Why You Need Veeam to Backup Your Cloud Data

Adam Fisher analyzed Veeam and its offerings after seeing the company’s presentation at Tech Field Day in December. Adam mentions that both Veeam Backup for AWS and Azure are moving beyond the basics and are expanding their feature set. Regarding Veeam’s position, Adam believes that “Veeam appears to be on a path towards staking its claim as a leader in data protection across all the clouds.” For more of Adam’s thoughts, visit virtualbonzo.com!

TECHunplugged Take on Veeam Software During TFD22

Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman of TECHunplugged were both delegates at Tech Field Day in December. In this video, they recap Veeam Software’s presentation and explain why it was one of the best of the event to them. Not only that, but Arjan adds that this was one of the best he has ever seen in the 30 Field Day events he has attended! Tune in to this video to see what set Veeam apart!

VMware Will Present at TFD22

In a preview of the final day of Tech Field Day earlier this month, delegate Arjan Timmerman writes about VMware and their Disaster Recovery solution. Arjan writes that “doing disaster recovery right is hard to do” and thinks that the VMware acquisition of Datrium was intended to put them in an optimal position to succeed in this area. Head over to TECHunplugged to see Arjan’s take and then head to the Tech Field Day website to catch the VMware presentations!

MemVerge Presents at #TFD22

Writing for his blog, Tech Field Day delegate Matt Leib details his interactions with MemVerge including the most recent field day event and a great podcast recording. Matt writes that he’s excited about the direction that MemVerge is trailblazing and that they are successfully leveraging the recent developments with Intel’s PMEM storage system to find a unique place in the market. Like Matt, we’re excited about the Memory Machine and where MemVerge will take it! For more information, be sure to check out the MemVerge presentations from Tech Field Day on our website!

VMware Cloud DR Is Good Enough?

Is VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery good enough for you? Ned Bellavance, delegate at Tech Field Day earlier this month, does a daily check-in to recap the VMware presentation on their Cloud Disaster Recovery product. He goes over the type of customer that this VMware offering would be best for, tune in to his video to find out if it’s for you!

Day 2 of TFD22 Starts With Veeam

Heading into the second day of Tech Field Day earlier this month, Arjan Timmerman had high expectations for one of the presenters. On the TECHunplugged blog, Arjan shows his excitement for the upcoming presentation from Veeam and writes that they are consistently a great Field Day presenter. Check out Arjan’s post for a preview of Veeam and a collection of excellent GIFs! The full slate of Veeam presentations at Tech Field Day are also available on our website.

Veeam Loves Mobility

Ned Bellavance had the chance to see Veeam present on disaster recovery and Kasten at Tech Field Day earlier this month. For his daily check-in, Ned talks about Veeam’s presentation as well as the bridge between disaster recovery and data migration. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Ned in the Cloud YouTube channel for Ned’s check-ins or take a look at the presentations from Veeam on the Tech Field Day website!

Tech Field Day 22 – the TECHunplugged Take on Quantum

Veteran field day delegates Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro attended Tech Field Day earlier this month and had the opportunity to see Quantum present. On their TECHunplugged Take, Arjan and Max talk about the presentation and the ActiveSync offering from Quantum. If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch the Quantum presentations on the Tech Field day website!

Looking Ahead: Veeam at Tech Field Day 22

Although he wasn’t able to attend the session live, delegate Al Rasheed found himself impressed with Veeam’s Tech Field Day presentation earlier this month. He writes that Veeam is “known as the most trusted provider of backup solutions that delivers cloud data management” and that they are continuing to innovate within their place in the market. To read more about the themes that Al picked up from the Veeam presentation including “Trusted. Data. and Cloud Data Management.” check out the post on his blog!

Quantum Will Present at TFD22

Arjan Timmerman was a delegate at Tech Field Day earlier this month and had the chance to see several different companies present including Quantum. Before the presentation, Arjan wrote up this thoughts for the Tech Unplugged blog including a review of some of Quantum’s current projects and initiatives. Quantum’s full Tech Field Day presentation is available on our website, be sure to check it out!

