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Alex Neihaus is an Azure and AWS cloud infrastructure architect and consultant with extensive technical skills and multiple successful public cloud deployments. He is known for cloud architecture design and hands-on implementation across a broad range of cloud technologies involving application development, network, security, database and storage systems. Mr. Neihaus is skilled at building infrastructure for and migrating complex enterprise applications to the AWS and Azure public clouds as well advising clients how to achieve successful cloud deployments. Having completed several major cloud migrations for clients, he specializes in migration of business-critical systems from on-premises and co-located data centers to all-in and hybrid cloud infrastructures. In short, he’s “seen the movie” several times, knows how it ends and can effectively leads as well as implement successful cloud deployments for clients.

In Azure, he has automated building of cloud environments via ARM templates and PowerShell that consist of Web and API Apps, Azure SQL databases and virtual networks. He specializes in designing and deploying Azure PaaS and IaaS resources and services. In AWS, he has migrated Windows and Linux applications into EC2, VPC and Route 53 using EBS and S3 storage. He has implemented strict security designs for apps containing PHI and PII using AWS IAM and Azure AD. Mr. Neihaus has designed cloud infrastructure for mission-critical enterprise workloads in the AWS and Azure clouds while improving performance and reducing costs using CloudWatch (AWS) and Application Insights (Azure). Mr. Neihaus specializes in Infrastructure as Code (DevOps) using tools including Chef, AWS Cloud Formation and Azure Resource Manager templates, making the building of complex cloud environments simple, reliable and repeatable.

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