All the Networking You Crave at Networking Field Day 26!

We’re getting closer to the end of 2021 but we couldn’t let it go without another great edition of Networking Field Day! You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the discussion that occurred in September! Tom Hollingsworth provides a brief outline of who presented at Networking Field Day and what they offered. Be sure to check out the live recordings!

Meraki Pushes Proactive Troubleshooting at Tech Field Day

Keith Ward of Actual Tech Media shares his thoughts on the technologies coming out of Cisco Meraki, which he witnessed as a delegate during September’s Tech Field Day event. This piece explains their Intelligent RCA product and what it means for today’s IT organizations. Learn more by reading this post, or by watching Meraki’s recorded presentations.

Cisco Intersight Platform Unifies Look and Feel Across Environments

Among the many new advancements showcased at their exclusive Future Cloud Tech Field Day event, Cisco presented their Intersight Platform for consideration. With Intersight, IT practitioners can centralize and unify their hybrid cloud orchestration and management needs. Read this piece for a full coverage of what was presented.

Cisco and ThousandEyes: Bringing Insights to Decentralized Environments

This piece details Cisco’s integrations with ThousandEyes. Specifically, it covers their exclusive Future Cloud Tech Field Day event. Read the piece to learn more.

Tech Field Day Returns With Avassa, Cisco, Pure Storage, and Xilinx

Tech Field Day is back this September! Join host Stephen Foskett as he and our esteemed delegates enjoy presentations from Cisco, Pure Storage, Avassa, and Xilinx. Watch all of the presentations to learn more!

Roundup: Tech Field Day Exclusive

What is the future of cloud? Join Cisco for their exclusive Tech Field Day event as they showcase how their product portfolio addresses the needs of modern, cloud-forward organizations. Be sure to watch all of their presentations for all of the technical demos and descriptions.

What Does the Future Cloud Look Like?

Gina Rosenthal breaks down what the future of cloud looks like after her time as a delegate for Cisco’s special Tech Field Day event. The event honed in on the very topic, so Gina combines both the subject matter covered by Cisco with her own thoughts and opinions here. Read on for the full picture.

The Future of Cloud Is Now With Cisco and Tech Field Day

What is the future of cloud? Join Cisco and Tech Field Day for this exclusive event to learn about what the future of cloud holds for enterprise IT. Be sure to watch the event to learn more!

Cisco Wants Nexus Dashboard to Be Yet Another Single Pane of Glass

Justin Warren describes his time as a delegate during Cisco’s Tech Field Day presentation in December, and how their Nexus Dashboard seeks to consolidate operations tools in this piece on his personal blog. Specifically, he questions the audience of the dashboard, challenging Cisco to find a concrete answer to the question of who benefits from Nexus? Read on at his blog, and be sure to watch Cisco’s Tech Field Day presentation to follow along.

Tune in for Tech Field Day Exclusive at Cisco Live Global 2021

Be sure to tune in for Tech Field Day Exclusive at Cisco Live Global 2021! We will jump right into the Cisco discussions on April 13th and 14th. If you miss the live presentations, you can watch the videos that will be uploaded to the Tech Field Day YouTube channel shortly after! You can also follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #TFDx or #CiscoLive. Learn more in this post and video from our very own, Tom Hollingsworth!

Cisco AI Endpoint Analytics Brings Intelligence to Classifying and Profiling Endpoints

During AI Field Day last fall, Cisco showcased its AI Endpoint Analytics, which is a part of the Cisco DNA Center. This has the intelligence to classify and profile endpoints with AI/ML to reduce unknown endpoints and provide better security. For more information, check out the videos of Cisco at AI Field Day on our website!

Cisco Live Global 2021 Keynote Liveblog

It’s Cisco Live time again! Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth are live blogging the Cisco Live keynote. Head over to to check it out!

Tom’s Virtual Corner at Cisco Live Global 2021 – Anniversary

Cisco Live has decided to go virtual again this year, and so has Tom’s Corner! Last summer, Tom Hollingsworth had made Tom’s Corner virtual for the first time due to the pandemic. This year, Tom’s Corner will be on March 29, 2021, starting at 7am PT virtually via Webex. For more information and how to join, check out Tom’s blog at!

Unifying SD-WAN and Edge With Cisco Catalyst 8000 Series

Hardware isn’t dead! Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says that the new Cisco Catalyst 8000 series edge devices have shown us how hardware can stay relevant in today’s tech world. Tom writes that the Cisco Catalyst 8000 provides “a platform at the edge to create networks, deploy containerized software, and manage it all from a central location.” At Tech Field Day last year, Cisco highlighted their new products like the Catalyst 8000. Check out the Cisco presentation from Tech Field Day 22 and Tom’s take on it on the Gestalt IT post.

Translating Your Network With Cisco Crosswork Network Controller

Cisco presented its Cisco Crosswork Network Controller at Networking Field Day last fall. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at this networking solution and states: “In short, the Crosswork Network Controller helps make your multivendor network environment homogeneous.” For more information and Tom’s thoughts, check out his post on!

Cisco Tetration Helps Keep Security From Getting Left Behind

Most technology companies are simultaneously dealing with two competing priorities: the need to move quickly in development and the need ensure to your projects are completely secure. Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says that the Cisco Tetration analytics platform can help you do both by helping creating and enforcing policy for app developers. Check out Tom’s thoughts on Cisco’s Tetration offering and how to “shift left” in your organization on the website.

FlashStack Brings Simplicity and Flexibility to VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

Picking between simplicity, flexibility, and performance on the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is a thing of the past. With their FlashStack Converged Infrastructure, Pure Storage is changing the game. They showcased how FlashStack (a joint offering between Pure Storage and Cisco) brings simplicity to an on-premises VCF deployment while at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020. Check out the Gestalt IT team’s thoughts on the offering on their website, and if you haven’t yet be sure to watch Pure Storage’s Vaughn Stewart tell the Tech Field Day delegates about the newest developments on our website!

Cisco’s HyperFlex Gets a Boost

Cisco highlighted its updated HyperFlex at Storage Field Day in August. Cisco’s HyperFlex 4.5 comes with new capabilities and validated workloads. This new HyperFlex also allows customers to turn different ‘knobs’, including HyperFlex Boost Mode. Find out more in Cisco’s presentation on its updated HyperFlex on the Tech Field Day website!

Cisco Introduces HyperFlex 4.5

As a delegate at Storage Field Day earlier this year, Dan Frith had the chance to see Cisco introduce Hyperflex 4.5. He writes that “HyperFlex has taken a solid foundation and turned it into something even more versatile and fully featured.” Dan looks forward to seeing more from Cisco on Hyperflex in the next year, and we look forward to seeing more Dan Frith! Be sure to check out his blog for more analysis on Cisco and all the Storage Field Day presenters.