Unifying Cloud Data Management and Protection With Zerto

This blog covers the Cloud Field Day appearance by Zerto, who recently were acquired by HPE. During their presentation, Zerto discussed their cloud data management solution. Read on for a full breakdown, and be sure to watch their presentation for even more technical goodness.

How MinIO Object Storage Makes Data Available and Secured Across Clouds and K8s

With hybrid clouds quickly becoming the new normal for enterprise IT environments, finding a storage solution that can work effectively across all clouds is also rapidly becoming a target for IT admins. MinIO feels they are expressly suited to fill this need with their cloud-native, containerized object storage solution, which they expressed in detail at the recent Cloud Field Day event. Read this piece for a full coverage of their appearance, or watch the presentations themselves for more info.

Bring Real-Time Intelligence to Your Apps With Hazelcast

This piece covers Hazelcast, who appeared at June’s Cloud Field Day event. Specifically, it showcases their In-Memory Compute Platform, which creates a unified data layer for creating intelligent context for applications in real-time. Read on for more information, and be sure to watch their presentation for even more technical goodness.

Enabling Efficient Big Memory for AI and Other Operations With MemVerge

This blog covers the presentation by MemVerge at May’s AI Field Day event. Their Big Memory Workbench cuts down on the extensive I/O toll that built-out physical big memory systems inherently require. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch MemVerge’s appearance for deeper technical break downs.

BrainChip Akida Puts AI at the Edge

This piece covers the appearance of BrainChip at May’s AI Field Day event. There, they presented their Akida neuromorphic chip, which enables IT practitioners to leverage AI at the edge. Learn more by reading on or watching BrainChip demo the product in their video presentation.

Tackling Big Data With Intel’s Open-Sourced Analytics Zoo

When they appeared at May’s AI Field Day event, Intel presented their Analytics Zoo product for tackling problems of big data analytics in AI. This piece covers the presentation, including the customer use cases shared at the event. Read on for a full breakdown, and watch all of Intel’s AI Field Day presentations for more product demos.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Rocky Gregory

We are excited to welcome Rocky Gregory as a delegate at the upcoming Mobility Field Day event in July! Rocky heads up Wireless for Nike and loves enterprise wireless deployments and the wireless security of implanted medical devices (including his own!). Without any further ado, let’s learn a little more about Rocky!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Landon Foster

We are excited to welcome Landon Foster as a first-time delegate at the upcoming Mobility Field Day event in July! He’s a former Marine, and when he’s not working on WiFi and RF, you’ll find Foster raising money with his two boys at the Tap Cancer Out BJJ Open, a Brazilian Ju-Jitsu charity tournament. Without any further ado, let’s learn a little more about Foster!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Firas Shaari

We are excited to welcome Firas Shaari as a delegate at the upcoming Mobility Field Day event in July! Firas is a senior WiFi engineer for Comcast who loves spending time with his family when he can and listening to live metal music. Without any further ado, let’s learn a little more about Firas!

Liqid Makes AI Composable

This piece covers the AI Field Day presentation of Liqid, who showcased their composable AI server building blocks and Matrix platform. Liqid likens their Matrix platform to a virtualized hypervisor for on-premises servers, which makes it very effective for supporting ML models. Read on for more info, and watch all of Liqid’s presentations to learn more.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Mike Wade

We’re excited to welcome Mike Wade as a first-time delegate at this week’s Mobility Field Day event! Mike owns the wireless consultancy company Kahuna-Fi, which he started after 20+ years working as a WiFi consultant after leaving the U.S. Navy. Be sure to follow Mike on Twitter at @WirelessKahuna for all his thoughts from the event!

Improving Data Availability for AI Models With Scality’s ARTESCA

Scality, who recently announced their ARTESCA product, had the opportunity to present the product in more detail at the AI Field Day event in May. During that presentation, which is covered in this post, Scality detailed how ARTESCA brings robust data storage capabilities to AI/ML models, making small file operations like image recognition or even genome sequencing for viruses a snap. Learn more about the AI use cases of ARTESCA by reading the post, and see the product in image manipulation action by watching the presentation.

Automating Network Troubleshooting With PathSolutions’ TotalView

Troubleshooting network issues can take tons of time out of an IT professional’s day. That’s why PathSolutions — who appeared at May’s Networking Field Day event — built their TotalView product with a native heuristics engine to automate the collection and interpretation of network data points, saving networking engineers time and headache. Read this piece that covers their Networking Field Day presentation to learn more, and watch the presentation itself for even more technical information regarding TotalView by PathSolutions.

How Kemp Maximizes Network Flow Visibility With Flowmon

Without the right information, a security event can be more like an unsolvable mystery rather than a puzzle that can be simply answered. In their presentation during March’s Security Field Day, Kemp showed how their Flowmon product collects information across nearly all facets of network traffic and then intelligently presents it in a way that helps IT admins and security engineers to parse through it with ease. See the Flowmon product in action by watching Kemp’s presentation and read the entirety of the post for key takeaways.

How VMware’s SASE Secures Work From Anywhere

This post notes upon the difficulty of securing employees that work from anywhere compared to traditional networking models and how VMware’s SASE product can help address the issue. The product, which VMware presented at March’s Security Field Day event, works by smartly routing traffic between cloud and on-premises resources as if it were all happening within the traditional data center. Read on for more information about how VMware describes the product, or watch their presentation to hear it in their own words.

Intel Is Bringing Silicon Photonics to the Data Center

At May’s Networking Field Day event, Intel displayed the newest generation of their silicon photonics networking connectors. These connectors, detailed in this post, are feature built to take the fast pace and high performance at incredibly long distances that semiconductor lasers provide into the data center. Learn more by reading this piece, or by watching Intel’s Networking Field Day presentation.

How Arrcus Level Sets the Network Across 5G and Edge Use Cases

As 5G and edge use cases continue to expand in the enterprise IT space, IT practitioners need a way to control their network across all aspects of the network — regardless of where. This piece dives directly into that issue, and specifically how the Arccus ArcOS product displayed at May’s Networking Field Day event is purpose built to address those needs. Read on to learn what ArcOS does, and be sure to watch Arccus’ presentation to get a full understanding of the product.

How Juniper Networks Is Using AI to Streamline Risk Assessment

Juniper Network’s ATP Cloud, which they presented at March’s Security Field Day event, leverages Mist AI to compile security data and identify potential risks. This piece breaks down their presentation on the product, including an example of the product in action. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch all of Juniper’s presentation for an even deeper technical dive into ATP Cloud.

Tackling Distributed Data Center Security With Software-Driven Firewalls by VMware

VMware appeared at May’s Security Field Day event to present their NSX firewall product. This coverage post examines what NSX is, what it does, and what it means for the industry. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch VMware’s NSX presentation for even more technical information.

Solving the Mysteries of Security With Kemp

What’s the difference between a puzzle and a mystery, and how does that relate to security? Well, at March’s Security Field Day event, Kemp Technologies answered both of those questions, proffering their Flowmon product as a method for providing the necessary information to solve the mysteries of security in a single pane of glass. Read this post to learn more about their presentation, and be sure to watch the presentation itself for even more technical information.