Securing Your Enterprise With VIAVI Observer Apex

What does the view from the top look like? Is it expansive? Or do you lose the details? Tom Hollingsworth reviews VIAVI Observer Apex and how their software can help you see both the vision of your entire organization and the details you need to ensure that you don’t miss any issues.

Viavi Enterprises, Performance Vision

Brian Gleason attended Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019. Cisco Live is always a packed event, but we love the opportunity to provide focused technical presentations and create conversations in all the typical event cacophany. This year, Viavi was a presenter, and demonstrated how they track client-server transactions on the network to monitor end-user experience via passive data collection. According to Brian, it was one of the best presentations of the event.

Viavi Enterprise Provides Unexpected Network Insights

John Herbert takes a look at Viavi’s Observer products, which he heard about in depth at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019. This includes Gigastor which can capture packets at line rate and retain the raw packet data, GigaFlow which ingests flow data from sources for analysis, and Apex that unifies the other solutions into a single digestible interface. For John, the combinations offers huge value to network and security operations.

VIAVI Observer Apex- Finding the needle faster

Jonathan Davis compliments VIAVI’s Observer Apex as presented at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live. He sees it as a monitoring tool that is simple and intuitive, while still providing valuable information about your environment. Jonathan looks forward to learning more about VIAVI in the future.