Unveiling the Power of Digital Twins

The concept of digital twins is revolutionizing how we interact with and manage complex systems, demonstrated in Greg Grimes’ article on the subject following the Forward Networks presentation Networking Field Day. Read more in this LinkedIn Pulse article.

Meet the Field Day Delegate – Greg Grimes

We’re looking forward to seeing Greg Grimes at Networking Field Day this week! This “meet the delegate” post explores Grimes’ background in IT and his current role as a senior systems engineer at a VAR. With insights into Grimes’ passion for technology and his background in IT, this article provides readers with a glimpse into the world of IT professionals making waves in their field.

Networking Field Day 31

Greg Grimes is thrilled to be a delegate for Networking Field Day in April! In this article, he explains Networking Field Day as an event and tells us which parts of the event he is looking forward to the most. Read the full article on his website.

Greg Grimes

Senior Systems Engineer, CCNA, CCNP Enterprise