The Cisco Catalyst 9136 Access Point

Cisco presented their first Access Point with Wi-Fi 6E capability at 2020’s Mobility Field Day! Dave Benham, a Field Day delegate, was allowed to test this Cisco Catalyst 9136 AP through the Cisco Champion program. Check out why Dave is super excited to be able to test this new AP!

Ending Wireless Eavesdropping With Wi-Fi Enhanced Open and Cisco

Ever wonder how secure public WiFi networks are? Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth focuses on how Mobility Field Day presenter Cisco is combatting security concerns on publicly available WiFi networks including with their “Wi-Fi Enhanced Open” offering. Next time you’re using your coffee shop internet, remember that Cisco is working to make your connection that little bit more secure.

Challenging the Status Quo With CBRS and Celona

Celona has been a presenter at the last two Mobility Field Day events, and they are working hard to disrupt the typical wireless world. Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says that Celona’s utilization of CBRS has alot of potential for areas where wireless is typically problematic. CBRS, a hybrid of cellular and wireless technology, is something Celona is working to bring to market more fully. For the full breakdown, be sure to check out Tom’s post and the Celona presentations on our website!

Celona Tees Up Bigtime on CBRS

Celona has tied up with Aruba for customers that need both Wi-Fi and private mobile networking, and has made private 5G networks a reality, finally

Is Cloud Managed Networks the Way to Go?

Is it worth it to move to Cloud Managed Networks? Writing for his blog, Haydn Andrews describes some of the benefits of Cloud Managed Networks, including Juniper’s offerings like Mist Marvis which leverages Mist AI to manage a high numbers of devices. Juniper presented on their Mist AI-Driven Automation at Mobility Field Day 5 earlier this year. To learn more about Cloud Managed Networks and the Juniper Networks solutions, check out Haydn’s post and the videos from Mobility Field Day!

NetAlly AirCheck G2 Wall Mount Charging Caddy

Jonathan Davis, one of our twelve delegates who attended Mobility Field Day earlier this year, had the opportunity to see NetAlly present. Jonathan writes that every time he sees NetAlly present, he seems to find more and more value in his NetAlly AirCheck G2! In order to keep it nearby and well charged, Jonathan designed a Charging Caddy for his Aircheck G2! Check out the post on his blog for all the details, including the design to 3D print your own. Jonathan, we’ll be reaching out to you for all our designing needs from now on! We’re looking forward to NetAlly’s next presentation at a Tech Field Day event soon.

SD-IoT With VMware Nyansa

What do analytics have to do with SD-WAN? Simple really. How do you know that your SD-WAN is operating efficiently and effectively if it can’t tell you how it’s doing? Nyansa’s analytics tie in perfectly, giving companies the visibility to ensure that SD-WAN devices are operating correctly with the best possible configurations. Tom Hollingsworth dives into how Nyansa works to improve your network and how it is enhancing and promoting the growth of IoT.

Mist Is the New Edge

Tom Hollingsworth had the chance to see Mist present at Mobility Field Day this past July. He writes that since being acquired by Juniper Networks, both Juniper and Mist have grown and gone through an incredible transformation. That has led to Mist being on the cutting edge of utilizing AI to change the way we do networking. Tom writes that he’s never been so excited to see radical changes coming in the way we network and is looking forward to seeing what Juniper and Mist have up their sleeve next. Check out Tom’s article on and all of the Mobility Field Day presentations on our website.

Modernizing AirMagnet With NetAlly

At Mobility Field Day, “The Networking Nerd” Tom Hollingsworth was excited to see that NetAlly has been able to make AirMagnet relevant and new again with their latest update. He writes that they’ve brought AirMagnet back with new features for our modern wireless networks including the ability to import data from AirCheck and EtherScope. Check out Tom’s perspective on or the NetAlly presentation highlighting AirMagnet Survey PRO on the Tech Field Day website.

The Spatial Streams Podcast: Episode 17: The JJ Xperience

On the latest episode of the Spatial Streams podcast with Tech Field Day delegate John Deegan and Landon Foster, they are joined by delegate JJ Minella to talk about their takeaways from this past Mobility Field Day and their thoughts on industry events going virtual. Check out their takeaways for presenters Ventev, Mist, and Cisco as well as all the Mobility Field Day videos on our website!

