Tech Field Day 17

We’re thrilled to have Chan Ekanayake returning as a delegate this year. He’ll be coming to Tech Field Day this week, after previously attending Storage Field Day in March. He’ll be getting a wide range of presentations from across the enterprise, and he highlights the company’s on the docket in this post. Make sure to follow along on the live stream to see all the presentations along with Chan.

StarWind Continues To Do It Their Way

Dan Frith heard a presentation from StarWind at Storage Field Day last month. He likes the company because they look to innovate to solve everyday storage problems in the enterprise. In this presentation, they focused on NVMe over Fabrics, looking at their developments of NVMe SPDK for Windows Server, and a NVMe initiator for CentOS.

The Commvault 5Ps of change

After attending Tech Field Day Exclusive presentations at Commvault GO 2018, Chin-Fah Heoh thinks its obvious that big things are happening with Commvault. In this post, he looks at how the company is making fundamental changes to five areas: People, Process, Pricing, Products and Perception.

Day 3 – Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018

Al Rasheed continues his posts looking at his days as a Tech Field Day Exclusive delegate at Commvault GO 2018. Day three was full of keynotes, including one from Bill Nye “The Science Guy”. Overall, the messaging reiterated Commvault’s focus on being a modern data managemebnt company, a thoughtful evolution from their backup and recovery legacy.

Intel’s Form Factor Is A Factor

Dan Frith got to see Intel’s Optane team present at Storage Field Day last month. At their presentation, the company explained why they are iterating on storage form factors, including their recently released “ruler” drives. These are designed to solve density and temperature issues, allowjng for more storage in a given rack size.

Not Your Father’s Commvault

It was great to have Enrico Signoretti around the delegate table for Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018 last week. In this post, he looks at the major changes with Commvault announced this year. This includes a more approachable licensing model, as-a-Service offerings, and the new Commvault Activate analytics solution. Overall, Enrico sees the company making major strides to stay relevant in the modern data management market.

Summary of the Announcements From CommvaultGO 2018

Beard achiever Dave Henry made his return to the delegate table for Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018 last week. He looks at some the major announcements the delegates got a sneak peak at during the event, including Commvault Backup and Recovery as a Service, Commvault Activate, and their new partnerships.

Boots & Technology

David Chapa wrote up a review of his experience at Commvault GO 2018. This was his first time at the event, which he also got to experience through the Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation as well. He runs through the major announcements in the post, with his big takeaway being that Commvault is definitely focusing on customer outcomes, rather than just a pure technology solution.

NetApp Speaks Volumes

Rich Stroffolino looks forward to NetApp Insight, looking at how the company has continued their transition from a storage company to a data company. Part of this strategy comes from Cloud Volumes, and the newly announced NetApp Kubernetes Service.

Bill Nye- Change the World

Kori Younger was a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018. As an attendee of Commvault’s customer conference, she got to hear from keynote speaker Bill Nye. He reminded the attendees that it’s not just enough to use technology to enable better data management, but instead to change the world for good.

Why Should You Be A Field Day Delegate?

What are the benefits of being a Tech Field Day delegate? Brandon Carroll wrote up a very thoughtful piece on the subject. While the event didn’t “make” his career, it did allow it to go to new heights, thanks to the networking and knowledge gained. Though Brandon is now on the vendor side of the aisle, it’s always great to hear the value that people get from coming to our events.

EP10 – Computational Storage: A Paradigm Shift In The Storage Industry with Scott Shadley and NGD Systems

On the latest episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, hosts Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman discussed computational storage with Scott Shadley of NGD Systems. This followed NGD Systems’ presentation on the subject at Storage Field Day last month.

Commvault and Services

At Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018, Stephen Foskett got to talk with Sabrinath Rao and David Ngo. They discussed some of the exciting new products from Commvault, including the company’s new as-a-Service offerings. These represent not just a simple change in payment, but rather give companies the cloud-native flexibility to consume Commvault data management on-demand.

Let there be light with Commvault Activate

At Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018, Chin-Fah Heoh heard about Commvault Activate, the company’s new data insights platform. For Chin-Fah, this brought back a flood of memories on the importance of storage resource management. For him, Commvault Activate’s ability to search, discover and learn about different types of data, data context and relationships within the organization is vital for anyone embracing modern data management or digital transformation.

Ookla Acquires Ekahau – The Future of Wi-Fi Design is Speedy!

Tom Hollingsworth examines the recent acquisition of Ekahau by Ookla. We last heard from Ekahau at Wireless Field Day 2, and Tom outlines how the companies platform and solutions have remained focused on helping wireless professionals do their job. From there, he looks at how Ookla can make use of the assets from the acquisition.

From the Edge to the Air, Fortinet’s Full Stack End to End Solution

Mitch Dickey might be hesitant to admit it, but he can’t deny that Fortinet isn’t just a security or wireless company (thanks to their Meru acquisition). Instead, this posts outlines how the company is a true end to end solution, from their FortiGate, through switching, and into wireless.

Day 2 – Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018

We were thrilled to have Al Rasheed as one of our delegates for Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018. In this post, he looks at the Commvault presentations made at the event, including some pre-embargo announcements just for the delegates. The presentations discussed new products, including a Commvault as a Service offering, customer testimonials, changes in licensing, and more.

Day 1 – Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018

In this post, Al Rasheed looks at day one of his experience at Commvault GO 2018. As part of the event, he also attended Tech Field Day Exclusive presentations at Commvault GO. We’re glad the trip and accommodations all went smoothly!

NGD Systems from #SFD17

Aaron Strong got a look at how NGD System’s computational storage solutions hope to deal with the coming deluge of large data sets. At Storage Field Day, they showed how putting ARM CPUs directly on the storage layer, combined with their In-Situ suite to expose the compute, can help offload and distribute workloads, saving latency and energy.

Commvault GO 2018 with Tech Field Day

Al Rasheed will be joining the rest of our delegates at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018 this week. He’s hoping to learn more about Commvault’s refreshed solutions, expand his network, and grow his overall knowledge base. We can’t wait to see his takeaways from the event.