Evaluating Cost and Availability in the Cloud With VMware at Cloud Field Day

When VMware appeared at March’s Cloud Field Day event, they detailed the capabilities of their new cloud integration with AWS. This piece describes what was discussed in their Field Day presentation, including the features and use cases that drive the integration. Read on to learn more, or simply watch the presentation yourself to see how it works.

What vRealize Cloud Management Can Do for VMware Cloud on AWS

It was great to have VMware at Cloud Field Day earlier this month! In a blog post on their website, the VMware team walks through their three part presentation on what VMware Cloud Management can do for VMware Cloud on AWS. Check out their videos that walk through Planning and Migrating Applications, Managing Applications, and the Self-Service Hybrid Cloud. A big thank you to VMware for presenting such great content, we look forward to seeing them again soon!

Hybrid Cloud for Everyone

Is the promise of a Kubernetes-based hybrid cloud world still out of reach for many enterprises and businesses? Cloud Field Day 9 delegate, Founder and CEO, Holden Information Services, LLC; IT Professional; Writer; Analyst, Michael Stump says yes. The times of lift and shift and refactor are over, and VMware has recognized that its clients come from all spectrums of the cloud journey. Its suite of vRealize applications, particularly the vRealize Operations Manager tool, showcased during Cloud Field Day 9, assists in the planning stages of a cloud project at any stage of the cloud journey.

Building a Hybrid Cloud for Stateless Virtual Desktops With VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS

This past Spring there was a seemingly insurmountable mountain of challenges facing companies as they worked to migrate from offices to remote work. Through the transition, it was apparent that virtual desktops could help ease the burden for overworked IT teams. The VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS is one of the unique tools helping to simplify the transition caused by the pandemic. VMware’s technology makes the transition to and from different workspaces easier and greatly simplifies system updates. With the underlying infrastructure managed by VMware, IT administrators can place their focus and time elsewhere. Check out VMware’s presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website!

VMware Cloud on AWS: A Cost-Effective Platform for Disaster Recovery

In this piece, Cloud Field Day delegate Ather Beg breaks down how to use VMware Cloud on AWS for disaster recovery, based on what he heard from the company at the event. This is actually one of Ather’s best use cases for the service when looking at the total cost of ownership. Using VMware Cloud on AWS allows the constant footprint of DR to be reduced to the bare minimum as hosts that can be added on-demand within minutes when required.

I Want Network Integration, I’m Not Getting It

At Cloud Field Day, Alastair Cooke was interested in hearing from AWS and VMware about how they are approaching network connectivity and integration between the two. He’s not a fan of point solutions that function or are managed differently; they add up to more problems. While the two showed a lot of interesting integrations, ultimately he’d like to see VMware on AWS networking fully integrated with the AWS VPC network as an equal to VPC. For now, there are a collection of workable solutions involving virtual interfaces, VPNs, and proprietary network bridging (HCX).

How VMware Marketplace Makes Simple to Deploy Vendors and Open Source Solutions

Raff Poltronieri joined us for his 7th full Field Day event with Cloud Field Day. At the event, he heard from VMware’s Product Marketing & Strategy Manager Nee Palaka, who led a deep dive on the VMware Marketplace. Raff really liked the potential of VMware Marketplace, which lets vendors reach VMware’s customer base, and also provides an opportunity for customers to use and install third party solutions plus open source products inside their VMware environments. He sees three main use cases for Marketplace, simplifying moving customers to the cloud, maximizing their investment in VMware’s platform, and ensuring developer flexibility.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Gaining Momentum and Maturity

Ather Beg is a fan of VMware Cloud on AWS, so he was glad that the company spent much of their recent Cloud Field Day presentation on the subject. As a delegate at the event, he got to hear about some of the exciting enhancements to VMware Cloud on AWS, including Elastic DRS Rapid Scale-Out and VMware Cloud Director Service for MSPs. The former let’s admins set Elastic RDS policy to configure a SDDC to scale-up quickly by adding up to 4 hosts at a time while reacting to a scale-out event, rather than timing out after two. The latter allows MSPs to use VMware Cloud on AWS as their multi-tenanted platform to serve customers. Overall a lot of interesting refinements to the service.

VMC on AWS: 5 Reasons You Should Give a Damn!

Jason Benedicic was one of the delegates at our Security Field Day event last week and got to hear from VMware, and came away with a new appreciation for VMware Cloud on AWS. Much of the appeal comes from his experience refactoring applications, moving big monolithic apps to the cloud can be quite challenging. These are often tightly coupled with other infrastructure components, meaning moving to the cloud can be a very gradual process as you disentangle everything. VMware Cloud on AWS allows organizations to move the existing application and all its dependencies as-is to a familiar operating environment, as close the cloud as possible. Jason breaks down a lot of the concerns admins have with this approach, and thinks this is a viable solution for many organizations with legacy applications.

DR to VMware Cloud on AWS With Site Recovery Manager

In this piece, Justin Warren considers how VMware has really embraced cloud in a big way. After some attempts at building their own cloud, VMware can concentrate on what it does well, which is providing a familiar management environment for enterprises to manage complexity at scale. This approach shows in what Justin saw at Cloud Field Day with VMware Site Recovery, which uses vSphere replication on VMware on AWS to move VMs from one cluster to another.

Cloud Field Day 7 – VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware is not an unfamiliar site at Field Day events, and most recently, they graced us with a presentation at Cloud Field Day. Ed Horley was a delegate for the event and got to hear a lot about VMware Cloud on AWS. For Ed, it seems like VMware has deftly navigated the often daunting challenges of adopting their established enterprise business model into the public cloud. The solution extends the ability to run cloud workloads to the scale and flexibility that AWS provides while also providing native hooks and features from AWS that extend what an enterprise can leverage from both VMware and AWS. It’s an impressive achievement that has a lot of value for organizations with deep VMware investments.

Marketplaces Are Changing the Way We Do Enterprise IT

Enrico Signoretti has been looking into the increasing importance of marketplaces for unstructured data management solutions. These allow IT to add functionalities to your infrastructure quickly, without having to go through a complex purchase, installation, and configuration process. Enrico got to see two examples of these at recent Field Day events. At Cloud Field Day, VMware showed off their marketplace for VMware Cloud on AWS, with another marketplace on display at Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat. With more mature technology, Enrico see marketplaces not just as the purview of cloud providers, but rather being extended to hybrid cloud platforms and eventually the private enterprise marketplace.

Cloud Field Day 7: Delivering Cloud Migration, Modernization and Business Continuity With VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware is a familiar presenter at Field Day events, and we’re thrilled to have them return to Cloud Field Day this year. This year, their presentation will focus on how VMware helps customers migrate, extend, protect and modernize their applications and how to help them continue their business operations without any disruptions. Much of this will be presented through the lens of VMware Cloud on AWS with technical deep-dive content how organizations can accelerate their migration and modernization journey. We can’t wait to see the session, so be sure to mark your calendar.