Evaluating Cost and Availability in the Cloud With VMware at Cloud Field Day

When VMware appeared at March’s Cloud Field Day event, they detailed the capabilities of their new cloud integration with AWS. This piece describes what was discussed in their Field Day presentation, including the features and use cases that drive the integration. Read on to learn more, or simply watch the presentation yourself to see how it works.

MinIO Delivers Hybrid Cloud Object Storage to the Enterprise

At Storage Field Day earlier this year we were happy to welcome MinIO as a presenter who showcased their cloud-native, software-defined object storage platform. The staff at GestaltIT.com took notice and wrote about the presentation including a basic overview of the product and their thoughts on how many commercial solutions are utilizing MinIO to make their products better. Head over to GestaltIT.com to check out their take and watch the videos from the MinIO presentations at Storage Field Day!

Micron and the Coming of CXL

Curator of the Eigen Magic blog and perennial Tech Field Day delegate, Justin Warren, discusses his time as a delegate at Micron’s recent Tech Field Day presentation. With Micron’s announcements of the discontinuation of 3D XPoint persistent memory and their Compute Express Link (CXL) product, Warren certainly has a lot to talk about in this piece. Read on to learn what all he took away from the presentation, and be sure to watch the event yourself for more information.

Threat Hunter: How AI Protects Your Business

This article comes from Kerstin Stief, Tech Field Day delegate and proprietor of data://disrupted. The article dives into the role that AI plays in the modern enterprise, specifically in terms of security and how it can be used to radically advance whitelisting capabilities and root cause analysis, such as the products offered by Riverbed. Read on to learn more, but reader beware, you will need a functional understanding of the German language, or at the very least, a Google Chrome browser with the Translate function active to read.

Networking Isn’t Just a Tool

Writing for his blog, the “Networking Nerd” Tom Hollingsworth writes some of his thoughts as he sees all of the great companies and presentations come through Networking Field Day earlier this month. He writes that we need to treat the Network as more than just a tool that we can purchase and ignore in terms of investing further time, effort, and resources into. Head over to the Networking Nerd blog to read his take on the topic!

Tech Field Day Delegates Thoughts Regarding Scality ARTESCA

Barry Coombs, the masterful creator of Tech Doodles, shares another one of his colorful graphics regarding his time on the delegate panel at Scality’s exclusive Tech Field Day event with HPE. This doodle in particular covers the reactions of each member of the panel in regards to ARTESCA, Scality’s newest product which the launched at the event. Check out the doodle for summaries of each delegate’s thoughts, and be sure to watch the Scality launch event to learn more about ARTESCA.

Leverage VMware Through Your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

This piece covers Oracle’s Cloud Field Day presentation from April, where they announced they would be partnering with VMware to combine Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with VMware’s software and architecture to deliver an entirely new solution. In essence, the partnership means that you can completely virtualize your VMware VMs in Oracle’s cloud, making them more scalable and cloud-forward. Learn more in this article, or by watching Oracle’s presentation from their Cloud Field Day appearance.

Intel Customers Share Their Optane Experience Stories at Storage Field Day

May’s Storage Field Day event served as a platform for Intel to showcase their customers’ experiences with their Optane Persistent Memory product. This post hones in on those experiences, taking into account customer use cases as well as feedback to paint a picture of the Optane product in action. Read on, or watch Intel’s Storage Field Day appearance, to learn more.

Comparing Ice Lake to Previous Generations of Xeon Scalable Processors

Intel announced their newest generation of Xeon scalable processors, codenamed “Ice Lake,” at an exclusive Tech Field Day event in March, marking the third installment of the platform. In their presentation, covered in this post, they detailed the capabilities of Ice Lake in comparison to past versions of Xeon. Read on to hear how they stack up to one another, and be sure to watch Intel’s exclusive Tech Field Day presentation to get the full scoop on the release.

Scality ARTESCA Architecture

Barry Coombs follows the recent launch of Scality ARTESCA with Tech Field Day with a doodle of the ARTESCA architecture and his notes surrounding it. Barry mentions, “ARTESCA is a really interesting solution for object storage requirements, it is software-based, leverages Kubernetes, has multiple configuration options to meet edge and core use cases and unites developers and operations.” For more of his thoughts, be sure to check out this doodle on techdoodles.co.uk!

