Cisco Revamps Meraki MX Platform With New Features, and Enables SNOC With XDR Integration

Sulagna Saha from Gestalt IT discusses the latest updates to Cisco’s Meraki MX platform, highlighting new features that enhance its capability as a secure networking solution. The platform’s integration with Secure Network Operations Center (SNOC) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) positions it as a robust tool for tackling complex security challenges. These advancements are set to offer businesses an improved, unified approach to managing and securing their networks. Read more in this article, inspired by Cisco’s presentation at Cisco Live!

The Legacy of Cisco Live

Tom Hollingsworth reflects on the enduring legacy of Cisco Live, painting a vivid picture of its evolution from a modest professional gathering to a pivotal industry event. His article captures the essence of the conference’s growth, highlighting how it has become a touchstone for networking professionals to learn, collaborate, and be inspired by Cisco’s innovations. Hollingworth’s retrospective underscores the pivotal role Cisco Live plays in shaping the networking community and driving the industry forward.

Tech Field Day Session: Quantum Networking Initiatives at Cisco Live

The Futurum Group analyst Paul Nashawaty considers the latest advancements in Quantum Networking as presented during a Tech Field Day session at Cisco Live. The initiative highlights Cisco’s foray into quantum technologies and their potential integration with current networking frameworks. His piece foresees how these early discussions and pioneering initiatives around Quantum Networking are signposts for the future of connectivity and data processing.

GPS-Enabled Automatic Access Point Placement

Jennifer Huber discusses an innovative development in the networking space with the introduction of GPS-enabled automatic placement for access points. This new technology simplifies the deployment process, ensuring optimal positioning and performance for wireless networks. Her blog post delves into the benefits and potential implications of this advancement, which promises to enhance accuracy and efficiency in network design and implementation. Read more in this article, inspired by Cisco’s presentation at Mobility Field Day 11.

Elevating User Experience With Cisco Digital Experience Assurance

Sulagna Saha explores how Cisco Digital Experience Assurance is poised to elevate user experience by proactively monitoring network performance and application delivery in this Mobility Field Day article. This solution leverages advanced analytics and insights to ensure optimal digital experiences across various environments. The article highlights Cisco’s focus on enhancing the end-user experience, ensuring that IT teams can swiftly address and preempt potential issues.

Cisco’s Update on Digital Experience & Assurance-Where Is It Heading ?

Cisco’s focus on Digital Experience and Assurance was a key topic at the recent Mobility Field Day event, where they outlined the direction and advancements in this crucial area. The update revealed Cisco’s efforts to enhance network reliability and user experiences through innovative technologies and solutions. This pivotal discussion suggests a strategic trajectory toward increasingly sophisticated tools for monitoring and managing network performance and end-user satisfaction. Read more in this article by Dev Nellamakada!

AI is the New Blockchain

AI is at the top of the hype cycle and it feels unstoppable. Once upon a time blockchain was in the same place. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Evan Mintzer and Jody Lemoine.

Nerdy Summer Camp With Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2024!

Tom Hollingsworth offers a preview of Tech Field Extra at Cisco Live US, likening it to a “nerdy summer camp” for IT professionals and enthusiasts. He emphasizes the value in bringing together a diverse group of delegates and industry leaders to exchange ideas, insights, and the latest technological trends. Join Tech Field Day live from Las Vegas for deep dives from various Cisco product organizations as well as Opengear and lots more!

Introducing Cisco’s Next-Generation CW9800 Wireless Controllers

Cisco unveiled its next-generation CW9800 wireless controllers at Mobility Field Day 11, as highlighted in this article by Dave Benham. These controllers are engineered to support the latest Wi-Fi standards and offer scalability for enterprise networks, ensuring high performance and robust security. The introduction of the CW9800 series represents Cisco’s commitment to continuous innovation in wireless network management, catering to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Operations Made Simple With Cisco Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst

Cisco is simplifying network operations with its cloud monitoring solution for Catalyst devices, enabling a more streamlined and intuitive management experience. Detailed by Sulagna Saha at Gestalt IT following Cisco Live EMEA, this innovation offers IT teams a unified view of their networks through the Cisco Meraki dashboard, enhancing visibility and control. The integration of robust monitoring tools into the Catalyst portfolio exemplifies Cisco’s focus on easing the operational burden and driving efficiency in network management.

From Wireless Field Day to Self-Driving Networks: A Decade of Innovation and Community in Wireless Technology

In this LinkedIn Pulse article, Drew Lentz reflects on a decade of progress in wireless technology, recounting the journey from the inception of Wireless Field Day to the current era of self-driving networks. This period marks significant advancements in network automation and AI, transforming how wireless infrastructures are managed and optimized. Lentz celebrates the community’s role in fostering innovation and knowledge sharing, highlighting how collective efforts have shaped the wireless industry’s evolution.

