Cisco’s Update on Digital Experience & Assurance-Where Is It Heading ?

Cisco’s focus on Digital Experience and Assurance was a key topic at the recent Mobility Field Day event, where they outlined the direction and advancements in this crucial area. The update revealed Cisco’s efforts to enhance network reliability and user experiences through innovative technologies and solutions. This pivotal discussion suggests a strategic trajectory toward increasingly sophisticated tools for monitoring and managing network performance and end-user satisfaction. Read more in this article by Dev Nellamakada! Elevates Its Game by Stepping Into Enterprise Segment

Ubiquiti is raising its profile by venturing into the enterprise sector, showcasing a bold transition at Mobility Field Day. This expansion could redefine Ubiquiti’s market strategy, bringing their hallmark of user-friendly products and competitive pricing to a new audience. The move promises to stir the enterprise networking scene by offering alternatives that could appeal to cost-conscious businesses without compromising on performance. Read more in this article by Dev Nellamakada.

Dev Nellamakada

Dev is working as a Principal Engineer and Service Owner for a large Australian Bank