HPE: What Did We See? TFDx Post-Attendance Thoughts

Becky L. Elliott attended Tech Field Day Exclusive with HPE Storage 2019. She takes a few moments to reflect on the experience and share what she learned during the event.

CTS 193: Fortinet @ MOBILITY FIELD DAY 4

This episode of the Clear to Send podcast looks at what Fortinet presented at Mobility Field Day. While perhaps being best known in security, the company has built a comprehensive wireless solution. This got started when customers started asking them to secure their wi-fi networks, and has been built out from there.

Meet the First #TFD Delegates: Greg Ferro

Greg Ferro has been a delegate with Tech Field Day since the very beginning, and we couldn’t think of someone more appropriate to have at our tenth anniversary event. In this interview done by Aruba Networks, he discusses the event’s history and how it has expanded into specific verticals over time.

Probing the Last Mile

Ixia is helping Tech Field Day celebrate our 10th anniversary! For their presentation, Ixia has Phil Trainor giving his unique field perspective on security and how better visibility into what’s happening on the network can help you avoid some potentially nasty outcomes including ransomware pwnage.

Meet the First #TFD Delegates: Tom Hollingsworth

Aruba Networks loves to interview the Field Day delegates before an event. In this post, they’re talking to Tom Hollingsworth, a former delegate and now Networking Field Day’s iconic organizer. They talk about the early days of Tech Field Day and how the event has changed over time.

Cloud Block Store: How Pure Storage Built a Cloud-Native Block Storage Solution

Cloud Block Store was one of the major announcements from this year’s Pure Accelerate. Max Mortillaro was at the event and got detailed technical briefings as a delegate at Storage Field Day Exclusive as part of the show. In this post, he digs into the architecture and use cases.

Meet the #NFD21 Delegates: Micheline Murphy

Going from a two decade career as an attorney and becoming a network engineer and CCIE is a big career change. In this post, Aruba digs into how Networking Field Day delegate Micheline Murphy made that shift, and what she hopes to get out of the event.

The Power of Policy Made Simple With NSX Manager

Creative Technologist, Chris Grundemann, shares what he learned during his experience at Future:NET 2019 and ties it into what VMware showed at Networking Field Day.

Druva Protects Corporate Data Outside the Firewall

Enterprises are increasingly using applications outside the firewall, with SaaS solutions like Slack and Microsoft Teams becoming increasingly important. At the same time, these applications attract just the type of corporate data (chat, files, and workflows) that can place organizations at legal or operational risk. They’re also using cloud-based automation tools like ServiceNow and Okta, and even running applications in Amazon AWS. That’s why it’s a good thing that data protection providers like Druva are adding support for this “outside the firewall” data. Stephen Foskett digs into their presentation from Tech Field Day in this piece.

Building Better Policies With Machine Learning and Edgewise Networks

Security is all about the policy. So why not leverage your technology to help you create it? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at the Security Field Day presentation from Edgewise Networks and how machine learning is the key to building better security policies.

Commvault GO: Mission Return

Data Evangelist with a focus on data quality and protection, Karen Lopez, attended Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019 in Denver, CO. Follow along as she shares details and news from her GO experience.

LucidLink’s Clearly Different Approach to Object Storage

We have seen a few products crop up over the years that attempt enable use of object storage in nontraditional ways. These solutions usually use a VM or appliance that acts as a gateway or cache. While this type of approach is useful for certain use cases, it is not necessarily optimal for all. It is particularly ill-suited for the mobile and geographically dispersed workforces previously mentioned. Recently at Cloud Field Day 6, we heard about a new approach to leveraging object storage in the enterprise from LucidLink.

Taking Control of the Last-Mile Delivery

It was great to have Ixia return to Networking Field Day at our most recent event. In this post, Amy Arnold, one of the delegates at the event, digs into their newly announced IxProbe. This provides traffic stats, link status, and when used in conjunction with Ixia’s Hawkeye, a battery of QoS and link quality tests, going a long way to solving the last mile visibility gap.

Fragmentation Free With Aruba’s Newest Switches

Aruba just launched a new version of AOS-CX and new switches. Learn more about both of these fantastic new solutions in this article by Tom Hollingsworth.

CTS 192: Aruba @ Mobility Field Day 4

This episode of the Clear to Send podcast focuses on what Aruba Networks showed off at Mobility Field Day. Be sure to listen to get the latest on IoT, Wi-Fi in the 6GHz band, Wi-Fi 6, new Wi-Fi security and Passpoint.

188 | the New netAlly Product Portfolio With Dan Klimke

In this episode of the Wireless LAN Professionals podcast, Keith Parsons talks with NetAlly’s Dan Klimke. They discuss the company’s launch and product portfolio, which was on display at their Mobility Field Day presentation earlier this year.

Unleash Your Data With Intelligent Storage

Roger Lund attended our special Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation by HPE Storage at the Nth Symposium in Anaheim this year. This post contains Roger’s live notes about Beth Joseph’s presentation of the HPE storage strategy overall.

Primary Storage by HPE

Roger Lund attended our special Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation by HPE Storage at the Nth Symposium in Anaheim this year. This post contains Roger’s live notes about Beth Joseph’s discussion of HPE’s primary storage product lines: MSA, Nimble Storage, 3PAR, Primera, and XP8.

Hpe Primera

Roger Lund attended our special Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation by HPE Storage at the Nth Symposium in Anaheim this year. Alex Veprinsky’s deep dive into the new HPE Primera storage solution took up much of the morning, and this post contains Roger’s live notes about this product. He highlights the foundational elements and architecture of this storage system and includes details and screen shots.

Appearance – Gestalt IT at CFD6

During Cloud Field Day in September, Gestalt IT recorded a series of discussions for Dell Technologies Cloud. Along with Kati Lehmuskoski and Ather Beg, Nate Avery discussed the future of enterprise cloud with Nick Brackney. In this post, Nate includes all three interviews.