Meet Field Day Delegate – Michael Davis

We always enjoy having new faces, voices, and perspectives around the delegate tablet for Field Day events. That’s why we’re thrilled to have Michael Davis attending Security Field Day. He’s been working in educational IT for two decades, so we can’t wait to hear his thoughts on the presentation. Be sure to check out this full interview to learn more about Michael.

CiscoLive and Security Field Day

Evan Mintzer is having a busy couple of weeks. While he didn’t attend Cisco Live US 2019 this year, he was named as the best remote attendee for the second consecutive year. This week, he’s physically headed out to Silicon Valley to attend Security Field Day. We’re excited to hear what he thinks of the presentations. Be sure to follow #XF2 on Twitter to stay up on all the social posts from the event.

Security Field Day 2

Michael Davis has long been a fan of Field Day events, and now he gets to join the delegate community. He’ll be at Security Field Day this week and he’s excited to hear from the presenters, and to meet the other delegates. Be sure to check out our live stream of the event to watch along with Michael, or catch the full edited video posted soon after.

The Good, the Bad, and the Questionable: Acquisition Activities

There have been a number of notable acquisitions in IT recently, and Tom Hollingsworth breaks them down into the good, the bad, and the…questionable in this post. One of our upcoming presenters for Security Field Day, Palo Alto Networks, made what Tom thinks is a good move in acquiring Twistlock. This should provide them the talent and IP to offer container visibility solutions, which is needed to stay relevant in infrastructure security.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Evan Mintzer

Evan Mintzer is coming to Security Field Day, so check out this interview and get to know his background a bit! From learning BASIC on a Commodore PET to working as an Information Security Manager, Evan is a great addition to the Security Field Day delegate panel. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Stephanie Ihezukwu

Stephanie Ihezukwu is one of the new delegates heading out to Security Field Day later this month. Be sure to check out this interview to get to know her a little better before the event. She talked about where she sees security going in the next few years, how she manages work/life balance, what she would do if she wasn’t in IT, and so much more. It was a great interview and we can’t wait to meet her at the event!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Tricia Howard

Before you see her on the Security Field Day live stream, be sure to get to know Tricia Howard a little bit more in this post. She talks about getting into IT after starting with a degree in theatre arts, where she sees security going in the near future, and introduces us to Darth, the Pomsky. We can’t wait to hear what Tricia’s impression of the event are!

Security Field Day 2

Andrew Mauro will be heading to the second annual Security Field Day event next month. In this post, he gives a little preview of what he’s expecting to see. There is a full roster of announced presenters, so it’ll be a busy few days. We’re looking forward to getting Andrew’s perspective on the presentations with his deep infrastructure expertise. Be sure to mark your calendar and watch along on the live stream.

Security Field Day – The Non-Conference

The Tech Field Day team started the Security Field Day event because they recognized that security is just as vital to IT operations as storage, networking, or virtualization. In this post, Tom Hollingsworth talks about how it distinguishes itself in the world of security event, by being the non-conference. That means no crowds, in-depth technical discussions, and live streamed for all to see.