Unified Security Theory With Fortinet

Treating wireless and networking separately in terms of security doesn’t really make sense anymore, so why are we doing just that? Tom Hollingsworth has been interacting with Fortinet products for many years, and had the chance to see them present at Mobility Field Day. Fortinet dispenses with the antiquated framework of wireless and networking and works to secure information with their patented ASIC technology. Be sure to check out Fortinet’s presentation and Tom’s take on the practical benefits of their approach on the Gestalt IT website.

How to Return to Business as Fast as Possible in a COVID World

Haydn Andrews saw the presentations from the last Mobility Field Day and was very impressed with the focus that Cisco and Juniper – Mist placed on helping businesses be better equipped to deal with COVID-19. Haydn writes that through creative utilizations of proximity tracing these companies empower businesses to create safer environments and get back to work more quickly after a potential issue.
We’re hopeful that the innovative solutions presented by Cisco and Juniper – Mist at Mobility Field Day have the potential to help us all return to normal a little bit sooner.

Powering Your People With Ventev

Getting your racks where you need them is one thing, connecting them to reliable power can be another thing entirely. Tom Hollingsworth writes about the issues of supplying dependable power in all the possible locations that you might want it and how Ventev is working to confront those challenges. Check out Tom’s post as well as Ventev’s Mobility Field Day presentation on “Taking Telecom Closets Outdoors” on the Gestalt IT website!

Ventev Products Make the WLAN Better

Lee Badman has always had a positive experience with Ventev products and was able to see their plans up close and personal at the last Mobility Field Day. Lee was impressed with Ventev’s approach to design and how they manipulate each variable to make the best product they can. Take a look at Ventev’s presentations at Mobility Field Day to learn more about their process!

De-Mist-Ifying Contact Tracing

As a delegate at Mobility Field Day, Dave Benham saw presentations by Mist Systems and was intrigued by their Proximity Tracing system and its potential impact on Contact Tracing and limiting the spread of COVID-19. Dave writes that the applications of their new systems are significant for contract tracers because the it gives organizations the potential ability track where infected individuals have been in a specific facility and identify what areas might need a deep cleaning. This tracking has the possibility to provide users with increased information and help increase the safety of people utilizing a given space. Check out all of Mist System’s presentations at Cloud Field Day on our website.

Introducing the Cisco Catalyst 9105 Access Point

Dave Benham was a delegate at last month’s Mobility Field Day where Cisco debuted the new Catalyst 9105 Access Point. Dave writes that the Catalyst 9105 is very compact, has an impressively low PoE power draw, and has a low price tag which makes it a great value access point. Be sure to check out Dave’s blog post and the video of Cisco introducing the access point at Mobility Field Day!

Mist Announces New Wi-Fi 6 Access Points at Mobility Field Day 5

At Mobility Field Day, Mist Systems made a return presentation. The company is now part of Juniper Networks, and had a number of new additions to their AI-enabled access point portfolio. All of these APs support Wi-Fi 6 and come with the rich feature set included with 802.11ax. One of the things that really helps these APs stand out is a custom-built BLE antenna array, which is designed to give angle of arrival information for Bluetooth signals, letting Mist obtain more accurate location information.

Fast Friday – Mobility Field Day 5 Edition

Tom Hollingswort has been organizing Mobility Field Day since the event started, and it’s great to see the discussions and presentations still get him excited. As he’s seen the mobility industry change over the last few years, there are a few things he keeps in mind. The physical realities of wireless are never magic, and require concrete planning to be successful. Analytics are great, but admins are still needed to deploy, fix, and enhance wireless networks. And don’t expect Wi-Fi 6E to roll out quickly. With all those things in mind, he’s excited to hear what the delegates thought of the event!

Episode 0015-Welcome Back, Foster

On this episode of The Spatial Streams Podcast, John Deegan discusses what he’s excited to see at Mobility Field Day. It was a packed event with some of the biggest names in mobility, including Celona, Cisco, Fortinet, Mist Systems, NetAlly, VMware, and Ventev. If you missed the live virtual event, be sure to check out the full video of each presentation on our YouTube channel.

The “Not to Be a Jerk, But…” Mist #MDF5 Blog

Lee Badman wrote up his thoughts on Mist Systems, now an integral part of Juniper Networks. In Lee’s words in was a “marathon session”, and it took a hot minute to wrap his head around all the implications. The biggest thing that stood out was that Mist is no longer in a bubble of unique wireless solutions, having its AI methodology integrated into Juniper’s LAN solutions. He also was impressed to see Mist now offering a fully rounded out AP portfolio, something that was sorely lacking in previous sessions. Overall, Lee found it a really interesting presentation. Be sure to check it out on our YouTube channel to get all the details.