Automating Network Infrastructure With HashiCorp’s Consul

At Cloud Field Day last year, HashiCorp took a deep dive into Consul, their platform that discovers, automates, and secures services across any cloud or runtime. The Gestalt IT staff writes about their presentation and says that “Consul can add network automation and meet organizations where they are on their DevOps journey by unifying disparate workloads into a single service mesh or federating multiple service meshes.” Check out the full write-up on!

Zerto: Protecting the Business Application Landscape

We loved seeing Zerto at Cloud Field Day last year! While they were there, they showcased their updated platform including its ability to work with the hybrid cloud. At its core, Zerto is focused on continuous data protection, similar to a disaster recover system, but Georgina Ford thinks it’s better. Check out Georgina’s post on and why she says this solution is “much more than just disaster recovery.”

Diamanti’s Quest to Deliver an Enterprise-Ready Platform for Kubernetes

At Cloud Field Day last year, Diamanti showed off their new platform which provides a solution for implementing enterprise-ready Kubernetes or OpenShift for the Hybrid Cloud. The Gestalt IT staff writes that “with its HCI offerings and software solutions, Diamanti has taken a full-stack approach to designing a platform for enterprise-ready Kubernetes for hybrid cloud.” Check out the full writeup on or check out Diamanti’s Cloud Field Day presentations on our website!

Morpheus Data Brings Self-Service IT to the Less Technical

Writing for, Georgina Ford looks at Personas – the new hybrid cloud application orchestration specialist from Morpheus Data. They presented on this at Cloud Field Day 8 earlier this year. Georgina writes that “Personas is designed to restrict access to the UI and, at the same time, allow less IT savvy users to provision applications using a shopping cart.” We’re a fan of the simplicity behind the new offering from Morpheus Data, and are looking forward to see what they have up their sleeve next!

Cloud Storage in a Snap With NetApp

The products recently launched by NetApp and Google Cloud are simple to use and easy to get started with. Writing for, Georgina Ford says that Cloud Volume Service (CVS) and Cloud Volumes ONTAP are perfect for companies looking to be in Cloud and potentially save on storage costs. For more, check out the article on which includes one of NetApp’s presentations from Cloud Field Day earlier this year!

Making Your Data Work Hard

Cloud Field Day presenter Qumulo has developed a system that can consolidate a company’s data into a single application. It’s scalable, and works across both on-premise and cloud.

Aruba AIOps – Beating Your Downtime Into Submission

Is downtime costing you more than you think? Using efficient analysis and pulling the right data from artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) applications is essential to driving modern strategic business decisions. More and more, companies look to AIOps to gain a competitive advantage, improve IT performance, and reduce extremely costly downtimes and disruptions. Aruba AI OPs has an elegant solution to downtime woes. It uses secure, anonymized data to decrease downtime for IT operations.

Downtime Costs More Than Money

The cost of downtime is not just financial. Can you risk reputational loss as well? While downtime and data loss may cost companies millions of dollars per incident, 50% of them shut down within a year after a breach. However, now there is a less expensive and more agile solution than on-prem data security, Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service. Georgina Ford, Editor at Gestalt IT, looks at Infrascale’s Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service offering and why it might just save you money.

Defending Layer 7 With FortiWeb, Fortinet’s Web Application Firewall

COVID has meant remote workforces and internet accessible apps and workloads sitting on enterprise networks. So, what is the solution? Fortinet showcased FortiWeb at Cloud Field Day 8. FortiWeb is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that is a key part of Fortinet’s Security Fabric. FortiWeb is designed to sit in front of web applications and APIs on the network, adding another security layer.

Infrascale Helps SMBs Fight Off the Scourge of Ransomware

In the latest post on his blog, Justin Warren writes that Cloud Field Day 8 presenter Infrascale has an effective tool to help your network be prepared for a possible ransomware attack. As a delegate, Justin got to see Infrascale present on their ransomware protection and cloud backup options and knew that this protection is something that plenty of administrators need. Check out Infrascale’s presentation on Ransomware Protection and their Cloud Backup on the Tech Field Day Website!