Commvault and Kubernetes – Tech Field Day 22

Commvault and Kubernetes? It was a surprising development from the perspective of Ned Bellavance who talks about it in his daily check-in. Ned was a delegate at Tech Field Day where he was able to interact directly with Commvault and other presenters. To hear all of Ned’s thoughts on Commvault’s push towards adopting cloud and Tech Field Day as a whole, check out his Ned in the Cloud YouTube channel!

Ready for Tech Field Day 22

We were excited to bring back delegate Lino Telera for Tech Field Day earlier this month where he had the chance to see presentations from a wide variety of companies. Writing for his blog, Lino looked forward to his involvement in the event and previewed each of the presenters on the schedule. It’s always great to have Lino at our events and we look forward to having him back again as a delegate soon!

Tech Field Day 22: The TECHunplugged Take on Red Hat OpenShift

After seeing Red Hat present on their OpenShift offering at Tech Field Day last week, delegates Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman jumped on YouTube to give their thoughts. In this video they talk about Red Hat’s place in the market, some of the interesting Kubernetes offerings, and their perspective on OpenShift. A big thank you to both Red Hat for presenting and to Max and Arjan for being excellent delegates!

Tech Field Day 22 – the TECHunplugged Take on Commvault

As delegates at Tech Field Day earlier this month, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman got an up close look at Commvault. They enjoyed Commvault’s presentations and recapped what they learned on their TechUnplugged YouTube channel. In the conversation they recap Commvault’s several offerings including Metallic, Hedvig, and their “Store. Protect. Migrate.” strategy around kubernetes. Max and Arjan are impressed with how Commvault continues to push out offerings and work to turn out value for their customers.

What You Can Expect to Learn at Tech Field Day 22

We’re excited to be welcoming Illumio to Tech Field Day this week! Although they have presented before, this will be their first virtual presentation with us. In a post on the Illumio website, Neil Patel writes about micro-segmentation and previews the topics that he and the team will cover when they present. Be sure to tune in when Illumio streams live at Tech Field Day – you won’t want to miss it!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Steven Cortez

Tech Field Day is underway and so is the first event for new delegate Steven Cortez! Steven took a few minutes to tell us about himself as a self-described “tech dork”, and lover of great food and dancing. Take a minute to get to know Steven and then watch him in action at Tech Field Day this week!

I’m in Tech Field Day 22!

After a six-year hiatus from our events, we’re excited to welcome back delegate Rob Koper! Writing for his blog, Rob gives a brief preview of his participation in our event this week. Check out Rob and all of our delegates at our jam packed Tech Field Day this week as it streams live on our website.

Commvault Will Present at TFD22

Writing for Tech Unplugged, Arjan Timmerman says that he is excited to see Tech Field Day presenter Commvault at the event this week. Arjan will be a delegate on the “early team” of delegates at the event where he will have the chance to see Commvault up close and personal. He writes that by pivoting to innovation with offerings like Metallic, Commvault has placed themselves at the top of the industry. Tune in this week to see Commvault and more at Tech Field Day!

I Didn’t Think I’d Be Able to Say This So Soon… (He’s Baaack at Tech Field Day!)

Robert Novak is coming to Tech Field Day 22! In his blog, Robert notes how it has been years since he last participated as a delegate. Robert will now be among 24 other independent technical influencers at this event and will see presentations from companies such as MemVerge, Riverbed, and Illumio as a member of the “late” delegate panel. Welcome back, Robert!

Tech Field Day 22 – The Biggest Field Day Event Yet

Tech Field Day is back and bigger than ever! We’ve been hard at work to bring you the biggest lineup we’ve ever had at one of our Tech Field Day events. There are nine presenting companies, two dozen delegates, and a whole bunch of tech industry knowledge heading your way this week! For all the event information, check out the post by Georgina Ford on GestaltIT.com and catch the event live on the Tech Field Day website!