Disclosure: #XFD6 Edition

Justin Warren leaves us with his Security Field Day discloser post and includes the sponsor swag he received from last October. Check out what he received from all the presenting companies that participated with swag!

Intel’s Support for FIDO Device Onboarding – Eigenmagic

How do you get a brand new device out of its box and securely configured on your network without having to do more than plug it in and turn it on? Now how do you do this for thousands or millions of IoT devices? Intel reckons the solution, or at least part of it, is something called FIDO Device Onboard, and Justin Warren, a Field Day delegate, is inclined to agree with them. Check out Justin’s thoughts on Intel’s presentation at this past Security Field Day!

Dissecting DNS Security and NetSecOps With EfficientIP

In today’s world, DNS is as ubiquitous as computers. It is used a kazillion times a day and yet DNS security is still a big issue. Writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha highlights the Security Field Day panel where Tom Hollingsworth and an expert group of Field Day delegates discuss DNS security and its possible solutions in deep detail with Efficient IP.

Versa Networks Tightens Up Security in Hybrid Multi-Cloud With Versa SASE

Security in a hybrid multi-cloud environment comes with its fair share of complexities and pain points. Luckily, writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha discusses that the way to move past those is to have SASE in place. At this past Security Field Day, Versa Networks presented their SASE product that irons out the differences in security policies of multiple platforms while ensuring ironclad security and compliance for the users. Take a look here at Sulagna’s thought!

A Step Towards Ethical Facial Recognition With Oosto

With ethicality always being in question with facial recognition, it’s interesting to see that Oosto, formerly known as Anyvison, is working alongside Intel to mitigate the concerns of the users through ethical policies and bending to legal restrictions while bringing people solutions that are both intelligent and effective. Writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha discusses Oosta’s demonstration on their new technology at this past Security Field Day! Check out Sulagna’s thoughts on their clever facial recognition solutions here!

Threat Hunting for Exploits With Cisco

In the realm of enterprise security, it’s important to think about what threats are out there. Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth explains the framework that Cisco has put in place during their presentation at the latest Security Field Day. He discusses why you should dedicate a part of your bandwidth to this kind of threat so that it can reap benefits beyond your wildest dreams! Check out Tom’s thoughts about Cisco’s presentation here!

Security Effectiveness Reaches New Heights With Juniper Security Director Cloud

At the latest Security Field Day, Juniper Networks presented on a solution to secure access with promises to make enforcement of ironclad security at the user end simple, easy, and effective. Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha discusses the uncomplicated interface of the new Juniper Security Director Cloud. Check out her thoughts on this impressively efficienct high security platform.

Swimlane Security Operations Automation

Justin Warren attended this past Security Field Day as a delegate where Swimlane presented on a cloud-scale, low-code security automation tool. This tool is a combination dashboard that is aimed at security teams doing the daily work of responding to security threats. Check out Justin’s thoughts on Swimlane’s presentation as well as some ideas he has to further automate testing!

Securing 5G and IoT With Betacom

Did you hear the big announcement from AWS re:Invent 2021? I’m sure you are all as excited as Tom Hollingsworth is for Amazon Private 5G services. Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom discusses how Betacom, a presenting company at this past Security Field Day, can help support and solve the newly enabled 5G systems from Amazon in the near future. Check out Tom’s thoughts here!

5G Security With Betacom

Wanting to learn more on industrial implementations of 5G and how security works with them? Justin Warren attended October’s Security Field Day, as a delegate, and discusses Betacom’s presentation on those two topics. Take a look at his thoughts here!

Are You Swimming in a Secure Lane?

When swimming upstream against the rushing current of security alerts, requirements, and responsibilities, accessing APIs may be the only way to avoid being eaten alive. Bruno Wollmann, a Field Day delegate, discusses the demonstrations from Swimlane from this past Security Field Day and how the beautiful GUI is available through API. Take a look here for more on Bruno’s thoughts.

D://xprs0017: Processors in Italy, a British Comeback and the Email Celebrates Its Birthday

Kerstin Steif and Wolfgang Steif, Field Day delegates, lay out some interesting information that was leaked by AMD about the next generation EPYC processors. They discuss facts leaked about Intel, Versa Networks, Juniper Networks, and Apstra and what Field Day events a few of these companies presented at. Check out what Kerstin and Wolfgang are up to!

D://xprs0016: IT-SA, XFD6 Und Ein T.I.D.

Kerstin Stief attended Security Field Day in October as a Field Day delegate! She discusses SASE, ZTA and complex IoT devices that Cisco, Intel, Juniper Networks and Versa Networks presented. Check out Kerstin’s thoughts and other events she has attending this past year!


Justin Warren attended October’s Security Field Day as a delegate. Justin couldn’t help but focus in on the buzz words and acronyms that were flying around during the presentations. In his post, he gives he thoughts on SASE, and the avalanche of acronyms in the tech world today. Read on for more here!

Tending Your Security Garden With Swimlane

Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth gives us a deep dive into the security space problems Swimlane is solving with their new low-code approach, SOAR. This Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response platform is frequently used in security space to talk about engines that take information from alerts being triggered across the enterprise and formulating responses to them. Check out more on Tom’s take from Swimlane’s presentation, on SOAR, at October’s Security Field Day.

Are We the DNS Baddies?

During one of the EfficientIT sponsored roundtable discussions at Security Field Day 6, the panelists discussed DNS security, and how useful watching what people do with DNS can be.

FIDO Device Onboard (FDO)

On October 21, 2021, Intel delivered three presentations to the delegates at Security Field Day 6. This post focuses on the presentation given by Richard Kerslake and Geoff Cooper, “FIDO Device Onboard (FDO),” where they talked about securely and cost-effectively deploying Internet of Things (IoT) devices in industrial and enterprise environments.

Versa Networks Selected to Present on SASE and Exhibiting During Important Worldwide Events This Quarter

Check out the following events Versa Networks will be presenting on SASE later this quarter! You don’t want to miss this!

Fast Friday Thoughts From Security Field Day

Security is one of those topics that creates a lot of thought-provoking ideas and makes you seriously wonder if you’re doing it right all the time. Writing on his personal blog, Tom Hollingsworth leaves us with some insight from October’s Security Field Day. Check out Tom’s thoughts here!

Focusing on a Secure Future at Security Field Day 6

Did you miss the live Security Field Day event this October? Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth lays out what to expect from the presenting companies. Each day was jam packed with topics like DNS security, NetSecOps, 5G space, SASE and so much more. It’s something you sure don’t want to miss out on! Read here for more!