Liqid Makes AI Composable

This piece covers the AI Field Day presentation of Liqid, who showcased their composable AI server building blocks and Matrix platform. Liqid likens their Matrix platform to a virtualized hypervisor for on-premises servers, which makes it very effective for supporting ML models. Read on for more info, and watch all of Liqid’s presentations to learn more.

Are ARM Processors Ready for Data Centre Primetime?

ARM processors have been around for over three decades, in the last decade seeing massive popularity thanks to the ubiquity of modern smartphones. From their resource efficient roots, the processor designs have grown increasingly capable of a wide range of use cases. In this piece, Chris Evans looks at some of the companies trying to bring ARM into the datacenter. He saw Liqid demo their composable infrastructure tech at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World, and thinks that kind of deployment could make ARM in the enterprise an intriguing proposition.

Liqid’s PCIe Fabric Is the Key to Composable Infrastructure

Liqid showed off their novel approach to Composable Infrastructure at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World 2019. In this post, Chris Evans looks at how they use a PCIe Fabric to enable their disaggregated approach to pooling resources across a variety of servers.

Compose Your Next Infrastructure Masterpiece With Liqid

The overall promise of composable infrastructure is flexibility, and like many solutions the choice of vendor depends on how much you value simplicity vs. flexibility. Liqid is a providing a more flexible solution for customers in exchange for simplicity. Being able to choose from multiple hardware vendors and also select the fabric that is the best fit is very attractive for a large number of customers, even if it requires more thoughtful planning.

TECHunplugged Videocast #1 – Liqid and Composable Infrastructures

In this take, TECHunplugged Analyst Max Mortillaro talks about Liqid, composability, and their upcoming Gen-Z composable infrastructures. Max was a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World, and got to hear directly from Liqid at the event. Their PCIe-based composability lets customers create pools of resources for servers or VMs that aren’t bound by physical enclosures. What’s exciting though is what is coming down the road. Be sure to watch the video to find out Max’s thoughts.

Tech Field Day Extra With Liqid and Kemp

At Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World, the delegates got to hear from both Kemp and Liqid. In this post, Adam Fisher digs into the details of both presentations. Liqid showed their composable infrastructure solution, based on connecting datacenter resources dynamically across a PCIe fabric. Adam thinks its fascinating tech, and Liqid’s focus on emerging fields like 5G and AI will allow them to mature the solution along with the applications. Kemp, a company familiar to Adam with their load balancing portfolio, discussed their solutions for improving application delivery. This included a high level overview of their architecture, and details about their new integration of Dell EMC and Elastic Cloud Storage. In the end, one of the thing that impressed Adam the most was how versatile Dell EMC has to be to meet the needs of these two different companies.

Fluid SDDC With Liqid and Dell EMC

Andrew Mauro attended Tech Field Day Extra presentations at Dell Technologies World last month. One of the presentations was by the composable infrastructure company Liqid. They recently announced a OEM deal with Dell EMC, so it was appropriate timing. In the post, Andrew looks at how Liqid interconnects compute, networking, storage, GPU, FPGA, and Optane resources intelligently over fabric to deliver dynamically-configurable bare-metal servers with the exact resources needed in the moment.

Liqid – Is Composable Hardware the Future of the Data Center?

Nathaniel Avery was a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World earlier this year, and got to hear from Liqid. In their latest presentation, the company showed off their composable infrastructure architecture. Given that the company just signed a partnership with Dell EMC, it put the presentation in a whole new light. Nathaniel’s background is in infrastructure architecture, and he was fascinated by some of the new IT use cases that might benefit by Liqid’s approach.

82: GreyBeards Talk Composable Infrastructure With Sumit Puri, CEO & Co-Founder, Liqid Inc.

Greg Schulz and Ray Lucchesi got to speak with Liqid CEO Sumit Puri on this episode of the Greybeards on Storage podcast. They discussed how Liqid composable infrastructure approach differs from competitors with more of a storage focus. They then discuss the newly announced multi-fabric composability solution, which the delegates at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World got a deep dive on. They discuss how Liqid’s solution works, and where it is being used.

Liqid Are Dynamic in the DC

Dan Frith crossed an ocean to join us in the desert for Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. There he heard from the composable infrastructure company Liqid. While he still thinks CI isn’t set to completely dominate the data center, he found “the possibilities that composable infrastructure present to organisations that have possibly struggled in the past with getting the right resources to the right workload at the right time are really interesting.”

Scaling New HPC With Composable Architecture

Liqid presented at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World, after announcing a new partnership with Dell EMC ahead of the show. Chin-Fah Heoh was there and got a deep dive into the Liqid Composable Architecture. What he saw excited him, with Liqid offering a simple-to-use, high-bandwidth, low latency approach to composable infrastructure.

Liqid to Bring Industry-Leading Composable Infrastructure Platform to Global Enterprises

We got a technical deep dive from Liqid during Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. They showed off their architecture and implementation of their composable infrastructure vision. At the event, they also announced a collaboration with Dell Technologies OEM & IoT Solutions. This will use Dell’s PowerEdge portfolio to deliver Liqid’s software-defined, composable resource allocation solution. Be sure to watch their presentation video to see what they can do.

Liqid Enables Industry-First Unified Multi-Fabric Support for Composable Infrastructure

Liqid has been a company to watch in the emerging composable infrastructure market. They recently announced their new unified multi-fabric support for composability across all major fabric types, including PCIe Gen 3, PCIe Gen 4, Ethernet, and Infiniband. They recently presented on their managed fabric at length during Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World.

TFDx @ DTW ’19 – Get to Know: Liqid

Adam Post is out at Dell Tech World and will be a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at the event. He’s taking a look at some of the presenters, giving Liqid a look in this post. He thinks the company has an interesting take on composable infrastructure, made possible by recent advancements in interconnects and fabrics. For Adam, composabile infrastructure as a category may still be a work in progress, but what he’s seen from Liqid shows they are going in the right direction.