How Veeam Supports Multi-Cloud Backup and Recovery Efforts

The modular data management architecture that Veeam detailed during April’s Tech Field Day event promises to centralize backup and snapshot management while also saving time and money. This piece covers Veeam’s presentation by their Cloud-native Global Technologist, David Hill, who describes the ways customers have and can use Veeam to accomplish their data management needs with ease. Learn more by checking out the piece and its associated Tech Field Day video.

Tackling Data Storage at Scale With Micron

At April’s Tech Field Day event, Micron discussed how they’ve positioned themselves and their portfolio to take on the massive amounts of data at play in today’s enterprises. This article details the composability and scalability capabilities Micron’s storage can provide, and how they will ultimately benefit the modern data center. Read on or watch the Tech Field Day presentation to see how Micron’s adjusted outlook on the market has led them to innovate and collaborate, establishing themselves as technological leaders in the space.

Improving the Data Center Through Composability With Xilinx FPGAs

The battle between ASIC and FPGA has long divided the compute hardware manufacturer industry, and Xilinx believes the FPGAs they showcased at April’s Tech Field Day will set the story straight. Xilinx FPGAs alleviate loads from the CPU, taking on high-powered tasks and promoting a more composable data center. See how they work in this article, or by watching Xilinx’s Tech Field Day presentations.

The Continued Cloud Collaboration of Dell and VMware

In spite of Dell’s recent announcement to spin off VMware, the two giants of tech still plan on working in tandem to deliver high quality cloud products as detailed in Dell’s March Cloud Field Day appearance. With VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation, both Dell and VMware combine the capabilities of their high-performance servers and virtualization software, respectively, to streamline and secure operations. Check out the article and watch Dell’s Cloud Field Day presentation to learn more about the two products from the two companies.

Protecting Data In-Use Through Confidential Computing With Intel SGX

This piece details Intel’s appearance at March’s Cloud Field Day, where they showcased their Software Guard Extensions (SGX) for protecting data in-use. As a founding member of the Confidential Computing Consortium, Intel has a vested interest in protecting customer data, and their SGX solution provides a way to create data alcoves which prevent chunks of critical data from being tampered with while in use in an application. Read on to learn more about how it works, and check out the rest of Intel’s Cloud Field Day presentation for more technical info, as well as a deep dive into their Telemetry solution.

GigaOm Live – 4.16.21

In this first ever episode of the livestreamed GigaOm Live show, host Johnny Baltisberger is joined by analysts Jason Collier and Enrico Signoretti, who discuss their experiences at the recent Tech Field Day event in late April. Specifically, the crew dives into news surrounding NetApp as well as the Tech Field Day presentations by Micron and Xilinx. Tune in to hear all of their discussion, and check out April’s Tech Field Day for the technical context.

Tech Field Day 23 Recap

First-time delegate alert! We were excited to have David Klee at his first event at Tech Field Day last month! On his blog, DavidKlee.net, he writes about his first event and focuses in on four presenters: Hazelcast, Vcinity, BlueCat Networks, and Pure Storage. Head over to his blog to hear his thoughts on his first event, and here’s to many more!

Enabling Intent-Based With Airwall

In the latest post on his blog, Pieter-Jan Nefkens looks back at the first event he attended with us as a delegate: Security Field Day 3! At the event he saw Tempered present on their Airwall solution. On his post Pieter-Jan walks through how the Airwall solution can help demonstrate the capabilities of Intent-Based Networking. Head over to Nefkens.net to see his thoughts as well as a brief demo of Airwall itself.

Data://express 0005 – Scality ARTESCA Launch, DELL Verschlankung, Darktrace an Der Börse

Wolfgang Stief attended the “Tech Field Day Presents Scality and HPE” as a delegate last month. On the latest version of the Data Disrupted podcast with Wolfgang and Kerstin Stief, they talk about the launch of ARTESCA at the event as well as a few other current topics. Head over to the Data Disrupted website to learn more about their thoughts or head to the Tech Field Day website to see Scality’s ARTESCA launch!

How Intel’s 3rd Gen Xeon Architecture Supports AI at the Edge

Intel rocked the world earlier this year with the release of their 3rd Generation Xeon Scalable processors, codenamed “Ice Lake,” which are designed specifically for advancing compute capabilities of servers. In their exclusive Tech Field Day event surrounding the new release, Intel gave an overview of how the Xeon platform is changing the AI edge game. Read on to learn about what Ice Lake has to offer, and be sure to watch Intel’s exclusive Tech Field Day event for more information.