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Philip Sellers is a datacenter specialist, focused in virtualization, storage and compute technologies. With over 20 years of experience creating IT solutions and solving customer problems, he combines a knack of rapidly learning new technology with the ability to listen to his customer and create the right solution for their needs.

Solving complex technology problems is his specialty. Breaking down the impossible into tangible achievements makes me tick. He has spent most of my career as an infrastructure technologist in various roles, but helping a team achieve their full potential is what he finds most gratifying. He firmly believes no one can know it all and we are better, together, as a diverse team.

Phil has a diverse background – having tried his hand as a developer, been a blogger, an author and even stumbled into IT influencer marketing – all the while he continued to excel in IT infrastructure. All of these things equipped him to be a leader, teacher and teammate helping others reach full potential. He uses his unique background to bring a more universal viewpoint to his solutions.

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