Review Blog: Good Stuff From Tech Field Day 21

Pete Welcher attended Tech Field Day last March as a delegate and had some thoughts! In a recent post on his LinkedIn, Pete points to his several posts on the event. Thanks to Pete for being a delegate at our events, we look forward to hearing more “good stuff” from him!

Running Modern Apps With vSphere With Kubernetes

Delegate Pietro Piutti was able to see VMware present extensively on their vSphere offering at Tech Field Day this past March. In a recent post on his blog, Pietro does a deep dive on how to deploy and consume some modern apps on vSphere with Kubernetes. Be sure to check out Pietro’s post as well as the VMware presentations from Tech Field Day on our website!

Democratizing Kubernetes on VMware With vSphere With Tanzu

Tanzu, VMware’s portfolio of products to build, run, and manage Kubernetes controlled container-based applications is becoming more cohesive and organized, according to Pietro Piutti of The vGeek Blog

Tech Field Day 21: Google’s VMware Managed Service

The LinkedIn explores Google Cloud’s new VMware Engine, as presented at Tech Field Day 21. The VMware Engine runs on high-performance hardware with 100 Gbps networking, and offers benefits like seamless migration, easy scaling, Rapid innovation, and self-service experiences. The author praises the offering’s ease of provisioning, its lift-and-shift capabilities, and its integration with other Google Cloud services, while noting that operational responsibilities like backup & DR, and monitoring would still be customer-responsibilities.

Tech Field Day 21: VMware Presents on Many Topics

Pete Welcher, a delegate at Tech Field Day in March, was impressed with VMware’s fast-paced and informational presentations. He writes about VMware’s jam-packed presentations including their focus on automation and orchestration of the datacenter in the cloud. We’re grateful for Pete’s time as a delegate and his recaps of event content from our Tech Field Day events! To check out VMware’s presentations, head on over to our website.

Tech Field Day 21: Zerto Saves the Data

Pete Welcher first heard of Zerto from friends a few years ago, and in March he was able to see them up close and personal at Tech Field Day. In his latest post, Pete outlines the features Zerto offers that he finds particularly impressive including continuous journaling and short RPO. With backup staying current down to almost the second, Pete writes that Zerto has gotten his attention. Check out Pete’s post and review of Zerto’s Tech Field Day presentations!

Data Protection in 2020

Erik Ableson was a delegate at Tech Field Day in March. As a delegate, he saw the presentations from Zerto on their vision and new product features. Erik writes that Zerto helped clarify his thoughts on different approaches to data protection and he thinks that Zerto is one of the industry leaders in Disaster Recovery solutions. Check out Erik’s blog post as well as the Zerto Tech Field Day presentations on our website!

Better Late Than Never: Tech Field Day 21 Summary

Pete Welcher was one of the delegates at Tech Field Day earlier this year. Pete writes that he was impressed with all three presenters at Tech Field Day (Zerto, Google Cloud, and VMware) and writes about how each brought their own unique perspective in his event summary. We’re thankful for his participation in Tech Field Day and for his recap, even if it is later than he had planned!

VMware’s vSphere Unites Containers and Virtual Machines Under One Platform

At Tech Field Day 21, VMware highlighted the addition of Kubernetes support to vSphere 7 via VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 4.0, VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center solution for the Hybrid Cloud. This greatly anticipated announcement from VMware lets enterprises unify virtualized and containerized workloads into a single platform that can be centrally managed.

Why Did VMware Buy Datrium? | Gestalt IT Rundown: July 8, 2020

In this episode of the Gestalt IT Rundown, Tom Hollingsworth and Rich Stroffolino discussed the recent acquisition of Datrium by VMware. This was positioned as a DRaaS play for VMware’s cloud offerings, helping to refine their overall DR strategy. Rich found it interesting that Datrium had been billing themselves as a HCI vendor, to have them acquired for DR assets.

Google Cloud VMware Engine (GVE) Brings Native VMware to Google Cloud Platform

At Tech Field Day, Google Cloud highlighted Google VMware Engine (GVE), a subscription-based service offering that brings VMware to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google Cloud VMware Engine (GVE) comes to the market to help enterprises migrate, extend, and enhance their VMware workloads using Google Cloud. Dedicated, hyperconverged hardware comes with many benefits, including guaranteed performance, and simplified security and compliance. But, one of the key differentiators is that unlike many cloud offerings, GVE comes with the freedom to install and configure third-party software so that businesses can migrate their workloads without disrupting their existing tooling.

