I Met Stephen Foskett

In this post, Jim Palmer details his experience meeting Tech Field Day founder Stephen Foskett. Jim had previously attended Wireless Field Day last year, but got invited to Tech Field Day this year. Getting exposed to new technology and new people was a really unique opportunity and it was great to have Jim at the event. He even got Stephen to explain RAID storage to him!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Matt Callaway

Matt Callaway attended his first Field Day event, and we got to know him a little better thanks to this awesome interview. He talks about how he used to try to write down all the URLs he came across on the early Internet, how he got into IT, and how he manages the constant challenge of work-life balance. Plus there’s talk of ice cream. It was great to get some insight into him ahead of the event, we can’t wait to see him at another soon.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Scott Driver

New faces make for great Field Day events, whether its new companies presenting or new delegates bring their expertise. Scott Driver is someone we’re thrilled to have at our events. In this post, we get to know him a little better to how he go into IT, his favorite movie, and why he sees IT refocusing on the SMB space in the near future. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event.

Tech Field Day (#TFD19): A Heads-Up

Before heading to Tech Field Day this week, Ather Beg wrote up a little homework in this blog post. He gives an outline of what to expect from each presenter. For those watching along on the live stream or catching up on the video later, it’s a good one stop shop for background information. He’s got links to relevant material, as well as his own thoughts on the presenters.

Tech Field Day 19 – Day 0

Dan Frith crossed an ocean to join us at Tech Field Day this week. He usually writes a prolific amount for each event, and we love every bit of it. In this piece, he previews the event, provides the full schedule and embeds the live stream. It’s always great to get Dan’s insight from these presentations, and we can’t wait to read more.

RPA Industry’s First Tech Field Day 2019

It’s always great to hear from new companies at Tech Field Day. This week, we’ll be introducing Automation Anywhere to the delegates. They published a preview of their presentation, and it looks to really stand out. They’ll be focusing on their AI-augmented robotic process automation, including an architectural deep dive and a look at their Bot Store. Definitely make sure you check out the live stream or the edited video for this one.

Tech Field Day 19 Next Week!

Sometimes explaining what makes Tech Field Day different can take a while. In a lot of ways it’s the “un-conference”, focusing on focused technical conversations rather than a marketing cacophony. Once Matt Callaway got to know what makes the event unique, he knew he had to attend. He’s onboard as a delegate for Tech Field Day this week, can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event.

Tech Field Day 19, Next Week

Alastair Cooke returns as a delegate this week for Tech Field Day. It’s been about a year since we’ve seen him at a full Field Day event, a bit too long if you ask us! We can’t wait to hear what he thinks about the presentations. Be sure to follow along on Twitter to join in the conversation using #TFD19.

I’ll Be at Tech Field Day 19 Next Week!

Be on the look out for Adam Fisher at Tech Field Day this week. He’ll be the delegate at the event and getting to hear from a packed panel of presenting companies. As always the event is live streamed, but if you can’t catch that, be sure to watch the full edited video which will be posted soon afterwards. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event.

Tech Field Day 19 – I’m on My Way!

Liselotte Foverskov is returning to Tech Field Day with our event next week. This time around, she’s looking to join in the conversation around the table a little bit more, we can’t wait! In this post, she gives a little preview of what she’s expecting from each of the presenters. We can’t wait to hear her thoughts after the event.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Wes Milliron

A new Tech Field Day event means we get to welcome more new delegates to the family. This time around, we invited Wes Milliron to sit around the table and hear from some of the leading IT companies. We got to know Wes a little better in this piece, be sure to check it out and look out for him on the event live stream.

Tech Field Day – I’ll Be at Tech Field Day 19

Dan Frith is a familiar face at Storage Field Day events, but we’re excited to have him around the table for Tech Field Day next week. We love bringing together perspectives from across the data center at these events, and Dan’s considerable storage pedigree should prove invaluable. Be sure to mark your calendar for the live stream to watch along with Dan.

Imposter Syndrome Alive and Well at Tech Field Day 19

Jim Palmer will be joining us next month for Tech Field Day and we can’t wait. One of the great things about Tech Field Day is it allows us to gather experts from across the various data center disciplines. This allows for conversations from various perspectives that are truly unique in IT. With Jim’s background in wireless, we can’t wait to see what he thinks of the presentations.