Automation, Anywhere You Want It

At Tech Field Day, Jim Palmer got a look into the fascinating world of Robotic Process Automation, thanks to the folks at Automation Anywhere. While this is the fastest growing enterprise software market, it was one that Jim hadn’t heard much about before. He was impressed by the company’s vision of having a “digital assistant” for every worker. They provide not just a platform to make this happen, but lead the industry with their education resources. For someone new to the space, that was an invaluable aspect for Jim.

Ixia at Tech Field Day 19

Ixia is no stranger to Tech Field Day, and they made their return to the event last month. In this post, Ixia’s Jason Lackey reviews what was shown at the event. They overviewed the company’s history with the event, discussed network visibility fundamentals, introduced their Vision X packet broker, and showed how Ixia Cloud Lens offers visibility into cloud environments. It was a busy presentation, so be sure to check out the full video on our YouTube channel.

Hot Take From TFD19 – RPA With a Security First Mindset

Scott Driver was at Tech Field Day last month, and got to hear from first time presenter Automation Anywhere. They showed off their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, something that caught Scott’s eye as his financial sector background is just starting to really look in that space. What really impressed him in the presentation was Automation Anywhere approaching their solution from a privacy and security first perspective.

Tech Field Day 19 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

Dan Frith is a familiar site at the delegate table for Storage Field Day, but last month he was able to attend his first Tech Field Day, seeing presentations from across data center verticals. In this post, Dan outlines what was provided during the event, where he went, and gives an impression of the overall Field Day event experience.

Tech Field Day 19 – Day 0

Matt Callaway attended Tech Field Day out in Silicon Valley last month. In this post, he details one of the parts of the event that doesn’t make it onto the live stream, the “Day 0” before any of the presentations. This involves getting to the event, meeting up with the organizers and other delegates, and getting into great conversations over dinner. As a first time delegate at the event, Matt found it a great way to get to know the community.