Extending ON-PREM to CLOUD With Google Cloud VMware Engine

Almost all companies have a desire to go to the cloud these days. But sometimes conventional lift and shift directly to the cloud is just not possible. But there’s a middle way: managed co-location in Google data centers! You heard me. They call it Google Cloud VMware Engine. In this video, Markus Leinonen breaks down what separates Google Cloud VMware Engine from other public cloud integrations, how it extends your on-premand why it might be the right fit for your organization. We’re glad Markus got some of his background for this video from VMware’s presentation at Cloud Field Day. Be sure to subscribe to his channel for some other great enterprise IT videos.

Zerto 8.0: Realizing Storage Modernization and Cost Savings With VMware Virtual Volumes

Zerto’s 8.0 release of its IT Resilience Platform is a major release for the company. We were lucky enough to get an in-depth look at it during Tech Field Day. It includes support for the latest in software-defined storage with VMware vVols support, the ability to treat multi-VM applications as a cohesive unit for purposes of continuous data protection and replication, as well as support for an any-to-any replication approach. Be sure to check out their full videos from the event to get all the details.

Just Google It: Three Is the Magic Number in the Cloud!

Zerto recently provided a deep dive into the latest updates on Zerto 8 at Tech Field Day. As part of the release, Zerto announced a partnership with Google, now offering the Zerto IT Resilience Platform on Google’s VMware-as-a-Service. This allows organizations to deploy Zerto’s data resiliency platform as a software-only solution, without having to retrain or abandon existing workflows, all while getting high performance on Google’s Cloud. The partnership establishes relationships with all three major public cloud providers, and helps to fully realize Zerto’s already impressive cloud capabilities.

What Is Data Resilience?

At Tech Field Day, Zerto gave the delegates on overview of their data resilience platform, before updating them on the latest and greatest with their Zerto 8.0 release. For Rich Stroffolino, this idea of data resilience is the key to Zerto’s success. Instead of keeping things like disaster recovery and data protection as separate teams, Zerto made a compelling case why it’s all part of the same resilience story for any organization. They showed how their solution is certainly capable of dealing with disaster recovery events, but also designed to handle operational recovery, for the every day disasters that can still have a big impact. This approach is wrapped around an elegantly simple approach based around their continuously updated journal to power all their services.

Cloud Rich Updates in Zerto 8.0

Is the cloud a part of your data protection strategy? Or are you hoping that your box of backup tapes can swim? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at the latest updates from Zerto in their 8.0 software release, especially those that focus on the cloud. He got to hear about them from our Tech Field Day coverage, where Zerto did a deep dive on their platform and latest release. Protecting data with the cloud isn’t an emerging use case anymore, it needs to be a vital part of any businesses data resiliency plans. Zerto 8.0 building a lot of features and sophistication to make that possible.

New Features With NSX-T 3.0 – Federation and Kubernetes on vSphere

Mariusz Kaczorek heard a lot from VMware at the most recent Tech Field Day event. In this post, he breaks down the latest features and updates for NSX-T 3.0. This includes a number of important updates, with networking support for vSphere with Kubernetes and cloud-scale networking with NSX-T Federation. With Mariusz, with NSX-v set to end support in 2022, NSX-T 3.0 offers a promising replacement with better load balancing, multi-site networking and security across various platforms.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Glenda Canfield

For Tech Field Day events, we pride ourselves on trying to include new voices into our delegate pool. This is vital to not only bring in the latest technical expertise to ask incisive questions of our presenting companies, but also to provide new perspectives around the delegate table, virtual or otherwise. Our latest Tech Field Day event saw Glenda Canfield join us for the first time. Be sure to check out her recent interview with Gestalt IT. They dig into how she got her start in IT, what she does in her spare time, and what she’d be working on if she wasn’t in IT. We can’t wait to hear from Glenda at more events in the future.

vSphere 7 and Kubernetes – Should Customers Wait?

On this video from Keith Townsend, he talks with CTO Dose co-host Joep Piscaer about vSphere 7 and his impressions of the Kubernetes integration. Project Tanzu Grid is the updated branding for Project Pacific. They break down if VMware’s initial release lived up to the not inconsiderable hype. They also discuss if customers should be quick to latch onto Tanzu, or wait for further development. Watch as Keith and Joep recap their impressions from VMware’s Tech Field Day presentation.

What’s New in Zerto 8.0

At Tech Field Day Mariusz Kaczorek got to hear the latest updates from Zerto. The company showed off the latest features of Zerto 8.0, their latest release of their Zerto IT Resilience Platform. This adds a number of key features to the platform. On the cloud side, Zerto 8.0 adds Continuous Data Protection to Google Cloud as well as cloud backup with AWS Storage Gateway. On the storage side, the release now supports VMware vVols. Combined with many other feature enhancements, Mariusz sees Zerto as offering a compelling platform-agonostic platform to protect your data across hybrid and multi cloud environments.