The Importance of User Interfaces in IT Infrastructure Management

Enrico Signoretti looks at the importance of user interface in this piece, something that in an age dominated by automation and APIs is often forgotten. He looks at the different approaches to UI on display at a recent Tech Field Day event.

Mastering the Art of Data Visualization

Data management and visualization are hot topics in IT today, but sometimes the terms can get muddied. After returning from Tech Field Day, Max Mortillaro breaks down what qualifies as visualization, how this relates to a good user interface, and more.

How Do You Provision a 500-Switch Network in a Few Days?

One of the interesting aspects of a IT event the scale of Cisco Live is that it has its own unique set of IT challenges. During a behind the scenes tour during Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019, Ivan Pepelnjak got to ask how they created the network for the event in such a short amount of time. What he found was that provisioning a large campus network in a few days is easy and reliable as long as you do your homework and keep things as simple as possible.

A Better Way to Do Guest Wireless

Haydn Andrews considers what he saw from Aruba and Cisco at Mobility Field Day. Each showed how they will use existing wireless networks to fill in the cellular gap, which requires making sign on seamless. The two companies have different approaches, and Haydn breaks it down in this post.

CTS 184: Cisco @ Mobility Field Day 4

François Vergès joined us a Mobility Field Day this year, and seemed to really find a lot of interesting content. In this episode of the Clear to Send podcast, he reviews what Cisco presented at the event. They showed off their new Catalyst wireless routers and APs, which run IOS-XE. They also gave details on their latest IoT and OpenRoaming offerings. Be sure to listen to the podcast for all the details.

MFD Series: Cisco’s Modular Approach for WLCs

Manon Lessard heard extensively from Cisco at Mobility Field Day. She focused on their IoT and wireless offerings in this post. At the event, they detailed their Catalyst 9800 series of controllers, all running on IOS XE. Because this code base is modular, different system components can be updated, allowing admins more control and stability, which hopefully means they update more often.

The Contention Window: S1E13 : MFD4 Hodgepodge & Wrapup

Scott Lester and Jake Synder were both at Mobility Field Day over the summer. The event provided a wealth of information on the latest in wireless and mobility. Be sure to check out both of them on this episode of The Contention Window, where discuss what they saw at the event.

The Network Is Code: Cisco at MFD4

Cisco’s presentation at Mobility Field Day was as dense with information as Lee Badman has come to expect. But what really struct him was Cisco’s focus on “the network is code.” For Lee, this needs to imply reliable code for it to be meaningful. He appreciates that the IOS-XE code base is a long way away from Cisco’s previous wireless efforts, and he’s anxious to see continued improvements from the company.

Decoupling the WLAN

Cisco is no stranger to Field Day events, and we were thrilled to have them present recently at Mobility Field Day. At event, they looked at how their Cisco 9800 IOS XE code can help solve the constant problem of organizations not updating. In this post, Scott Lester breaks down how they do this by offering multiple upgrade options to minimize disruptions to the network.

A New Way to Onboard

In this post, Scott Lester looks at Cisco’s OpenRoaming initiative as a way to make faster handoffs from LTE to public Wi-Fi without dropping called. Scott got to see an in depth presentation on this at Mobility Field Day, and get’s into the technical details in this post.

Cisco Live 2019 and TechField Day in Review

Losing your phone in a cab isn’t the best way to kick off Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019. Luckily for Nico Stein, the rest of the even was a much better experience. The Cisco Arrival Tweet Up, Cisco Champions behind the scenes tour, and Tech Field Day Extra presentations by the likes of Fred Niehaus and Dave Zacks helped to still make it a great event.

Cisco Defense Orchestrator: Effective Security Policy Management Made Simple

Bruno Wollmann looks at how Cisco Defense Orchestrator offers some overdue respite to beleaguered security operations teams as well as comfort to CISOs, CIOs and CEOs trying to keep their organizations out of the news. If you are struggling with configuration management, device upgrades and overall security policy management, CDO may help end those struggles.

Code It, Don’t Snippet

As Cisco presses DevNet Ops for network engineers, they had courses for every ability at Cisco Live in San Diego. Brian Gleason looked at a session covering the fundamental tools of coding with REST APIs. Be sure to check out the rest of the video presentations from Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019 for more great content.

Cisco WiFi 6 and the New Cisco Catalyst Access Points

In this post, Nico Stein looks at the new Wi-Fi 6 specific features found on the Cisco Catalyst Access Points. He got a deep dive into the latest on this during Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019 from the inimitable Fred Niehaus. Overall Nico sees Wi-Fi 6 being more about efficiency than about maximizing throughput, something he saw reiterated in Cisco’s latest.

Software Defining Industrial and IoT Networks

The Internet of Things (IoT) often gets represented as consumer grade cameras, sensors, thermostats, and appliances. While this certainly is a notable portion of the IoT market, it neglects the more mission-critical side of IoT which has its roots firmly planted in the heart of industrial networking. In this post, Jordan Martin takes a look at the new products he saw at Tech Field Day Extra from Cisco Live US 2019 that focus specifically on those use cases.

Cisco AI Network Analytics – Filtering Out the Noise With Machine Learning

At Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego, JP Vasseur, PhD and Cisco Fellow, introduced Cisco’s machine learning platform, which will provide insight via DNA Center Assurance, into how a network is expected to be operating as a baseline, and provide relevant alerts based on real network data, leveraging a massive data lake, and Cisco’s proven expertise in networking. Rob Coote got a deep dive on the platform at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019, and digs into it in this post.

Modern Analytics Can Come From Anywhere

After seeing Cisco Meraki present at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019, Aaron Conaway considers the possibilities of being able to integrate cameras with systems like badge readers. This would allow for really extraordinary things like sending the security team a video of a developer trying to get places he should be going. Or, perhaps, the camera can be smart enough to know that an event is happening and do something about it.What if we looked at security cameras in a completely different light? What if the camera becomes something else? Enter the Cisco Meraki Motion Search 2.0 software features for MV cameras. This package takes video to another level for the second-generation MV cameras.

Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) is a subscription-based SaaS offering that brings deployment and management of edge security policies on an array of devices under central control. Jody Lemoine  got a look at CDO at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Us 2019. He takes an in-depth look in this piece.

The Development of DevNet’s Future

It may not have happened overnight, but Cisco has successfully developed a developer community around their SDN solutions with DevNet. Tom Hollingsworth attended some of the earliest session, and has been impressed with how it has grown. To really go to the next level, Tom things they need to aggressively pursue entry-level outreach, motivating everyone in the networking field to join them in the software-defined future.