Cisco Wants Nexus Dashboard to Be Yet Another Single Pane of Glass

Justin Warren describes his time as a delegate during Cisco’s Tech Field Day presentation in December, and how their Nexus Dashboard seeks to consolidate operations tools in this piece on his personal blog. Specifically, he questions the audience of the dashboard, challenging Cisco to find a concrete answer to the question of who benefits from Nexus? Read on at his blog, and be sure to watch Cisco’s Tech Field Day presentation to follow along.

Quantum ActiveScale Delivers Scalable, Resilient Object Storage On-Premises

Last December, Quantum showcased ActiveScale at Tech Field Day. This is an object storage solution for on-premises private clouds with associated hardware appliances that run ActiveScale. Quantum designed ActiveScale for standard unstructured data use cases, and like any object storage solution, scalability and durability matter. To learn more about Quantum ActiveScale, be sure to check out the videos from Tech Field Day on our website!

Commvault Simplifies Disaster Recovery for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Workloads

At Tech Field Day in December, Commvault showcased its Disaster Recovery solution, which is a part of its Intelligent Data Management platform. This solution can be used as an add-on to Commvault Complete or independently and supports heterogeneous workloads, which include virtual machines, databases, files, folders, storage arrays, and physical servers. Be sure to check out the videos of Commvault’s presentations from Tech Field Day to learn more about its Disaster Recovery solution.

MemVerge Introduces Big Memory at Tech Field Day

Last December, MemVerge introduced the concept of Big Memory at Tech Field Day. This term covers data sets that operate in-memory but require more capacity than conventional infrastructure can provide. MemVerge developed Memory Machine, which aims to solve the issue with Big Memory and looks to significantly expand available memory by combining software with Intel Optane storage. To learn more about MemVerge’s Memory Machine platform, check out the videos from Tech Field Day on our website!

Veeam Targets Cloud-Native Data Protection

Towards the end of last year, Veeam presented its company’s journey at Tech Field Day, describing its journey in two acts. Act I established Veeam as a well-respected and successful data center data management and protection solution. As it has seen its success as a backup solution provider, Veeam introduces Act II of its story with an intense focus on cloud-native solutions, aiming to become the most trusted provider of backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management. To learn more about Veeam’s story and its intentions for the future, check out the videos from Tech Field Day on our website!

Creating a Backup Repository in Veeam Backup & Replication V11

Last December, Veeam highlighted Veeam Availability Suite v11 at Tech Field Day. Al Rasheed, a Veeam Vanguard, decided to create a Backup Repository in Veeam Backup & Replication (v11) using his Synology DS920+. On his blog, Al walks through the steps he took to create this. To see his detailed dive into the process, be sure to check out his blog!

Creating a New Physical Protection Infrastructure Group in VBR V11

Veeam presented at Tech Field Day in December and showcased its Veeam Availability Suite v11. For his blog, Al Rasheed walks through installing Veeam Backup & Replication on a Windows Domain Controller (DC) to “test the concept of creating a new Physical Protection Infrastructure group in the v11 console.” To see his detailed dive into this, check out his blog!

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Brings Operational Consistency to the Edge

Last December, at Tech Field Day, Red Hat highlighted its OpenShift Container Platform, which has multiple configurations to run Kubernetes at the edge and as-a-service in the public cloud and on-premises. Red Hat has brought this offering to the edge with three new deployment models aimed at making it easier to run AI/ML at the edge. For more on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, check out the videos from Tech Field Day on our website!

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery Enables As-A-Service Ease and Fast Recovery

At Tech Field Day in December, VMware highlighted its Cloud Disaster Recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution. This offering orchestrates and implements cloud-based disaster recovery using a software-defined datacenter on VMware Cloud on AWS for customers with on-premises vSphere, allowing for low cost and fast recovery. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery also allows organizations to regularly test their DR plans with automated jobs regularly checking for issues, making it a highly available environment that’s ready for recovery. Check out VMware’s presentations from Tech Field Day on our website to learn more!

Unifying SD-WAN and Edge With Cisco Catalyst 8000 Series

Hardware isn’t dead! Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says that the new Cisco Catalyst 8000 series edge devices have shown us how hardware can stay relevant in today’s tech world. Tom writes that the Cisco Catalyst 8000 provides “a platform at the edge to create networks, deploy containerized software, and manage it all from a central location.” At Tech Field Day last year, Cisco highlighted their new products like the Catalyst 8000. Check out the Cisco presentation from Tech Field Day 22 and Tom’s take on it on the Gestalt IT post.

