Sam Holschuh

Industry Analyst at The Futurum Group | Practice Lead Support for Application Modernization, DevOps, Storage, and Infrastructure | Research, Content Creation, and Market Insights

Paul Nashawaty

Futurum Group Practice Lead and Lead Principal Analyst for DevOps, Open-Source, and Cloud-Native App Development

Michael Levan

Kubernetes and Containerization Thought Leader, Engineer, Content Creator, and Consultant

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

AWS Community Hero | Python, Django, Orchestration & Containers | CTO and Founder | IndyPy & IndyAWS | FreeBSD, Linux & ZFS

Kati Lehmuskoski

DevOps Solution Owner at Metsä

Joep Piscaer

Founder of TLA Tech, a tech marketing firm focusing on cloud-native. Co-hosts TheCUBE sometimes. Blogs at