Morpheus Spends Well With Others

Delegate Justin Warren is a huge fan of a feature highlighted by Morpheus Data at their Cloud Field Day 8 appearance: the budgeting feature. While others might find it boring, Justin explains in his latest blog post that their budgeting feature helps users see what things will actually cost, not just what they might cost. When it comes to technology, administrators need to plan carefully to ensure they can come in on time and not too far over budget, and Morpheus Data is helping them do that. Justin thinks they’ve come a long way since he first saw them at Cloud Field Day 3, and thinks that you should check them out! Check out Justin’s post and the presentations from Morpheus Data on our website.

Hyperconvergence and Kubernetes – Gigaom

At Cloud Field Day this summer, delegate Enrico Signoretti had the chance to see Diamanti present on their storage architecture and how it incorporates hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). In the past, HCI has largely been utilized for virtualized infrastructures, but is now being effectively applied for Kubernetes. Enrico was impressed with Diamanti’s implementation and writes that more tech companies should take a page from their unique approach to utilizing HCI for Kubernetes. Check out Enrico’s article and Diamanti’s presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website!

Has the Cloud Era Arrived? Thoughts From Cloud Field Day 8

With changing times come changing priorities in the tech world. After attending his first Cloud Field Day, delegate Adam Fisher observes that cloud consumption, which was already increasing year-to-year, has exploded in 2020 in the work from home environment. He writes that the Cloud Era has arrived, and recaps some takeaways from his favorite presenters at Cloud Field Day including Veeam, Zerto, Aruba, Diamanti, Infrascale and Morpheus Data. Be sure to check out Adam’s take on the Cloud Era on his latest post!

News From Cloud Side #5

Lino Telera, a past delegate from Tech Field Day events, writes in his latest post about our September events. Lino takes a look at Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020 and Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020. We’re always grateful to hear from Lino and look forward to seeing him back as a delegate at Tech Field Day in the future! Be sure to check out Lino’s post and mark your calendars for all of our events happening as we head into the Fall.

What Is Cloud Infrastructure Automation?

Although the environment in which we can host infrastructure might vary, the basics stay relatively consistent. Gina Rosenthal saw HashiCorp present at Cloud Field Day on how they provide Cloud Infrastructure. In this recent post, Gina explains the basic concepts of hosting infrastructure in the Cloud and highlights how HashiCorp supports Cloud Infrastructure Automation. Be sure to check out Gina’s article which includes the Hashicorp Cloud Field Day presentations.

Veeam Backup for Office 365 at Cloud Field Day 8

In the final part of his three part blog on Veeam’s Cloud Field Day presentations, delegate Al Rasheed writes about the Veeam demo of their backup for Microsoft Office 365. As a customer of Office 365, he was excited to see the presentation and in the end was impressed with their demo. Check out all three parts of Al Rasheed’s series on Veeam on his blog, and check out Veeam’s Cloud Field day presentations on our website!

Periodic Disclosure, August 2020

Justin Warren is a veteran delegate of Tech Field Day and we were excited to bring him back for our latest Cloud Field Day! Although the pandemic has interrupted many things, he is still working to give us a peek into his life with his latest disclosure post. We always look forward hearing from Justin, and hope to have him back at another Tech Field Day event soon!

Cloud Native With Veeam Backup at Cloud Field Day 8

In part two of his three part blog on Veeam’s Cloud Field Day presentations, delegate Al Rasheed writes about their cloud-native backup for AWS and Microsoft Azure. He writes that Veeam is focused on savings for the user, including a cost-effective product and a backup cost calculator to help ensure users have the knowledge to plan more efficiently and help avoid unwanted expenses. Check out all three of Al Rasheed’s series on Veeam on his blog, and check out their Cloud Field Day presentations on our website!

Diamanti and State Management in Kubernetes

Justin Warren has been keeping a close eye on Diamanti since 2016 and had the chance to watch them present at Cloud Field day earlier this year. Justin was impressed with Diamanti and their software that makes Kubernetes more accessible and easier to manage. Check out Diamanti’s presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website and be sure to check out Justin’s blog as well!

Veeam’s Vision at Cloud Field Day 8

In part one of his three part blog on Veeam’s Cloud Field Day presentations, delegate Al Rasheed writes about their continuous growth and their presentation highlighting their company vision. He writes that Veeam is successfully realizing their vision of being “Simple, Flexible, and Reliable” by providing straightforward solutions for their customers. Check out all three of Al Rasheed’s posts on his blog, and check out Veeam’s Cloud Field day presentations on our website!