Security Can’t Keep Up, or Can It?

Evan Mintzer was a recent guest on Gestalt IT’s On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast. The premise discussed was whether with the seemingly endless number of threats out there, if security can actually catch up. It was a great conversation, and Evan further explains his thoughts on the premise in this blog post.

The Name’s the Thing With Guardicore

Having trouble memorizing all the IP addresses in your network? Still trying to build security policies based on VLANS? Maybe what you need is to give a name to your pain with some labels and a little help from Guardicore. Tom Hollingsworth looks at what the company presented at Security Field Day in this piece.

Monitoring Cloud Network Traffic With ExtraHop

If you’re moving data to the cloud, you need visibility to ensure you’re secure. Tom Hollingsworth talks about ExtraHop Reveal(x) and how they can provide the visibility you need no matter where your data lives.

Malware Microsegmentation With Illumio

Are you worried that your patches are going to cause more problems than they solve? Wish you could just lock down the vulnerable systems until you know what’s going to happen? Tom Hollingsworth looks back at Illumio’s presentation during Security Field Day to see how microsegmentation can help you sleep soundly at night.

Stopping Security Silos With Palo Alto Networks Cortex

Security silos can make us miss the important things. Tom Hollingsworth heard from Palo Alto Network at Security Field Day and looks at Cortex and how it can help us get better results from our data without the silos getting in the way.

Banyan and Zero Trust in a Post VPN World

At Security Field Day, Nate Avery heard from Banyan. They offer a VPN alternative built on the idea of bringing the least privilege access model to remote access. Instead of setting a list of patch requirements like older secure remote access solutions, Banyan uses reputation scores to determine worthiness of access, can work with mobile devices, and can continuously check the posture of a device. Nate think the security and efficiency implications of this might make it the approach to use in the future.

Rooted in Security With Banyan

Any security solution you deploy today needs strong roots. But what if you need it to be distributed? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at what Bayan Security presented at Security Field Day and discusses how they can build a strong root of zero trust just like their namesake tree does.

The Security Field Day 2 Experience

Stephanie Ihezukwu attended her first Field Day event with Security Field Day earlier this year. The experience of the event is sometimes hard to understand until you attend, and it’s always great to hear people share their perspective. She really enjoyed the packed technical presentations of the event, and the chance to see these presentations at presenter’s offices. Over the course of three intense days, she got to bond with the other delegates and immerse herself in the latest enterprise security goodness. We can’t wait to hear more from Stephanie!

Security Field Day 2019 and Guardicore Centra

Avishag Daniely wrote on Guardicore’s blog about the company’s experience at Security Field Day earlier this year. This was the first time they presented at a Field Day event in four years, so the security landscape has definitely changed in that time. They highlighted Guardicore’s focus on simplicity and visibility in the presentation. Be sure to check out the full presentation video to stay up to date.

The Briar Patch of Software Patches

Patching insecure software is usually the right answer, right? So why do we argue against it so much? Tom Hollingsworth discusses lessons learned from VMware’s recent Security Field Day presentation and how we could all be a bit better about patching if we just act like pirates.

My Time at Palo Alto Networks

Evan Mintzer attended Security Field Day earlier this year as a delegate. At the event, he got to hear from Palo Alto Networks. He wasn’t too familiar with the company prior to their presentation, only knowing they made application aware. Over the course of their presentation, he got to hear from a lot of people at the company, and discovered how they are working to change the IT security landscape.

Shivering With Microsegmen……..tation

One of the things that struck Tricia Howard about Security Field Day was the preponderance of companies with solutions using microsegmentation. This isn’t a new solution in networking, but it is pretty new for security. The emphasis with these approaches was isolation as quickly as possible, quarantining endpoints to prevent further spread. These concepts were wrapped with an emphasis on speed and ease of deployment, otherwise they don’t get used. For Tricia, the next step is to get these solutions into your deployments to test them out.

Security for You, but Organized.

In this piece, Shaun Bender wrote about what Palo Alto Networks presented at Security Field Day earlier this year. This was on Shaun’s first Field Day experience. We love having new voices around the table, and we can’t wait to hear more from Shaun going forward.

Patch! Patch! Patch!

Jasper Bongertz enjoyed the messaging around VMware’s presentation at Security Field Day. They reminded everyone about the importance of patching, something in an age of continuing exploits certainly resonates. They went over some of their hardening guidelines, what they’ve done with CPU schedulers to reduce the threat of speculative attacks, and more.

Next Gen Firewalls With a Side of Cloud Services

Prior to seeing Palo Alto Networks present at Security Field Day, Michael Davis saw them at their Ignite Conference. He was curious what the company would add to their presentation to make it stand out with that event so recently in the rear view. They showed off their Panorama next-generation firewall management solution. But the real meat of the presentation was on Prisma Public Cloud, the result of their recent Redlock acquisition. There were also demos of Cortex XDR and Demisto, designed to help combat alert fatigue. It was a lot of information to take in, but had a lot of interesting security implications.

Security Wasn’t Always My Day Job

Nathaniel Avery finds himself in a familiar position to a lot of people in IT. Originally his role as a Solutions Architect didn’t have to have security strictly in mind, rather focused on compliance and best practices. But the role has evolved where it is now of primary importance. At Security Field Day, these themes were reiterated, with looks at the latest in microsegmentation and zero-trust security approaches.

My Tech Field Day Experience

Evan Mintzer attended his first Field Day event as a delegate for Security Field Day. He really appreciated the unique “un-conference” quality of the event, which allowed for real communication and community building between the delegates and the presenting companies. He was really impressed not just with the technical content, but with the organization and thought that went into organizing it. It was great to have Evan there and we can’t wait to have him back.

Vexata Execs Depart for Greener Shores

This piece covers management shakeups at the high performance storage startup Vexata. Former CMO Ashish Gupta left the company and took up a role at the security company Banyan, a presenter at Security Field Day last month. In fact, during their presentation, he revealed he had been at the company for just three days. Be sure to check out their full presentation video to see what Ashish is taking on in this new venture.

My Defining Moments

Jim Palmer got to hear a great Ignite Talk while at Security Field Day earlier this year. The focus was on Your Personal Brand. For Jim, this prompted a reflection about how he got to where he is, and what his purpose is now. It’s an amazing journey that includes some very scary moments, his time in the military, saving a relationship, and more. We really appreciate Jim sharing this really thoughtful post.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Shaun Bender

Shaun Bender attended Security Field Day, his first time getting the full Field Day experience as a delegate. Drinking from the IT knowledge fire hose can be intense, we can’t wait to hear what he thought of the experience. Be sure to catch all the posted video of the Security Field Day presentations to get up to speed with Shaun.