#MFD5 Day 1-Quick Recap

John Deegan knows how to enjoy a vacation, a full day of IT goodness at Mobility Field Day. In this post, he looks back at the presenters feature in day one of the event. From the day, he was saw Mist having an early leg up as it further expands its AI-based analytics in enterprise networks, even while introducing tools to make the traditional dashboard obsolete. Celona showed off how their CBRS tech stack has matured since the last time they presented, and John was excited to see endpoint hardware supporting the spectrum needed for it. The day was definitely full of quality presentations, and he was definitely hungry for the rest of the event.

Mobility Field Day 5: The “Morning Of”

In the lead up to Mobility Field Day, Lee Badman considered what he wanted to hear from the presenting companies overall during the course of the event. He was hoping the presenters kept their content focused on the delegates and the technology at hand. He also wanted them to keep their focus on concrete solutions they can provide customers, rather than promising features that will be included in the next big protocol around the bend. Finally, he wants to make sure the the presenters are showing the delegates useful implementation of APIs for their mobility platforms, rather than using it to obscure features and upsell. We’ll can’t wait to hear what Lee though of each presentation!

It’s #MFD5 Eve!

John Deegan was excited to be joining Mobility Field Day as a delegate, looking forward to the incredible technical presentations from the top companies in the industry, and discussing them with his fellow delegates. He was also interested to see how the event would feel in our virtual format. In his past Field Day experiences, he’s seen a number of exciting announcements exclusive to the event. He couldn’t wait to hear what was in store this time around. We can’t wait to hear what John thought of the presentations after the event!

Coffee Hour – Mobility Field Day 5

Rowell Dionicio and François Vergès over at the Clear to Send podcast recently previewed what to expect at Mobility Field Day. They were particularly interested to see VMware as a presenting company and can’t wait to hear what they’ll be discussing. They also look at some of the delegates attending to the event, note the increased importance of wireless security within the voices around the table, and how the virtual event is changing who can be a delegate.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Dr. Avril Salter

We’re thrilled to have Dr. Avril Salter joining us as a delegate for Mobility Field Day. Gestalt IT recently wrote up a profile about her, going into her background and what she’s excited to see at the event. She’s an independent consultant specializing in wireless and network security content development and delivery, as well as a educator on mobility topics. We can’t wait to hear what she thinks about the event!

Meet Field Day Delegate – John Deegan

John Deegan is coming to Mobility Field Day at the end of July! This will be his first time as a Field Day delegate, but he has been a follower of Tech Field Day for some time. John is a husband and father of four children. He holds CCENT, ECSE, and CWNE certifications. In addition, he tinkers around as a HAM radio operator! Before you see John at the event, be sure to read his interview with Gestalt IT to get to know more about his background.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Lariana Luy

Lariana Luy will be attending Mobility Field Day at the end of July as a first-time delegate. She will be bringing her knowledge and expertise to the event all the way from Brazil! If you check out Lari’s delegate page on our site, you’ll learn she was voted as The Wi-Fi Awards Rookie of the Year 2020. It’s great to have new voices in our delegate family. Be sure to learn more about Lariana in her interview with Gestalt IT.