Intel and Lightbits Labs Make Storage Optimization Easy

During August’s Storage Field Day presentations, Intel detailed how they have integrated with Lightbits Labs to optimize enterprise IT storage. This post describes the events of the presentation and what the combined technology approach is capable of. Read the piece and watch the Intel + Lightbits presentation for more information.

Streamlining BDR With DRaaS From Infrascale

In a day and age riddled with malware and ransomware, Infrascale offers their BDR product as a solution to the problem. In their recent Storage Field Day appearance, Infrascale showcased the product, and how it serves the need of enterprise IT practitioners. Read the full coverage post for more details.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Tim Bertino

Meet Tim Bertino, the newest delegate joining our community for September’s Networking Field Day event. This piece shares insights into Bertino’s upbringing in the IT industry, and how he’s made a name for himself in enterprise IT networking. Read on to learn more about Tim Bertino!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Craig Rodgers

Meet Craig Rodgers, the newest delegate joining our community for September’s Tech Field Day event. This piece shares insights into Rodger’s background and how he is tackling the ins and outs of the enterprise IT industry. Read on to learn more about Craig Rodgers!

Cisco Intersight Platform Unifies Look and Feel Across Environments

Among the many new advancements showcased at their exclusive Future Cloud Tech Field Day event, Cisco presented their Intersight Platform for consideration. With Intersight, IT practitioners can centralize and unify their hybrid cloud orchestration and management needs. Read this piece for a full coverage of what was presented.

Cisco and ThousandEyes: Bringing Insights to Decentralized Environments

This piece details Cisco’s integrations with ThousandEyes. Specifically, it covers their exclusive Future Cloud Tech Field Day event. Read the piece to learn more.

Ventev Powers the World’s Complex Networks

Simply put, massive scale networks need power, as showcased by Ventev during their Mobility Field Day appearance. This piece displays their network power solutions and their specifications. Learn more by reading the piece, and please, watch their presentations for even more information.

Juniper and Mist Put AI at the Helm of Wireless Networking

At the recent Mobility Field Day event, Juniper displayed even more networking capabilities of their Mist AI solution. Specifically, this post covers how Mist AI and Juniper can be used to manage wireless networks at scale. Read the piece and learn more.

NetAlly Puts Network Testing in Your Hands

At their recent Mobility Field Day appearance, NetAlly displayed their product portfolio containing a wide array of network testing tools. In particular, this piece covers their handheld testing tools, and how they can help expedite the process of network implementation immensely. Read on for more info.

Celona’s Private LTE & 5G Solution

At June’s Mobility Field Day, Celona showcased their solutions for deploying 5G and LTE across the enterprise. This piece details the solution and its accompanying presentation. Read and watch both this piece and the presentation for a fuller understanding of their offering.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Girard Kavelines

Meet Girard Kavelines, VMware expert and one of our newest delegates, attending the upcoming Networking Field Day event in August. This piece is an interview, detailing Kavelines and his interest both in and out of work. Check out the whole piece to learn more about Girard!

PathSolutions RemoteView: Automated Troubleshooting for Wireless and More

At PathSolutions’ Mobility Field Day appearance, they showcased their RemoteView solution. This piece breaks down their presentation and what RemoteView means for enterprise IT professionals. Read the whole coverage for full context.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Betty DuBois

Meet Betty DuBois, chief detective at Packet Detectives and one of our newest Tech Field Day delegates! This piece shares a bit of information about her and what she does — both in and out of work. Read on for all the info, and be sure to watch her in her upcoming event!

Securing People, Devices, and Data Everywhere With Fortinet

The Fortinet Security Fabric, showcased at July’s Mobility Field Day event, solves the problem of decentralized network security through broad integration and automation. This post describes the Security Fabric product, how it works, and how it fits into the enterprise IT environment. Learn more by reading on, or by watching Fortinet’s video presentation.

An Overview of the Arista Cognitive Campus

Presented at July’s Mobility Field Day event, the Arista Networks Cognitive Campus provides a platform for IT organizations to intelligently manage their decentralized network, driven by stream-state databases and artificial intelligence. This piece provides a high-level overview of what the Arista product entails. Read on for the full picture, and be sure to watch their performance, too!

Morpheus Data Makes Hybrid Cloud Management Self Serviceable

By focusing on delivering hybrid cloud self-service through an all-in-one cloud management and orchestration solution, Morpheus Data believes they have what it takes to keep organizations moving at the pace that hybrid cloud environments demand. At June’s Cloud Field Day event, Morpheus showcased how their solution helps organizations achieve hybrid cloud management self-service. Read this post for more info, and watch Morpheus’ presentation for full context.

Kasten by Veeam K10: Cloud-Native Data Protection

During their Cloud Field Day appearance, Kasten by Veeam showcased the newest iteration of their product, Kasten K10. This post covers their presentation, including how their product provides cloud-native data protection across Kubernetes instances. Read the piece for more info, and watch Kasten in the including recording to hear all about their product.

Intel Optane Speeds Up Cloud Deployments Through Disaggregation

At their recent Cloud Field Day exposure, Intel detailed how their cloud product line, like Optane, helps customers make the most of their architecture at minimal costs. Specifically, IT organizations can use Intel to disaggregate their environments so they can focus less on hardware and more on software and abstraction. Watch their presentations for more info.

Pliops Storage Processor Accelerates Cloud Deployments

At June’s Cloud Field Day event, Pliops continued to display their storage processor devices. This piece details their presentations and how the Pliops products promise powerful performance in storage. Continue reading to further understand their offering, and be sure to follow it up with their entire presentation.

Optimizing App Architecture, or Why NGINX Supports Over Half the Internet

As of their recent Cloud Field Day appearance, NGINX web domain servers account for over half of the world’s Internet. During their presentation, they detailed how their solutions allow IT organizations to optimize their applications in the cloud. Learn more by reading the rest of this article.