VMware on AWS VPC Route Table Example

At Cloud Field Day this month, Alex Neihaus got a deep dive into VMware’s AWS integration. When this was first announced in 2016, he saw it as two walled gardens put next to each other. After the event, he’s beginning to see some portholes getting put in to see to the other side. Alex saw the presentation as confirming that VMware fundamentally perceives AWS as a hardware platform for its hypervisor, rather than a virtualization platform. He has a lot of interesting takeaways, so be sure to read the whole piece.

Sysdig for Cloud-Native Monitoring

At Cloud Field Day, Alex Neihaus saw Sysdig present on a fascinating system for monitoring and trouble-shooting cloud-native applications and the containers running them. They did this using their network-style approach to monitoring in the cloud, enabling them to get almost the same level of capture data a network capture would. Since capturing the packets lets you know everything about the applications, Alex found it an older approach but applied to the cutting edge of applications.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Alex Neihaus

There are a number of new delegates coming to Cloud Field Day next week, and we’re excited that Alex Neihaus is one of them. Before the event, be sure to get a little more detail about Alex’s background in this Meet the Delegates post from Gestalt IT. You can find out how Alex got started in IT, where he sees it going, even his first computer. It’s a great way to learn a little more about the faces around the delegate table at the event.

Alex Neihaus

Alex Neihaus is an AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure architect