Cisco Cat9300X – Tech Field Day

Jeff Fry attended this past Tech Field Day Exclusive with Cisco as a delegate! In his latest blog he talks about the Cisco Cat9300X and how he is very familiar with this in his field of work. Take a look at Jeff’s thoughts here!


Jeff Fry definitely found a lot to be excited about from Broadcom’s presentation at Networking Field Day. The company’s components are at the hard of much of the modern networking stack, and at the event, they had numerous engineers and chip designers on hand to give some technical deep dives. The company provided an overview of their three chip classes, designed for service providers, hyperscalers, and enterprises. Be sure to check out their presentation video to get all the technical details.


At Networking Field Day, Jeff Fry got to hear from Gluware who discussed how the provide a solution to keep network configurations in compliance with the desired state. After the presentation, he tried out there Intelligent Network Automation Test Drive. He found it to be an effective way to overcome some of the hurdles in the current state of network automation, helping to mitigate both vendor specific automation tools, and the skills gap between CLI proficient network engineers and those that employs scripts. Jeff thinks a lot of organizations should give Gluware a look, as they have tools for deployment to audit, to security, and beyond.


For Jeff Fry, one of the appeals of Networking Field Day is that he gets to hear from companies that he might not otherwise come across in his day to day work. DriveNets was a perfect example at a recent event. They largely address the tier 1 ISP market, and work to offer a network cloud approach by disaggregating the traditional router into building blocks consisting of Routing Engine, Fabric, and Packet Forwarders. This provides easier scale for service provides, providing a single box that scales out, rather than large quantities of managed devices at each layer. Combined with a fixed software license model, Jeff thinks they offer a really compelling package to ISPs.

Network Field Day 22

It’s been a hot minute since Jeff Fry joined us at a full Field Day event, his last Networking Field Day appearance was in 2011! It’ll be great to have Jeff’s voice return to the delegate table for a three days full of interesting network presenters. We’ve got a full roster of ten presenting companies scheduled, so it’ll be a full drink from the IT firehose this time around. Be sure to mark your calendars for February 12-14 for the event. We’ll have a live stream of all presentations, so you can follow along with Jeff and the other delegates.

Jeff Fry

Seasoned network engineer who has worked in Enterprise, Carrier, and Service Provider networks.