Tech Field Day 22: Protecting Your Cloud With Veeam

On his blog, Lino Telera writes that “the need to protect and recover infrastructure is still a mission-critical task for all IT departments of every sized company.” With this in mind, Lino details his interactions with Veeam both at Tech Field Day last year as well as through some thorough product testing after the event. In his post, Lino talks through his thoughts on Veeam, their acquisition of, and his tests of Kasten.

Illumio Adds Microsegmentation of Microworkloads

Delegate Justin Warren saw Illumio present at Tech Field Day 22 in December and says that, since seeing them first in 2016, they have consistently improved their product with every passing year. Writing on his blog, Justin says that Illumio makes it easier to make what you already have secure. Instead of forcing users to adopt completely new systems, Illumio will work on the platform they already utilize and also helps users to adopt more secure practices. Check out Justin’s take on Illumio’s Tech Field Day presentations on his website!

Riverbed Wants You to Stop Being the Network Superhero

You might fancy yourself a superhero: running around, solving all the problems around you just in time to save the day. But doing all that can be exhausting and hard to keep up. Instead, Tom Hollingsworth thinks you should be a Supervillain…just hear him out! At Tech Field Day last year, Riverbed presented on how you can move away from being a “wrench turner” and instead become a “conductor.” With Riverbed harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, you too can have your own minions focus on the wrench turning while you focus on the scheming. Check out Tom’s thoughts on and the Riverbed presentation from Tech Field Day on our website.

MemVerge Is Amazing

Justin Warren was a delegate at Tech Field Day in December and had the opportunity to see MemVerge’s presentation. Justin follows the event with an analysis of MemVerge’s capabilities. He points out that MemVerge not only makes it possible to use Intel’s Optane persistent memory with existing applications without rewriting them, but it also operates on memory for computers that don’t have Optane. For more of Justin’s thoughts, visit his blog!

Operationalizing Zero Trust Security With Illumio

Is zero-trust networking and security just marketing hype? Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says no. He writes that zero-trust is a tool that you can and should consider to make your network more secure and easier to manage. One specific version of zero-trust that Tom writes about is that from Illumio, who highlighted some specific use cases at Tech Field Day in December. Check out Tom’s thoughts on zero-trust security and Illumio’s offering on the Gestalt IT website!

You Can Save Money on Your Insurance, OK Your DR

VMware was one of our presenters at Tech Field Day back in December, and they caught the attention of Field Day delegate Alastair Cooke. Writing for his blog, Alastair takes a look at Disaster Recovery options including VMware’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) product. He says that, much like insurance, Disaster Recovery products can be expensive and might feel unnecessary until you really need it most. Check out his thoughts on VMware’s DRaaS on his blog or check out the Tech Field Day presentations on our website!

Making Bandwidth Work With Riverbed

There’s no question that the work from home environment has made things more complicated in terms of ensuring the reliability of everyone’s connection. As a delegate at Tech Field Day in December, Justin Warren got to see Riverbed present on a variety of topics including how they can help with some of the issues that arise out of the work from home environment. Writing on his blog, Justin talks about these challenges around bandwidth inequality and how Riverbed is working to fix them. If you haven’t yet, check out Justin’s take as well as the Riverbed presentations on how they can help work through these problems.

TFD22 – TECHunplugged Take on VMware DRaaS

At Tech Field Day in December, VMware presented on Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Their solution, focused on VMware and AWS, greatly simplifies disaster recovery for their users. Max and Arjan talk through the strengths and features as well as potential use cases of the new offering from VMware in a video on the TECHunplugged YouTube channel. Check it out!

Veeam ONE at Tech Field Day 22

Al Rasheed saw Veeam at Tech Field Day in December and shared his thoughts on its Veeam ONE demo. Al was impressed with the demo, as he mentions that Veeam ONE will cover Monitoring and Intelligent Diagnostics with documentation included. He also notes that Veeam ONE allows customers to dig deeper into their Veeam environment to address and diagnose potential issues before they occur. For more on Al’s analysis of the Veeam ONE demo, visit his blog!

Red Hat at the Edge

In a video on his Youtube channel “Ned in the Cloud”, Ned Bellavance talks about the presentation that Red Hat gave to him and eleven other delegates at Tech Field Day in December. In the video, he talks through Red Hat’s presentation including their focus on OpenShift for Developers and OpenShift at the Edge. Be sure to check out Ned’s video to learn more about the relationship between OpenShift and the Edge as well as watch Red Hat’s presentation from Tech Field Day on our website!