Tech Field Day Extra – Cisco Focus

Enrico Sorge provides an overview of the Tech Field Day Extra presentation at Cisco Live EMEA, focusing on Cisco’s latest technological advancements discussed during the sessions. Cisco’s presentations at the event showcased their efforts in driving network innovation, addressing topics such as automation, cloud solutions, and the future of connectivity. Sorge’s piece underlines the importance of such Field Day gatherings in bringing together industry experts and companies like Cisco to share cutting-edge developments and insights.

Cisco CTO Updates Domain Roaming (5G and Wi-Fi)

Kevin Franzen brings attention to the latest updates from Cisco’s CTO on domain roaming between 5G and Wi-Fi, marking a significant step in streamlined connectivity. These advancements offer promise for a seamless user experience as devices transition between the two wireless domains, optimizing access and network efficiency. Franzen’s article suggests this development could lead to pivotal improvements in how we utilize ever-growing wireless infrastructure for ubiquitous connectivity.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Flexes While Big Players Try to Join In. My Key Themes and Takeaways From Mobility Field Day 11

Drew Lentz shares his key themes and takeaways from Mobility Field Day 11 in this LinkedIn Pulse article, highlighting the dynamic evolution of enterprise Wi-Fi as larger players make concerted efforts to enter the market. His article encapsulates the innovations and challenges currently shaping the wireless industry, as well as the strategic shifts by established companies to stay competitive. The insights offered reveal a rapidly progressing enterprise Wi-Fi landscape, underscored by technological advancements and market consolidations.

Cisco Integrates Accedian Into Crosswork to Deliver Uninterrupted Service Assurance

Cisco has strategically integrated Accedian’s technology into its Crosswork Network Automation portfolio, a move aimed at bolstering uninterrupted service assurance capabilities. This partnership represents a step forward in network performance management, marrying Cisco’s robust automation with Accedian’s precise monitoring and data insights. The enhanced offering delivers a seamless, end-to-end solution for service providers seeking to guarantee exceptional network service quality and reliability for their customers. Read more in this article by Sulagna Saha from Gestalt IT, based on their presentation at Cisco Live Europe!

200a Sesión De Tesos en Wi-Fi: Resumen De Mobility Field Day 11

The 200th session of “Tesos en Wi-Fi” offered a comprehensive recap of Mobility Field Day 11 for a Spanish-speaking audience, showcasing the latest trends and discussions in the wireless networking arena. The event highlighted significant technological shifts and product announcements from key players in the Wi-Fi industry, reflecting the current state of enterprise wireless solutions. Participants and viewers were privy to in-depth analyses and perspectives on cutting-edge Wi-Fi developments poised to influence the direction of enterprise networking.

Mobility Field Day 11 Is Your Lucky Day!

Mobility Field Day 11 promises to be an exciting event for professionals interested in the latest advancements in wireless technology. As Tom Hollingsworth’s article hints, this gathering is an excellent opportunity for industry experts to explore new products, discuss emerging trends, and share insights. Learn more about the latest wireless products from Arista, Celona, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, Ubiquiti, and eino next Wednesday and Thursday, and watch for more coverage on LinkedIn!

Replacing Human-Driven Automation With One That Is Event-Driven, With Cisco

In a move to enhance network management efficiency, Cisco is replacing the existing human-driven automation with an innovative event-driven approach. Network controllers centralize operations by maintaining an inventory of network states, and event-driven automation streamlines this further by automating responses to network changes, reducing manual intervention and speeding up the resolution process. Cisco’s event-driven solutions were explored in detail at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live EMEA 2024, promising elevated operational capabilities with a focus on observability and swift auto-configuration. Read more in this article from Gestalt IT.

Policy Management Gets Easier With Cisco AI Assistant

Cisco’s AI Assistant, unveiled at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live EMEA 2024, promises to revolutionize policy management within Secure Access, offering swift and reliable creation and enforcement of security policies. Emphasizing simplicity and risk reduction, the AI tool handles English language prompts to generate comprehensive policies, demonstrating its capability to securely augment and automate IT administrator tasks. Showcasing AI’s monitoring role, Cisco Secure Access also ensures protected use of AI tools within organizations, preventing sensitive data breaches and incorporating intelligent user access control.

Cisco Live EMEA and Tech Field Day Extra Embodies “Better Together”

Attending Cisco Live EMEA and Tech Field Day Extra as a single mother on maternity leave, Zoe Rose highlighted the significance of community in shaping careers while juggling the demands of parenthood. Her experience underscores not only the flexibility and inclusion of these industry events but also the support structures that make participation feasible for parents. Rose’s story is an inspiring testament to the power of community and organizational support in fostering professional growth, even amidst the complexities of personal life transitions.